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1.Which component of AppTransaction Xpert would be used for capacity prediction of multiple users, transactions, and locations? A.Multi-User Quick Predict B.Data Exchange chart C.Multi AppDoctor D.Not supported Answer:A
2.AppNetwork Path Analysis, a troubleshooting workflow in AppResponse Xpert, is enabled by which solution? A.AppTransaction Xpert B.AppSensor Xpert C.AppTransaction Xpert Packet Trace Warehouse D.AppInternals Xpert E.AppResponse Xpert BrowserMetrix Answer:B
3.Which solution is used to discover applications on a network and monitor their response times? A.AppTransaction Xpert B.AppResponse Xpert C.AppInternals Xpert D.AppSensor Xpert Answer:B
4.Which solutions can be data sources for the dashboards? (Select 3) A.AppInternals Xpert B.AppTransaction Xpert C.AppSensor Xpert D.AppResponse Xpert Answer:ABD
5.Which solution provides deep transaction analysis by combining both packet-trace and server-trace data? A.AppSensor Xpert B.AppMapper Xpert C.AppResponse Xpert D.AppTransaction Xpert Answer:D
6.The AppResponse Xpert module that supports following a user through a XenApp Server to the back-end tiers is called: A.CX-Tracer B.Xen Follower C.Xen Tracker D.Citrix Analysis Module Answer:A
7.AppInternals Xpert comes with which components? (Select 3) A.AppTransaction Xpert B.Server Management Platform C.AppMapper Xpert D.Transaction Trace Warehouse E.BrowserMetrix Answer:BDE
8.Which solution provides VoIP configuration management, testing, and remote control? A.AppResponse Xpert B.Unified Communications Xpert C.AppMapper Xpert D.AppTransaction Xpert E.AppInternals Xpert Answer:B
9.Which solution supports prediction of the impact of WAN acceleration on application transactions? A.AppResponse Xpert B.AppInternals Xpert C.Unified Communications Xpert D.AppSensor Xpert E.AppTransaction Xpert Answer:E
10.AppMapper Xpert can leverage packet data collected by AppTransaction Xpert Agents using which solution? A.AppTransaction Xpert B.AppInternals Xpert C.AppTransaction Xpert Packet Trace Warehouse D.AppResponse Xpert E.AppSQL Xpert Answer:C
11.A DA is installed on an AppInternals Xpert monitored tier to collect metric data. What does the abbreviation “DA” stand for? A.Data Adapter B.Digital Analog C.Data Acceptor D.Data Agent Answer:A 12.Which solution facilitates finding a single server transaction among billions of transactions and supports analysis down to the method level? A.AppResponse Xpert B.AppTransaction Xpert C.AppMapper Xpert D.AppInternals Xpert Transaction Trace Warehouse E.AppSensor Xpert Answer:D
13.Which solution collects IP SLA testing data? A.AppTransaction Xpert B.AppSensor Xpert C.AppInternals Xpert D.AppMapper Xpert Answer:B
14.Which solution supports packet capture directly from WAN acceleration devices? A.AppResponse Xpert B.AppInternals Xpert C.AppSensor Xpert D.AppTransaction Xpert Answer:D
15.Which solution is recommended for deep packet analysis of trace file data downloaded from AppResponse Xpert? A.AppInternals Xper B.AppMapper Xpert C.AppTransaction Xpert Packet Trace Warehouse D.AppTransaction Xpert Answer:D
16.AppSensor Xpert provides information to which solutions? (Select 2) A.AppResponse Xpert B.AppInternals Xpert C.Riverbed Performance Management Dashboards D.AppTransaction Xpert Packet Trace Warehouse Answer:AC
17.Which solution does AppResponse Xpert use to provide SNMP data as a supplement to packet data? A.AppTransaction Xpert B.AppInternals Xpert C.AppSensor Xpert D.AppMapper Xpert Answer:C

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