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In order to scale the WebLogic Server cluster beyond a single computers node, the domain must be propagated to additional computers nodes. How is this best accomplished?
A. The domain can simply be zipped (using tar, cpio, or jar), copied over, and extracted on the other computer node.
B. Web logic Server has specific commands like and that are designed for this purpose.
C. The step can be accomplished most easily through the admin server when the second machine is added to the cluster.
D. With Exalogic Elastic Cloud software, domain propagation is automatic when additional machine is added to the cluster.
Answer: B Explanation:
In a reference Exalogic topology, all compute nodes .
A. Use locally installed application binaries for execution
B. Are subdivided using InfiniBand partitions based on application deployment topology
C. Remotely access software binaries installed on the shared Sun ZFS storage
D. Use SDP for all interprocess communication

Answer: D
Reference: 345527.pdf (page 13, first paragraph)
When you run the Exalogic Configuration Utility scripts the first time, which three verification steps are performed? (Choose Three)
A. BOND1 interfaces for all compute nodes
B. ILOM interfaces for all compute nodes
C. ILOM interfaces for storage heads
D. NET0 interfaces for all compute nodes
E. BOND2 interfaces for storage heads

Answer: B,C,D Explanation: The Exalogic Configuration Utility(ECU) enables you to perform the initial configuration of an Exalogic machine and to connect the machine to your existing network. The ECU verifies the current state of your Exalogic machine before performing any initial configuration. During manufacturing, an Exalogic machine is configured with the following default network topology:
Compute nodes and storage heads with NET0, ILOM, and BOND0 (IPoIB) interfaces

Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switches with the ILOM interface Reference: Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Machine Owner’s Guide Release EL X2-2 and EL X3-2, Configuring Exalogic Machine Using ECU

Which two network channels are necessary to be configured on the admin server?
A. HTTP client channel
B. T3 channel
C. SDP channel
D. EoIB channel
Answer: A,B
Reference: (first paragraph)
In the CLI for the gateway switch, the command [option][option] . . . format of commands is used for .
A. General hardware administration
B. InfiniBand fabric control and management
C. ILOM access
D. Launching the web interface
Answer: B Explanation: QUESTION NO: 6
If you cannot connect to ILOM over the network, which connection method would you use?
B. Serial connection
C. Web
Answer: B
Connecting to ILOM via a Serial Connection.
You can connect to ILOM via a serial connection if you are unable to access ILOM via the network due to any of the following problems: Misconfiguration of the network Misconfiguration of ILOM IP addresses Misconfiguration of Cisco Ethernet switch ports Sideband configuration issues
Note: Under normal circumstances, you can access ILOM via the network. You can use the Ethernet connection method to connect to the ILOM. You must know the ILOM’s Ethernet address.
You can use either the CLI or the web interface to access ILOM.
Alternatively, you can launch a remote KVM session to access ILOM.
Reference: Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Machine Owner’s Guide Release EL X2-2 and EL X3-2, Setting Up Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)
Which statement is true about the default cluster configuration of Exalogic’s storage appliance?

A. The default storage pool is assigned to each storage head.
B. The default storage pool is assigned to the passive storage head.
C. A separate storage pool is allocated to each storage head.
D. The default storage pool is assigned to the active storage head.
Answer: D Explanation:

In ILOM, you can configure up to alert rules.
A. 12
B. 20
C. 15
D. 32
Answer: C Explanation:
Which three are features of the Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliance that is used in Exalogic machines? (Choose Three)
A. Entry level cluster option
B. Multi-protocol support
C. 100 TB of usable capacity
D. Replication and snapshots
E. 80 TB of usable capacity
Answer: A,B,D Explanation:
When using OHS and the WebLogic Server proxy plugin with dynamic server lists, what, if any, configuration is required at the OHS tier when adding additional WebLogic Server instances?

A. OHS must be restarted and up on restart; the dynamic server list will be automatically updated with newly added server(s)
B. OHS httpd.conf must be updated with the newly added WebLogic Server(s).
C. Nothing. Newly added WebLogic Server instances are automatically picked up and the plugin is dynamically reconfigured.
D. The admin server must be restarted when the cluster has been reconfigured. This will, in turn, notify the web tier (OHS).
Answer: A Explanation:
Which three portlets are displayed on the home page after you discover an Exalogic system target in Enterprise Manager Grid Control?
A. Application deployments
B. WebLogic domains and Coherence clusters
C. Storage configuration and shares
D. Hosts
E. InfiniBand fabric topology

Answer: A,B,D
Reference: (10.3 Using Exalogic-Specific Pages in Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g)
Which statement is correct about enterprise Management Ops Center?
A. To monitor Exalogic’s hardware components, you must install Enterprise Manager Ops Center on one of the Exalogic compute nodes.
B. To monitor Exalogic’s hardware components, you must install enterprise Manager Ops Center on all Exalogic compute nodes.
C. To monitor Exalogic’s hardware components, you must install Enterprise Manager Ops Center on Exalogic storage appliance.
D. You can install Enterprise Manager Ops Center outside of Exalogic.
Answer: D
Reference: (Prerequisites)
Which three directory services can be configured on the storage appliance? (Choose Three)
C. Oracle Identity Visualization Library (LibOVD)
D. Active Directory
E. Oracle Internet Directory
Answer: A,B,D Explanation:
Which prerequisite task is necessary before adding an administrator?
A. Add authorizations to a role
B. Add a role
C. List administrators
D. List authorizations associated with a role
Answer: B Explanation:

When an Exalogic machine is connected to an Exadata machine, which network is used?
A. Both machines are on the same InfiniBand fabric
B. Different InfiniBand fabrics
C. Ethernet over InfiniBand
D. Management network

Answer: A
Reference: (About Oracle Exalogic, second and third paragraph)

If you are configuring two WebLogic clusters of managed servers across four Exalogic compute nodes, how many Node Manager Instances will you configure?
A. One dedicated Node Manager instance per compute node
B. One Node Manager instance shared by four compute nodes
C. One Node Manager instance per WebLogic cluster
D. Two Node Manager instances shared by four compute nodes
Answer: A
Which three problems could affect ILOM login and access over the network? (Choose Three)
A. Misconfiguration of ILOM IP address
B. Bad imaging or re imaging of the base operating system on the laptop or terminal
C. Misconfiguration of WebLogic Server software
D. Misconfiguration of Cisco Ethernet switch ports
E. Sideband configuration issues
Answer: A,C,D Explanation:
Which network in an Exalogic machine connects to your existing management network and is used for administrative work?
A. Client access network
B. InfiniBand network
C. Management network
D. Ethernet over InfiniBand
Answer: C

Reference: (management network)
What IP type is used when configuring non-global zones on Exalogic compute nodes?
A. IP shared between global zone and non-global zone
B. Exclusive IP for the non-global zone
C. Virtual IP
D. Floating IP
Answer: B
Which three prerequisite tasks should be completed before you can Oracle Services in Enterprise manager Ops Center to the file service requests?
A. Set up Enterprise Manager Grid Control
B. Register your assets with My Oracle Support
C. Run Enterprise Manager Ops Center in connected mode
D. Register your user with My Oracle Support
E. File a service request for an Exalogic asset on the My Oracle Support website before viewing the service request in Enterprise Manager Ops Center
Answer: B,C,D

In the ILOM CLI from an Exalogic compute node, which command can be used to view a list of components that have been faulted?

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