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Identify the true statement regarding currency preferences for viewing currency.
A. They are globally set and controlled by administrators.
B. They are managed by an interface to a financial system (FMS).
C. They are set by individuals in user preferences.
D. They are permanently set during installation.
Answer: C Explanation: * User Preferences | Currency sets the currency to display in P6, as well as the type of currency symbol and whether to show decimal places.
* My Preferences offers options for you to customize the data display format across all sections of P6. The options you customize are exclusively yours. You can alter global preferences, including formats for time units, dates, and currencies.
Identify this window.

A. Create Dashboard
B. Create Portfolio
C. Create Portfolio view
D. Group and Sort
Answer: C
Explanation: One idea behind Portfolio Analysis in P6 is that it gives you the ability to quickly
make ad-hoc reports. You can quickly change the view and alter what data is
displayed and in what form. There are two main kinds of views — scorecards and

Note: In the context of creating a scorecard:
Choosing data to display
There are three areas that you can customize on a scorecard: Columns, Group,
and Waterline.

Screenshot (compare to screenshot in the question):
The columns available are a mixture of Project-level data as well as WBS-level data.
You can choose any of these columns on the left-hand side and press the right-arrow
to move them to the Selected Columns. On the right-hand side you may re-order the
columns by selecting them and using the up and down arrows.
You can choose the default sorting of the data as well. Once on the scorecard screen,
you can change the order by simply clicking on the column headers.
The option Show Project Requests determines whether potential projects should
also be included in the scorecard.
You are a project manager with a required monthly update cycle. You have marked actual start and actual finish dates for your Physical % complete activities, with % complete calculated from activity steps. You schedule and summarize your project plans. However, your activities are not showing 100% complete. What is the problem?
A. Your security does not allow you to update Activity Status.
B. You did not save the changes made to the activities.
C. You have not completed each of the activity steps.
D. You must refresh the view in the web to view the changes.
Answer: B Explanation:

You are creating a new portfolio scenario. You are attempting to save it for all users, but the selection is unavailable (grayed out).
What is the cause?
A. You have insufficient global security privileges.
B. You have Insufficient project security privileges.
C. You have insufficient portfolio security privileges.
D. You have insufficient user security privileges.
Answer: A
Explanation: Global profiles:
Define a user’s access to application-wide information and settings, such as the enterprise project
structure (EPS), resources, roles, and cost accounts. Each user must be assigned a global profile.
Incorrect answers:
B: Project profiles Define a user’s access to project-specific information. It is not required that each user be assigned a project profile; however, users cannot access projects unless they are assigned: a project profile, the global profile Admin Superuser, as a resource assignment when they are a project owner, or as a resource assignment when they have Team Member module access.
Reference; P6 EPPM Administrator’s Guide, Security Concepts in P6 EPPM

Your customer wants to take advantage of capacity planning in portfolios. The customer would like to use generic resources, because they have greater flexibility to respond to changing costs by resource by location. In fact, they would prefer not to set up any roles at all in the database, because they perceive generic resources and roles to be duplicate effort. What would an appropriate response be to this customer?
A. Use generic resources in Capacity Planning view, because they have greater ability to respond to changing costs.
B. User generic resources for project financials, and mirrored roles for capacity planning.
C. Use roles for planning and project financials to eliminate duplicate data maintenance.
D. Integrate with HR systems to obtain automated generic resource pricing updates.
Answer: B Explanation:

You are meeting with a customer and demonstrating the Resource Assignments GANTT view. What data will you be highlighting?
A. Tabular-formatted data showing codes and attributes
B. Timescaled resource assignment data
C. Timescaled project and resource data
D. Timescaled cost and resource data

Answer: B Explanation:
Note: See 5a below.
Customizing the Resources Assignments Gantt Chart Bars
Customize the settings for the Gantt chart view on the Resources Assignments page. You can set
features for up to three bars per assignment.
To customize the resource assignments Gantt chart bars:
Note: Set at least one bar to Current Bar.

Current Bar – Shows a bar that spans the early start date/actual start date to the early finish
date/actual finish date for each assignment. For a Current bar, you can select an additional option
for showing the progress of activities.
Late Bar – Shows the late start date to the late finish date of an assignment. A Late bar does not
display if the project has not been scheduled.
Plan Bar – Shows the planned start date to the planned finish date of an assignment. This bar is
used for simulating the outcome of the project schedule as part of project planning.

Reference: Oracle Primavera P6, Customizing the Resources Assignments Gantt Chart Bars

Identify three types of activity codes.
A. Global
B. Activity
C. Project
F. Resource
Answer: A,C,D Explanation: Note: Global Activity Codes (but not Project-level or ESP-level) that may be created at any time and applied to any project.

Identify the key benefit of the Plan Resources view.
A. You can create resource staffing scenarios using waterline analysis.
B. You can identify staffing shortfalls within detailed project plans.
C. You can view and analyze resource allocation without assignments to activities.

D. You can view and assign resources mapped to appropriate roles with the highest skills.

Answer: C Explanation: Note:
You can delete a financial period that has high-level assignment planning values (as entered on the Plan Resources page of P6) as long as the financial period does not contain past period actuals. When you delete a financial period that has high-level assignment planning values, the values are deleted as well.

View options for including assignments made in the Plan Resources view in other allocation related view in Primavera

Select the true statement regarding project security profiles.
A. Project security profiles define the weight of project codes.
B. To receive a project security profile, a user must be defined as a resource.
C. Project security profiles override global security profiles.
D. To access projects, a user must be assigned a project security profile.
Answer: D
Explanation: Project profiles
Define a user’s access to project-specific
information. The Project Management module does not require that
each user be assigned a project profile; however, users cannot
access projects unless they are assigned a project profile or the
global profile, Admin Superuser.

To ensure security at various levels of data, the Project Management
module provides two sets of security profiles:

* Global profiles Define a user’s access to application-wide information and settings, such as the enterprise project structure (EPS), resources, roles, and cost accounts. Each user must be assigned a global profile. (B) *
Note 1: The following diagram illustrates the relationships between a user, the OBS, EPS, and WBS.
Note 2: Users in Primavera P6 require two different profiles to control what they can do in the system; a Global Security Profile and a Project Security Profile.

Identify the true statement regarding Schedule Checker.
A. Before running Schedule Checker, you should schedule the project.
B. Schedule Checker evaluates the WBS structure to demonstrate standards compliance.
C. Schedule Checker is run from the Portfolios section.
D. Run Schedule Checker before scheduling the project to fix issues.

Answer: B,C,D Explanation:
Note: The new schedule checker is a tool that assists planners, project managers and the PMO to
ensure project plans are built within the guidelines of industry and organizational best practices.
The schedule checker performs a 14-point analysis to ensure that activities and dependencies of
the project schedule are following desired standards. The schedule checker adheres to the DCMA
14-point assessment check and produces a report that lists all opportunities for corrective action or
improvement when aspects of the project schedule fall outside the quality guidelines. The report
includes a summary and detailed sections displaying activities falling outside your configured

Note 2: The Schedule Checker can be run against one or multiple projects. You can save the
thresholds to run again for the project that is open.
The first thing to do is set up the 14 Configurable User Thresholds. See figure below.

Example of output.
Shown below is the top half of the Schedule Check Summary Report. summary-report.png Reference below the lower half of the Schedule Check report. summary-report2.png
The two global profiles that are hard-coded in the system and cannot be deleted or changed and .
A. Project Manager
B. System Administrator
C. IT Administrator
D. Admin Super User
E. Resource Manager
F. No Global Privileges
Answer: D,F Explanation: In addition to any global profiles that you define, P6 provides two predefined global profiles: Admin Superuser and No Global Privileges.
Reference: Application Level Security

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