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Question: 1
Which statement is true about the “Time Delayed” method when you are creating verification points in your scripts?
A – It introduces a fixed delay after a previous action before the verification point is tested
B – It allows a verification point to keep trying until the time specified has elapsed
C – It gives the tester time to reveal pop-up objects (such as menus) during the creation of a verification point
D – It gives the tester the opportunity to specify a delay after a verification point fails
Answer: C
Question: 2
Given the following manual verification point

vpManual (“manual1”, “The rain in Spain”, “The Rain in Spain”).performTest();
What are the results?
A – The two strings are the same, and a pass would be generated in the log
B – The two strings are different, and a fail would be generated in the log
C – The syntax is incorrect, so this would not compile
D – This will compile but the parameters are mixed up, and a fail would be recorded in the log. The correct syntax is: vpManual (“The rain in Spain”, “The Rain in Spain”, “manual1”).performTest();
Answer: B
Question: 3
Which branches under Preferences contain specific settings to enable the ClearCase integration?
A – Workbench and Test B – Functional Test and Run/Debug C – Workbench and Team D – Plug-in Development and Functional Test
Answer: C
Question: 4
When you set break points, why does the script not stop at the break points and switch over to the debug perspective?
A – This is a known eclipse bug in version 6.1 and has been corrected in the latest release or last interim fix
B – The break point has already been recognized by the JVM and the break point needs to be toggled
C – Either the icon or debug functional tester script was not invoked or the shift + F11 menu option was not invoked
D – The debug perspective is not listed as an available perspective when trying to debug a script

Answer: C
Question: 5
When you enable web browsers, what is the best way to select the Linux or UNIX web browser?
A – You use the Search button, choose Search All, select the executable, and provide all the needed parameters.
B – Modify the registry to enable Linux or Unix web browser support
C – Modify the Internet Explorer settings to refer to a Linux or Unix web browser
D – You use the Search button, choose Search In, browse to the executable, and provide all the needed parameters
Answer: D
Question: 6
In which situation is it best to use the Browser Enablement Diagnostic tool?
A – when the web browser does not launch when invoked through Functional Tester

C – when Functional Tester is in the recording process and no HTML objects are being recognized
D – when Functional Tester is not able to launch the viewlet comparator on the HTML log
Answer: C
Question: 7
You cannot access help file from Rational Functional Tester. You receive an error or the page loads slowly. How can this be fixed?
A – talk to the LAN Administrator to see if there is a problem with the corporate network or if the ISP is having performance issues
B – in Network properties, change the IP configuration to static IP and provide a valid IP address, which can be obtained from the LAN Administrator
C – in the Network Advanced settings for proxies, remove “; localhost” from the Exceptions if these addresses are listed
D – if your host was configured to use DHCP for IP assignment, make sure that the “Automatically detect settings” checkbox is cleared
Answer: D
Question: 8
Where do you set the option for switching to Test Debug perspective when debugging?
A – Preferences > Functional Test > Workbench > Advanced B – Preferences > Java > Debug C – Preferences > Run/Debug > Console D – Preferences > Test
Answer: A
Question: 9
How do you add line numbers within the script editors view?

A – use a third party plug-in because this option is not available within the tools interface B – download the latest version of the plug-in C – select the option under the main menu > Window > Preferences > Debug D – select the option under the main menu > Window > Preferences > Editor
Answer: D
Question: 10
How many default Java environments can you have within one configuration of Rational Functional Tester?
A – one for each instance of the application under test B – as many default Java environments as are needed to do testing C – You can change the java environments dynamically when testing different applications. D – only one
Answer: D
Question: 11
What is the best practice when changing object maps that are
already assigned to Functional Test projects?
A – highlight the project in the Functional Test projects, right-click, select Properties > Functional Test project and browse to the new object map B – record a new script, select the new Functional Test project, click next and browse to the new test object map C – modify the XML file, configurations.rftcfg, locate the object map section, enter the proper object and save the XML file D – right-click the test object map in the script explorer, choose the Open option and make necessary changes
Answer: A
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