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Select the true statement regarding Global Preferences in Primavera P6 EPPM Web Interface.

A. Global Preferences are shared among all users.
B. Global Preferences are customized at the user level.
C. Global Preferences are controlled by the System Administrator
D. Global Preferences are controlled by Global Security Profiles.
Answer: D
QUESTION: 2 An activity has an Original Duration of 10, and a Remaining Duration of 10.The ActualStartis assignedtothe activity. Physical % is updated to equal 80%. What is the Remaining Duration for this activity?
A. 80
B. 10
C. 2
D. 8
Answer: B
QUESTION: 3 The ProjectManager selects the “Update units when costschange on resource assignments”optionon Calculations tab in Project Details. The Budgeted Cost is $2,000 and the Budgeted Units is 80 for the resource on an activity. If the User assigns the activity an Actual Cost of $1,000,what is the Actual Units for the resource?
A. 70
B. 40
C. 60

D. 80
Answer: B

You are a Portfolio Manager who opened a specific portfolio. Yourefreshed the filter. However,
someof the projects that were previously in the portfolio are no longer there.Whathappened?

A. You no longer have sufficient Project level security to view the “missing” projects’ data.
B. Your Web license was revoked to allow other users to interface with the project
C. The value of the code assigned to the missing projects had changed.
D. The projects were deleted when the Miter was refreshed.
Answer: A
QUESTION: 5 You are a Portfolio Manager looking for a new portfolio that you manually created for your have clicked the Group By drop-down list in Portfolios. Which option should you select to quickly find your portfolio?
A. Global Portfolio
B. Global Filtered Portfolio
C. User Portfolio
D. User Filtered Portfolio

Answer: D
Select the true statement regarding Portfolio Scenarios.

A. You can add user access to the Portfolio Scenario from waterline analysis.
B. You can save the Waterline Analysis as a new scenario.
C. You can update individual project status from the Waterline Analysis/Scenario.
D. You can create a new portfolio from the Waterline Analysis.
Answer: D

What takes the highest precedence during Resource Leveling?

A. Leveling priority
B. Mandatory constraint
C. Topological sequent
D. Resource Calendar

Answer: B
QUESTION: 8 You are a Project Manager whose projects are integrated with Financial Management System (FMS). TheFMS pushes Actual Costs and Actual Hours to your projects as of the Actual Date.UpdatingPercent complete using the pushed Actual Dates,Actual Costs, and Actual Hours has createdinaccuratepicturesofthe overall%complete, because there are steps withinactivities that clearly have not completed. Which PercentComplete Typewould be the best selection for activities in this project?
A. Physical
B. Units
C. Effort
D. Duration

Answer: A
Cost Variance is calculated as .

A. Earned Value Cost – Actual Cost
B. the Actual Cost of Work Performed
C. the Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
D. Budget at Completion – Earned Value Cost
Answer: A

Where are “User Defined Fields” typically maintained?

A. in the Web interface, in the preferences section
B. inthe Client interface by the system administrator
C. in the Web interface, on the Activities tab
D. in the Client interface under Admin Preferences

Answer: D
QUESTION: 11 What is the significance of the setting “Summarize project basedon high level resource planning”?
A. Summarized project data will reflect Top Down plans.
B. Summarized project data will reflect Bottom Up plans.
C. Summarized project data will reflectactualspushed from another application.
D. Summarized project data will be monetized.

Answer: B
QUESTION: 12 An activity is to be completed within a fixed time period and thetotalamount of work is fixed.What duration type should be used?
A. Fixed Units
B. Fixed Duration and Units/Time
C. FixedUnits/Time
D. Fixed Duration & Units
Answer: D

When assigning a user to a User Interface view,deselecting the Allow Editing check box restricts theuser’s ability to _.
A. edit project data in the view
B. edit the User Interface View
C. edit his or her password
D. edit his or her Resource Profile

Answer: B
QUESTION: 14 You are creating a new portfolio scenario. You are attempting to save it for All Users, but the selection is grayed out.What ismorethan likely the problem?
A. You have insufficient Global Security privileges.
B. You have insufficient Project Security privileges.
C. You have insufficient Portfolio Security privileges.
D. You have insufficient User Security privileges.

Answer: A
Select the true statement regarding the ability to create projects.

A. Any Responsible Manager can create a project.
B. Any user can create a project
C. Any Project Manager can create a project.
D. Any Admin Super user can create a project.

Answer: A
QUESTION: 16 Identify two true statements regarding the rolling up of data within a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

A. Actual Data rolls up to a Parent level.
B. Actual Data rolls up to a Portfolio level.
C. Actual Data rolls up to a Resource level.
D. Actual Data rolls up to Program level
E. Actual Data rolls up to a Project level.

Answer: B, E
Select the best statement regarding Past Period data.

A. Project Managers should edit past period actual data to keep project performance withinlimits.
B. Finance Managers can view and edit past period actual data for any financial period.
C. Project Managers will need to edit past period actual data for financial periods.
D. Users with appropriate security can view and edit past period actual data.

Answer: B
Select two true statements about the Portfolio Analysis tab in Primavera P6 EPPM.

A. Conduct a side-by-side comparison of an unlimited number of portfolios.
B. Conduct a side-by-side comparison of two projects.
C. Conduct a side-by-side comparison of two portfolios.
D. Conduct a side by side comparison of the same project displayed in different view.
E. Conduct a side-by-side comparison of the same portfolio displayed in different view.

Answer: C
Where are tolerances set in Primavera P6 EPPM?

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