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A BPM analyst is creating a process model for requesting a renovation permit. The BPM analyst is using the following description of the first activity:
“One of our municipal office clerks receives a paper permit application from the local resident, an applicant. The clerk first looks up the resident’s name and address in our system, then enters the information from the paper application into the system, and assigns a temporary permit number to the application. When the application entry is complete, the clerk sends it to a manager to assign it to an adjudicator.”
Which name should the BPM analyst use for the first task that accurately describes the activity and follows recommended naming conventions?
A. Application Entry
B. Create Application
C. Clerk Receive and Enter Application
D. Lookup name, create application, assign number, and send it to the manager

Correct Answer: B
A BPM analyst needs to make a change to the connections in the following process diagram. The order of activities needs to be changed so that “Grind Beans” is followed by “Brew Coffee”. “Heat Milk” will come last after “Brew Coffee”.

How should the BPM analyst make this change to the connection?
A. Click on the “Brew Coffee” activity and drag it onto the connection between “Grind Beans” and “Heat Milk”
B. Click on the “Grind Beans” activity and drag it onto the connection between “Heat Milk” and “Brew Coffee”
C. Click on the connection between “Heat Milk” and “Brew Coffee” and drag the connection arrow to “Grind Beans”
D. Click on the connection between “Grind Beans” and “Heat Milk” and drag the connection arrow to “Brew Coffee”.

Correct Answer: A