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Question: 1
An operator notices that a job on the system is causing poor performance. The job is a root process and the administrator has concluded itis not important and can be stopped. Shortly after stopping the process, it starts again. Which of the following commands will list repeating scheduled tasks?
A. at -l
B. jobs -l
C. sched -l
D. crontab -l

Answer: D
Question: 2
What command will an operator use to check if the system has NFS3 filesystems currently defined?
A. lsnfs3
B. lsnfs -v 3
C. lsfs -v nfs3
D. lsfs -t nfs3

Answer: C
Question: 3
Which of the following commands will show how manyphysical partitions are available on active hdisk1?
A. lspv hdisk1
B. lsvg -p hdisk1
C. lsattr -p hdisk1
D. lsdev -E -l hdisk1

Answer: A
Question: 4
An existing directory ‘/history_logs’ contains too manyfiles, so the ‘ls’ command fails. How can the operator determine the number of files in the directory?
A. df -k /history_logs | wc
B. find /history_logs | wc -n
C. cat /history_logs | ls -l | wc -l
D. find /history_logs -type f | wc -l

Answer: D
Question: 5
An operator must check the status of print queues on a regular basis. Which of the following commands can be used to check on all the print queues?
A. lslp -a
B. qchk -A
C. enq -s ALL
D. lpstat -p ALL
Answer: B
Question: 6
What is the correct command to display the current working directory?
A. echo $PWD
B. echo $pwd
C. echo $CWD
D. echo $cwd

Answer: A
Question: 7
Which of the following AIX storage concepts is correct?
A. A filesystem can span multiple physical volumes.
B. A physical volume can belong to more than 1 volume group.
C. A logical volume can have up to 2 copies in each of 2 volume groups.
D. The size of a filesystem is always the same size as its logical volume.

Answer: A
Question: 8
A user created a file name ‘.newfile’ in the /save directory, but doesn’t see the file when listing the directory contents. Which command will verify the file is in the directory?
A. ls -a /save
B. ls -e /save
C. lsdir -E /save
D. lsdir -A /save

Answer: A
Question: 9
An operator is editing a file using a keyboard without arrow keys. What key can be used to move the cursor one character to the right?
A. n
B. j
C. k
D. l

Answer: D
Question: 10
The man page for ommand?shows the following syntax: The man page for ?ommand?shows the following syntax: command [ -a | -b ] Which of the following statements is true regarding this entry?
A. Either the or flag may be used, but not both.Either the ? or ? flag may be used, but not both.
B. If the flag is used then the flag also must be usedIf the ? flag is used then the ? flag also must be used
C. One of the -a or -b flags must be used, but not both at the same time.
D. Both the and flags may be used together, but neither are mandatoryBoth the ? and ? flags may be used together, but neither are mandatory
Answer: D