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Universal Containers has a single contact center that handles all service requests including chat, Cases, and web form
submissions. It is important that Reps are assigned work evenly so that all requests are handled in the order they are
How would a Consultant address this requirement?
A. Configure Case Assignment Rules
B. Configure Omni-Channel with Most Available Routing
C. Configure Live Agent Skills-based Routing
D. Configure Omni-Channel with Least Active Routing
Correct Answer: B

Universal Containers assigns its contact center agents to certain interaction channels and would like to optimize the
agents\\’ desktop based on their assigned interaction channels. What is the best solution?
A. Create multiple agent console applications and configure the Iayout based on the user\\’s requirements.
B. Create multiple Salesforce Console for Service applications and configure them based on user\\’s requirements.
C. Create case page layouts for each interaction channel and assign them to different agent profiles.
D. Create a Salesforce Console for Service layout and allow the agents to drag and drop the components they need.
Correct Answer: B

Case escalation rules triggered on the last modification will be reset each time a user does which of the following
A. Reads the case
B. Adds a related comment to the case
C. Adds an activity or sends an email from the case record
D. Edits the case
E. All of the above
Correct Answer: D

In the telesales contact center, Universal Containers has three-step and five-step order process, contingent on the type
of product solD. Which approach should be used to optimize the order process? Choose 2 answers
A. Use Visualforce to create a wizard for each process
B. Organize the fields on the page layout to match each process
C. Use Visual Workflow to streamline the process
D. Create a custom object for each step in the process
Correct Answer: BC

Which feature should a Consultant recommend to allow a Tier 2 Service Representative to take over case processing
from Tier l and know how far Tier l had progressed in troubleshooting?
A. Service Console Macros
B. Lightning Guided Engagement
C. Path for Cases
D. Lightning Flow Component
Correct Answer: B

Universal Containers wants customers to have the ability to log cases with structured data and route based on Urgency
and Product Line. How should a Consultant accomplish this?
A. Standard Email-to-Case with assignment rules
B. Lightning Email with web routing prioritization
C. Omni-Channel with prioritized queues
D. Standard Web-to-Case with assignment rules
Correct Answer: A

Universal Containers is implementing a CTI solution for its inbound service and support contact center. Currently, the
company handles only existing customers with support issues. The contact center manager has been tasked with improving sales for the premier support offering. What key metrics can be expected to improve following the CTI
implementation? (Choose 2)
A. Average days to close
B. Average handle time
C. First call resolution
D. Abandon rate
Correct Answer: CD

A consulting firm has been retained to implement a new Service Cloud platform for a company. This company requires
quick iterations and a speedy project completion. The company has requested frequent project updates for check-ins
and refinement. Which methodology should the Consultant recommend to meet the given requirements?
A. Kanban
B. Lightning Platform
C. Agile
D. Waterfall
Correct Answer: C

To manage the publishing lifecycle for articles in Salesforce Knowledge, the contact center director wants to provide
article with various publishing capabilities. What configuration should be recommended to meet this objective?
A. Assign article managers to public groups and specific article actions to each group.
B. Assign article managers to publication teams and specific article actions to each team.
C. Assign article managers to public groups and specific publication states to each group.
D. Assign article managers to publication teams and specific publication states to each team.
Correct Answer: A

Universal Containers CFO is looking for ways to reduce contact center costs. Which customer service metric should the
CFO monitor to reach the budget goals? (Choose 2)
A. First call resolution
B. Average handle time
C. Upsell percentage
D. Customer retention
Correct Answer: AB

What metrics should a contact center manager consider to measure adoption of Salesforce Knowledge? (Choose 2)
A. Number of cases escalated by agent
B. Number of articles created by agent
C. Number of articles attached to a case
D. Number of solutions created by agent
Correct Answer: BC

Which feature should a Consultant configure to allow global Service Reps to call customers from within the Lightning
Service Console?
A. Open CTI
B. Macros
C. Local Presence
D. Lightning Dialer
Correct Answer: D

What are some uses of in business continuity planning? (Choose 3) A. To provide online
security threat information
B. To provide live and historical data on system performance
C. To provide information planning planned maintenance
D. To provide live support for system and data backup
E. To provide best practices for continuity plans
Correct Answer: ABC

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