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A retail company needs to dynamically offer its customers special discounts on its products using a rule-based application. For each product there will be more than one possible discount and each discount will be represented by a single business rule. The business rule with highest priority will be selected as the best special discount. More products and more discount rules will be added in the future. All discount business rules are included in the ruleflow as a single rule task. What should the developer do in the rule task properties to implement this requirement given the assumption that all JRules algorithms will give the same behavior?
A. Set Algorithm to “Sequential”, Ordering to “Priority”, and Exit Criteria to “None”.
B. Set Algorithm to “RetePlus”, set Ordering to “Default”, and Exit Criteria to “Rule”.
C. Sort the rules manually by their priority and set Algorithm to “Sequential”, set Ordering to “Literal”, and Exit Criteria to “Rule”.
D. Set Algorithm to “RetePlus”, Ordering to “Default”, and Exit Criteria to “Rule Instance”. Use the priority as prefix in the rule name, put the rules in a rule package, and sort them automatically by name.
Answer: B :

Product managers want the developers to change the verbalization of a particular action in their eligibility rules. They want the existing rules to be updated with this new verbalization. To fulfill this request, after synchronizing with Rule Team Server, the developer should use:

A. the search and replace function in Rule Studio to search the text of the action and replace it in
the rules.
B. the refactor function of Rule Studio with a right-click on the appropriate BOM entry, and enter the new verbalization.
C. the Query Editor to capture rules using this action and have the query replace this action with the new verbalization.
D. the BOM Editor in Rule Studio, select the appropriate member and edit the action phrase template of the associated action.
Answer: D :
A company has four business divisions all using rules for specific purposes. In the final application all the rules should execute in one ruleset. The business users have specified:
What is the minimum number of rule projects that the development team needs to create?

A. 1
B. 4
C. 5
D. 7
Answer: C :
A list of course codes is defined as String constants in the XOM. The developer needs to create a domain and add it to the code attribute (String type) of the BOM class Course. Which type of domain does the developer need to create?
A. Bounded
B. List
C. Literal
D. Static Reference
Answer: D : QUESTION NO: 5
In a claim management system, a rule-based decision service validates the claim application and calculates the final amount. To orchestrate the rule execution, the developer created three ruleflows: the first is for validation, the second is for calculation, and the third is the master ruleflow that will call the other two ruleflows. What should the developer do to make the master ruleflow the entry point for the ruleset execution?
A. Set the main flow task ruleset property to the name of the master ruleflow.
B. Set the main flow task RuleApp property to the name of the master ruleflow.
C. For each ruleflow, set the main flow task property to the name of the master ruleflow. D. In the master ruleflow, set the main flow task property to true and set it to false in other ruleflows.
Answer: D :
The business team has identified the business terms that will be used to write the rules. The business user now asks the developer to provide the tools for a top-down approach to rule authoring. At a minimum, in the rule project the developer must create:
A. a XOM.
B. a BOM.
C. a ruleflow.
D. a XOM and a BOM.
Answer: B :

The business users writing rules for the Lending division complain that they are presented with terms that are related to the Insurance division. A developer needs to assign categories to filter the vocabulary in the Rule Editor. Before that, where does the developer need to add the new category?

A. Rule Editor
B. BOM Editor
C. Rule Project Properties dialog
D. Rule Studio Preferences dialog
Answer: C :
A company provides services, one for cars and one for houses. The business users of the car division and the house division are requesting the development team to give them the capability to change the business logic of their respective applications. The development team decides to add business rules to the application. In order to meet this request the team should create:
A. 2 rule projects.
B. 2 ruleset projects.
C. 1 rule project with 2 ruleflows.
D. 1 rule project with 2 top-level rule packages.
Answer: A :
A developer needs to develop a virtual BOM method referencing a ruleset parameter. What should the developer do to access that ruleset parameter in the BOM to XOM code?
A. Directly use the parameter’s name.
B. Directly use the parameter’s verbalization.
C. Use a method of IlrBOM2XOMMapping.
D. Use a method of IlrContext.
Answer: D :

As part of a refactoring effort to align with a company’s internal coding standard, the Customer

class dob private attribute of the Java XOM needs to be renamed to dateOfBirth, leaving the getter and setter methods unchanged. The attribute is currently verbalized as “{dob} of {this}” as per the default verbalization. A number of business rules have already been written that use this attribute, and the rule writers wish to keep using “dob” in the rule text. Which of the following should the developer use to accomplish this change?
A. The Rule Studio BOM Update view
B. The Eclipse refactor menu in the Java project
C. The Eclipse refactor menu in the Java project and then the Rule Studio BOM Update view
D. The Eclipse refactor menu in the Java project and then adjust the verbalization back to “{dob} of {this}”
Answer: B :