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What is a benefit of Session Manager?
A. It centralizes the management of remote gateways.
B. It provides SIP application interoperability across multi-vendor equipment.
C. It provides traditional analog trunking to the edge devices.
D. It de-centralizes management of phones and users enterprise-wide.
Correct Answer: A


A technician is adding 1100 users to an Avaya Aura solution. There is only bandwidth for 30kbps calls per user.
Which audio codec will provide the highest fidelity that the network will support?
A. G.722
B. H.264
C. G.711
D. G.729
Correct Answer: A


The account team is concerned about limitations associated with analog licenses that you have included in your solution
Which two characteristics of analog licenses would you share with the account team? (Choose two.)
A. It is possible to uplift an analog license to a Core suite license.
B. Analog users will get all benefits of a Core license user; the only difference Is the device.
C. Analog license users can coexist in the same Communication Manager with Mobility and Collaboration users.
D. The percentage of analog licenses, within a solution, cannot exceed 60% of the total number of licenses.
Correct Answer: AC


You are explaining to your customer that Avaya Aura Media Server (AAMS) has been adopted by the Communication
Manager, but Is not a direct replacement for media gateways.
Which two capabilities are supported by the Avaya Aura Media Server? (Choose two.)
A. TDM interfaces for digital, analog stations and trunks
B. V.150.1 (Modem-over-IP)
C. Virtualization
D. Basic media resource capabilities
Correct Answer: CD


Which change was made to EC500, to provide a CS1000 Mobile-X-like feature experience?
A. You can now put the call on hold before dialing a feature access code.
B. You can now dial a feature access code without putting the call on hold.
C. You can now enter a feature access code before receiving a call.
D. You must now enter feature access codes before you put a call on hold.
Correct Answer: A


A customer wants to ensure that their remote workers who access the Avaya core are authenticated by the Avaya
Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE).
What is the recommended location for the SBCE?
A. On the same virtual instance with Session Manager
B. In the Internet Service Provider network
C. Behind the firewall in the customer’s enterprise
D. In the customer\’s DMZ
Correct Answer: C


To support 2000 users, the customer wants an Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) with encryption for
SIP trunking. They have agreed to use one session for every five users’ sizing models.
How many licenses does this customer need?
A. 2,000 standard and 2,000 advanced licenses
B. 400 standard and 400 advanced licenses
C. 400 standard licenses
D. 2,000 standard licenses
Correct Answer: C


A customer has a branch location with the following requirements:
24 H.323 Endpoints 30 SIP Endpoints 1 DS-1 for PSTN trunking 15 Analog Ports Survivability for all endpoints in the event
of WAN fail
What is the least cost gateway solution that meets all of these requirements?
A. G450 Media Gateway with S8300
B. G450 Media Gateway
C. G430 Media Gateway
D. G430 Media Gateway with S8300
Correct Answer: C


A Sales Engineer is designing an Avaya Aura 8.x solution where 900 video users are being added. There is enough
bandwidth for all users to establish video calls at 6 Mbps.
Which video codec will provide the best video quality that the network will support?
A. H.264
B. H.263
C. H.261
D. H.262
Correct Answer: D


You have a customer who requires both SIP Trunking and Remote Workers. After examining the features needed
overall, you have determined that 700 Core Suite licenses are required. You still need to quote SBCE licenses, in
addition to the entitlements included with Core Suite licenses, to support a total of 120 PSTN SIP trunks and 330 remote
workers. The customer has agreed to a 3 remote worker users to 1 session access basis- How many additional
standard and advanced a la carte SBCE licenses are needed? (Choose two.)
A. 30 SBCE Standard Licenses
B. 20 SBCE Standard Licenses
C. 10 SBCE Advanced Licenses
D. 20 SBCE Advanced Licenses
Correct Answer: C


You are designing an addition to a customer\’s existing Avaya Aura system. The addition will include 575 IP sets, of
which 200 will also use Avaya Equinox for the Desktop, 175 will use Desktop P2P Video, and 25 of them will also need
Extension to Cellular (EC500). There are 75 other new users who will use Avaya Equinox for iOS as their only UC Client
or endpoint. The customer does not want a la carte licensing for applications not covered by Core Suite, and will
purchase other Avaya Aura Suites as required.
How many Core Suite licenses are needed for the addition?
A. 675
B. 650
C. 625
D. 575
Correct Answer: D


You are adding 1400 users to an existing Avaya Aura communication core- The customer wants the same services for
alt users, but with this expansion there Is not enough bandwidth for audio and video calls for all.
If the bandwidth parameter Is set lower than the minimum video requirement, what will happen to users Initiating audio
and video calls?
A. Audio calls will connect but video calls will not initiate.
B. Audio and video calls will connect for some users.
C. Audio and video calls will connect for all users.
D. Audio calls will connect and video calls will connect as audio calls.
Correct Answer: B


A customer is interested in deploying geo-redundant System Managers. Which two requirements would they need to
know? (Choose two.)
A. Both servers must be on the same IP subnet.
B. The two servers must have the same version of the software.
C. The two servers can reach each other on the network.
D. Both servers must have the same IP address.
Correct Answer: A

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