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A. SNMP = A, FTP = D, TFTP = F, DNS = C, DHCP = B
B. SNMP = E, FTP = F, TFTP = D, DNS = A, DHCP = B
C. SNMP = A, FTP = F, TFTP = D, DNS =A, DHCP = C
D. SNMP = E, FTP = F, TFTP = D, DNS = C, DHCP = C

E. SNMP = A, FTP = D, TFTP = F, DNS = C, DHCP = B
Correct Answer: B
In the configuration of NAT, what does the keyword overload signify?
A. When bandwidth is insufficient, some hosts will not be allowed to access network translation.
B. The pool of IP addresses has been exhausted.
C. Multiple internal hosts will use one IP address to access external network resources.
D. If the number of available IP addresses is exceeded, excess traffic will use the specified address pool.

Correct Answer: C
What happens when computers on a private network attempt to connect to the Internet through a Cisco router running PAT?
A. The router uses the same IP address but a different TCP source port number for each connection.
B. An IP address is assigned based on the priority of the computer requesting the connection.
C. The router selects an address from a pool of one-to-one address mappings held in the lookup table.
D. The router assigns a unique IP address from a pool of legally registered addresses for the duration of the connection.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 78
When configuring NAT, the Internet interface is considered to be what?
A. local
B. inside
C. global
D. outside

Correct Answer: D



The ip helper-address command does what?
A. assigns an IP address to a host
B. resolves an IP address from a DNS server
C. relays a DHCP request across networks
D. resolves an IP address overlapping issue

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 80
Refer to the exhibit.

The network administrator made the entries that are shown and then saved the configuration. From a console connection, what password or password sequence is required for the administrator to access privileged mode on Router1?
A. cisco
B. sanfran
C. sanjose
D. either cisco or sanfran
E. either cisco or sanjose
F. sanjose and sanfran

Correct Answer: B

A. 1 = E, 2 = D, 3 = C, 4 = F, 5 = B
B. 1 = C, 2 = F, 3 = E, 4 = D, 5 = B
C. 1 = C, 2 = D, 3 = E, 4 = F, 5 = A
D. 1 = B, 2 = D, 3 = E, 4 = F, 5 = A
E. 1 = C, 2 = D, 3 = E, 4 = F, 5 = B
Correct Answer: E
The following commands are entered on the router: Burbank(config)# enable secret fortress Burbank(config)# line con 0 Burbank(config-line)# login Burbank(config-line)# password n0way1n Burbank(config-line)# exit Burbank(config)# service password-encryption What is the purpose of the last command entered?
A. to require the user to enter an encrypted password during the login process
B. to prevent the vty, console, and enable passwords from being displayed in plain text in the configuration files
C. to encrypt the enable secret password
D. to provide login encryption services between hosts attached to the router
Correct Answer: B
What is the effect of using the service password-encryption command?
A. Only the enable password will be encrypted.
B. Only the enable secret password will be encrypted.
C. Only passwords configured after the command has been entered will be encrypted.
D. It will encrypt the secret password and remove the enable secret password from the configuration.
E. It will encrypt all current and future passwords.

Correct Answer: E

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