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Question: 1
A system administrator is installing an enterprise application in a secured WebSphere Application Server environment. The application has been configured to use security roles. Which of the following is considered a BEST practice when mapping the security roles to the current user registry?
A. Map the security roles of EJB methods to groups and the security roles of Web resources to users.
B. Map the security roles of Web resources to groups and security roles of EJB methods to users.
C. Map all security roles to users
D. Map all security roles to groups

Answer: D
Question: 2
A system administrator has created data source definition using the Application Deployment Descriptor editor in the Application Server Toolkit (AST). These datasource can be accessed by any:
A. Applications running on the server
B. Applications in the current AST workspace.
C. Modules contained in the EAR file where the definition is made
D. J2EE Application clients accessing the server

Answer: C
Question: 3
Which of the following must a system administrator define when creating a JDBC provider at the cluster scope?
A. All datasources for this JDBC provider at the cluster level.
B. An XA data source implementation type, for the JDBC driver.
C. The symbolic Variable used in the class path to the JDBC driver for each node in the cluster
D. The J2C authentication data entry for the datasource at the cluster scope.

Answer: C
Question: 4
A system administrator is installing an enterprise application containing several entity
EJBs. All EJBs are contained in the same EJB JAR file. All CMP EJBs in the JAR file, except one,
acc ess the samedatasources. What is the MOST efficient way to bind the datasources for the

A. Create a separate EJB JAR file for the EJB that is different and set EJB module datasources on both EJB JARs.
B. Ask developers to pre-configure the EJB module with the production datasource JNDI names.
C. Individually, bind each of the EJBs to the datasource they use.
D. Bind the EJB module to the datasource used by most EJBs, then specify a separate binding for the EJB that is different
Answer: D
Question: 5

The WebSphere Rapid Deployment(WRD) tool is running in the automatic allocation mode. All of the following enterprise applications will be deployed if the file types are placed below in WRD’s monitored directory EXCEPT.
A. An Enterprise Archive (EAR) file.
B. A Web module (WAR) file.
C. An EJB module JAR file.
D. A Resource Adapter Archive (RAR) file.

Answer: D
Question: 6
A customer is in the process of configuring a J2C (JCA) connection factory using the administrative console. The customer wishes to eventually secure the connection. The customer also knows that several security settings are now deprecated in WebSphere Application Server V6 for connection factories. Which of the following should the system administrator recommend that the customer use?
A. Container-managed Authentication Alias
B. Mapping-Configuration Alias
C. Authentication preference
D. Container-managed authentication alias

Answer: A
Question: 7
If a system administrator is creating a wsadmin script, and within the script it is necessary to create several JMS Connection Factories and JDBC. Dtasources, which of the following wsadmin scripting objects should be used?
A. AdminConfig
B. AdminControl
C. AdminApp
D. AdminTask

Answer: A
Question: 8
A customer is using the WebSphere V6 Default messaging provider as the messaging service. The customer has the following configuration. Cell C1 has Bus A and B, whereas Cell C2 has Bus
C. All of the following are supported optional EXCEPT.
A. Configuring a link between Bus A and Bus B.
B. Configuring WebSphere MQ as a Foreign bus.
C. Configuring a link between Bus b AND Bus C.
D. Running a JMS Client on Bus A that gets messages from a destination on Bus C.

Answer: D
Question: 9
A system administrator is about to federate a node into a Network Deployment cell. The node’s server has several applications installed and a Service integration Bus is defined on the node. Before federating the node, the system administrator must understand that the default behavior of the addNode operation is:

A. To not carry over applications to the cell.
B. To not carry over Service Integration Buses to the cell.
C. To not carry over applications and Service Integration Buses to the cell.
D. To carry over applications and Service Integration buses to the cell.

Answer: C
Question: 10
A system administrator is using the administrative console and accidentally closes the browser without saving any changes made during that session. What must the system administrator do to make sure any configuration changes that were made during the last session are not lost?
A. Lo in as a different user and save the master repository.
B. O and hand-edit the configuration xml files in the appropriate places
C. Restore a backup copy of the master configuration
D. Make those changes permanent when the system administrator logs in agaian

Answer: D
Question: 11
In order to safely and completely backup an Application Server’s configuration, which of the following commands would be MOST appropriate?
A. backupConfig
B. BackupConfig -safeMode
C. backupConfig -stop
D. backupConfi -nostop

Answer: A
Question: 12
A system administrator is concerned about disk usage. Although the system administrator wants to be sure the activity log does not grow too large, the system administrator also wants to ensure that important messages are not lost. Which of the following strategies would control the size of the logs and yield the maximum amount of log information?
A. Set the Maximum File Size to 3 MB for the IBM Service Logs in the administrative console.
B. In the Log Analyzer, set the Maximum File Size to 3 MB for the IBM Service Logs.
C. Using wsadmin, set the Maximum Number of Historical Log Files to 2 with a File Size of 2 MB.
D. Through the administrative console, set the Maximum File Size to 2 MB and the Maximum Number of Historical Log Files to 3

Answer: A
Question: 13
Which of the follow statements MOST accurately describes the effect of increasing the JVM heap size?
A. More objects will be created and the time required to garbage collect will decrease.
B. Applications run longer before a garbage collection occurs.
C. A larger heap size will cause the server to take loner to start.
D. No measurable performance change will result from increasing the heap size.
Answer: B Question: 14

A performance analysis of a customer application revealed that the overhead of persistent HTTP sessions was the main contributor to performance slow down. All of the following factors will help with improving the performance of persistent HTTP session performance EXCEPT:
A. Reducing the size of the session object
B. Invalidating unneeded sessions
C. Increasing the memory available
D. Increasing the cache overflow size.

Answer: D
Question: 15
A system administrator needs to gather performance data for several servlets that are used by an application running on a particular server. Using the Tivoli Performance Viewer, which of the following performance statistics would the system administrator be able to monitor?
A. The number of failed servlet requests
B. The average response time for servlet requests.
C. The average wait time for a particular servlet.
D. The minimum and maximum response times for servlet requests.

Answer: B
Question: 16
For testing purposes, a system administrator needs to disable automatic propagation of the plugin-cfg xml file for an HTTP server which has already been configured on a managed node. Which of the following steps must be performed from within the administrative console?
A. Select Environment->Update Web Server Plug-in, uncheck the “Automatically propagate the plug-in configuration file” option
B. Select Environment ->Virtual Hosts, uncheck the “Automatically propagate the plug-in configuration file” option
C. Select Server, select an application server, select Web container, uncheck the “Automatically propagate the plug-in configuration file” option
D. Select Servers->Web servers, click the Web server, select Plug-in properties, uncheck the “Automatically propagate the plug-in configuration file” optio n

Answer: D
Question: 17
The customer has deployed a WebSphere-based application that performs excessive database operations. The application is deployed to a 2-node symmetric cluster, with 2 application servers per node, for a cluster size of 4 members. All cluster members are configured identically and there exists no other servers on clusters in this cell. In addition, a data source is defined at the cell-scoped level with a maximum of 100 connections. Given that each database connection consumes 2MB of memory, under peak load, how much of the JVM heap on each server is consumed by connections?
A. 25MB
B. 50 MB
C. 100MB
D. 200MB
Answer: D Question: 18

Which of the following sets of parameters can a system administrator adjust in order to directly improve performance for the EJB container?
A. Cache size, cache cleanup interval
B. Datasource connection pool, server JVM size
C. Session timeout, HTTP session object size
D. Transaction lifetime, client inactivity timeout

Answer: A
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