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All commands executed by toolbar icons can be accessed from three menus. Select the three menus.
A. Action
B. Copy
C. Edit
D. Paste
E. View
F. Remove
G. Modify

Correct Answer: ACE Explanation
A: Note: To facilitate a streamlined, role-specific configuration of P6 Web Access, your administrator can assign you to a user interface view that corresponds to your role and work processes in your organization. The tabs, tab icons, and action menu items that you can access in each section of P6 Web Access, and the order in which they appear, depend on your user interface view settings
C: The Edit menu is a standard Windows menu that lets you do common actions such as cut, copy, and paste.
E: The View menu is quite extensive, and the items available vary as you view different modules.
When you log into P6 the first time, you should be presented with a screen similar to the following screenshot:
Yon are working with a customer that has had a legacy Primavera release installed and running in their environment for four years, the CIO tells you that the current EPS does not show the data the way he would like to view it, and, therefore, he would like to restructure the entire EPS.
Before proceeding, what four options would you present to the CIO so that organizational Impacts are eliminated?
A. Modify the EPS.
B. Identify the reporting requirements.
C. Restructure the OBS.
D. Add project codes
E. Modify global filters.
F. Create user-specific filters.
G. Modify Group and Sort.

Correct Answer: ABDE Explanation
E: Global filters are made available to anyone working in the database,
What is the significance of the “Summarize project based on detailed activity resource assignments” setting?
A. Summarized project data will reflect top-down plans.
B. Summarized project data will reflect bottom-up plans.
C. Summarized project data will reflect integrated actuals.
D. Summarized project data will be monetized.

Correct Answer: B Explanation
Use the Detail Activity Resource Assignments option for in-progress projects when you want to review detailed activity-level summarized data, for example, for
earned value reporting.

Note: `Summarize Project Based on’ determines whether the Summarizer calculates and displays rolled-up data based on resource assignments at the activity or
project level. Note 2: You can summarize project data to a specific WBS level when calculating and maintaining summary data.
You are a project manager addressing risk responses in your Risk Register. As you created your Risk Register, you also created multiple mitigating/response plans for each risk. Identify the functionality that will indicate which response plan is primary.
A. Response plan marked Active
B. Response plan with the closest start date
C. Response plan with lowest cost
D. Response plan marked highest priority

Correct Answer: A Explanation
Response Plan row: Create one or more response plans while you are in the planning phase and indicate the response type. When you have analyzed your
response options, choose one response plan by selecting the Active option next to the appropriate response plan.

In the example below, two response plans have been created for the Concrete supply constrained risk. The first plan is to accept the risk and take no action; the
second plan is to reduce the impact of the risk by contracting with alternative suppliers. You can see this second plan was selected as the plan of choice.
A risk register and risk scoring matrix provide a system for monitoring and tracking risks.

Rather than having a single response, you can create multiple responses to a risk.

Once you have established your risks, you can view the Probability and Impact Diagram, which shows how the risks are coded. Several pre-defined PID matrices have been provided from which we can choose.

Where are risk response plans captured?
A. In the Risk Scoring Matrix
B. In the Activity Notebook for Risk
C. In the Risk Register
D. In the Project Notebook for Risk

Correct Answer: C Explanation Explanation/Reference:
The Response Plans detail window is the area in the risk register where you create plans for handling the identified risks. Once you have identified which project
risks need further action, create a response plan and assign response plan action items for each risk to reduce the negative impact on the project.

Example below:
You received an e-mail from a portfolio manager asking you to check performance metrics for the past months on each of the projects filtered for that portfolio.
You cannot locate the portfolio that the email references.
What is the probable cause?
A. It is a user portfolio created by the portfolio manager.
B. It is a user-filtered portfolio that has not been refreshed.
C. You do not have the appropriate license for the web interface.
D. You have not been assigned as a resource to the projects.

Correct Answer: B Explanation
Identify the best definition of the EPS.
A. The hierarchical definition of project budgets and actual costs.
B. The hierarchical definition of reporting structures.
C. The hierarchical structure of the security for projects.
D. The hierarchical structure of the database of projects.

Correct Answer: D Explanation
Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
The EPS is the outsider’s view of your company, showing your lines of business. The EPS is laid out in a tree structure.
The EPS is used to organize and manage the projects in your organization. Your database of projects is arranged in a hierarchy called the enterprise project
structure (EPS).

Identify the true statement regarding user-interface views.
A. Deleting a user-interface view that has assigned users could cause user issues.
B. Each user may be assigned to multiple user-interface views.
C. User-interface views overwrite project and global security profiles.
D. User-interface views are created and managed by individual users.

Correct Answer: B Explanation
A user interface view is a customized view of the Dashboards, Portfolios, Projects, and Resources sections of P6 Web Access typically associated with a role.

You are an implementation consultant working at a company where project schedules have been managed primarily with Microsoft Project, on individual desktops. The “projects” theoretically have been multiple-year projects. Your scope of work includes migrating project data from legacy project plans and setting up project planning standards. As you look into the current Microsoft Project plans, it becomes clear that the projects are not really multi-year projects. The plans have been managed by creating “new” projects within the old projects by skipping a few lines in what has become more of a program history.
What approach would you recommend to retain the legacy data (which is a mandated requirement in the new Primavera system), while moving forward with a “one project, one plan” process?

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