VMware 1V0-601 – Flydumps Certification Guide Test Download Of VMware 1V0-601

A company has recently incurred financial loss, due to a crashed server that resulted in the loss of critical
Which two vSphere 6.x features should this company implement to protect against losing critical data due
to physical server failure? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual Volumes
B. Enhanced vMotion Capability
C. High Availability
D. Fault Tolerance

Correct Answer: CD
A company has recently reported a financial loss and has identified that a major part of their expenses is
the maintaining and managing of their virtualized network in the data center.
The company needs a solution that would help cut down on their operating expenditures.
What should the company do to solve this issue?

A. Virtualize the physical servers.
B. Implement a management platform for IT services on vSphere and other hypervisors.
C. Remove all physical servers which are not in use.
D. Increase the number of physical servers.

Correct Answer: D
After configuring Fault Tolerance for critical servers, an administrate notices that protected virtual
machines run slower than usual.
What is the reason for performance reduction of these virtual machines?

A. Hosts have lower bandwidth for Fault Tolerance logging.
B. Virtual machines are usually slow after Fault Tolerance logging.
C. The storage space on the host is low.
D. Virtual machines are running memory intensive applications.
Correct Answer: A
What are two advantages of Network I/O Control? (Choose two.)
A. Monitors the virtual machine storage.
B. Performs load-based teaming.
C. Enforces network bandwidth limit on the virtual distributed switch.
D. Enforces traffic isolation.

Correct Answer: BC
Which three vSphere 6.x features require a shared storage infrastructure to work properly? (Choose three.)
A. Storage Policy Based Management
B. vSphere Distributed Switch
C. Fault Tolerance
D. Distributed Power Management
E. Dynamic Resource Scheduler

Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 6
An administrator has finished configuring vSphere HA in their IT environment. Which component does the administrator remove from the infrastructure to save cost?
A. Storage clusters
B. Network stack
C. Dedicated standby hardware
D. Standard switches

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 7
Which statement about standard switches is true?
A. Performs Port Mirroring simultaneously for virtual machines in all port groups
B. Performs Port Mirroring for virtual machines in the same port group.
C. Bridges traffic between virtual machines in other port groups.
D. Bridges traffic internally between virtual machines in the same port group.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 8
Which vSphere 6.x feature would you choose for offsite disaster recovery?
A. Distributed Power Management
B. vSphere HA
C. vSphere Data Protection
D. Dynamic Resource Scheduler

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 9
An IT administrator working in a space agency has just in installed some applications that are critical for a
satellite launch mission.
The administrator wants the applications to work irrespective of any operating system failure.
Which vSphere 6.x feature should the administrator use?

A. vSphere HA
B. vSphere Fault Tolerance
C. vSphere Replication
D. vSphere Data Protection

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 10
Which vSphere 6.x storage service provides array-based operations at the virtual disk level?
A. Local storage
B. Virtual Volumes
C. Virtual SAN

D. Datastores Correct Answer: B