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You added a new field to matching fields of an existing match specification and provisioned all match specification components. Then you ran the job but it failed immediately. The input data size is 2G bytes and the job worked without any issues before you modified. Which one is most likely the cause of the problem?
A. Lack of physical memory.
B. Lack of scratch disk space.
C. The job needs to be re-compiled.
D. The frequency file needs to be re-generated.
Answer: D
What are the two output fields provided by the COUNTRY rule set? (Choose two)
A. Verified flag field
B. ISO country code field
C. ISO country name field
D. Explicit or default flag field
E. Rejected address reason code
Answer: B,D

The output fields available for mapping from the Standardize stage can be classified into three different categories. What are two of these categories? (Choose two)

A. Reject fields
B. Matching fields
C. Duplicate fields
D. Database fields
E. Business Intelligence fields
Answer: B,E
What input pattern does the following address produce when standardized by the USADDR rule set? 21 Wingate St Apt 601
A. ^?SU^
B. ^+T^U
C. ^+TU^
D. <+S+U
Answer: C
Which of the following removes anomalies within the data after the process has determined the proper domain and parsed the data?
A. Address Matching
B. Address Verification
C. Address Certification
D. Address Standardization
Answer: D

In the output fields available from the Standardize stage, which two of the following reporting fields are produced from the Standardize stage processing? (Choose two)

A. Input pattern
B. Dropped data
C. Filter condition
D. Rule set name
E. Unhandled pattern
Answer: A,E
What is one of the the uses of a pre-processor rule set in standardizing your data?
A. Prepares the data for processing by the investigate stage
B. Prepares the data for processing by domain specific rule sets
C. Rejects the data to a separate link so your job does not need to process bad data
D. Rejects the data to a separate link so domain specific rule sets will ignore unnecessary data
Answer: B
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