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Exam Code: 70-413
Exam Name: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
Updated: Aug 03, 2017
Q&As: 206

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070-413 dumps

Pass4itusre Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-413 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Question No : 32  The power draw from a three-phase UPS is measured using a true RMS voltmeter. The
meter reads 10 kW as well as 10 kVA.
Why are the watts and volt-amps the same?
A. The RMS voltage is 208 VAC.
B. The three-phases are balanced.
C. The power factor is equal to one.
D. Each of the three-phases are synchronized.
070-413 exam 
Answer: C

Question No : 33  In three-phase power, by how many degrees are the three basic power waveforms offset?
A. 60
B. 90
C. 120
D. 180
Answer: C

Question No : 34  What is the function of a circuit breaker?
A. To distribute power from the UPS to critical loads
B. To filter harmonics caused by non-power factor corrected computer loads
C. To protect electrical equipment from damage caused by overload or short circuit
D. To balance the loads in the data center to prevent stray currents on the ground wire
070-413 dumps Answer: C
Question No : 35  Which UPS topology switches to batteries and turns on the inverter when the utility fails?
A. Rotary
B. Standby
C. Delta conversion
D. Double conversion
Answer: B

Question No : 36  Which two UPS topologies are used for UPS systems that supply at least 50 kW? (Choose
A. Standby
B. Standby – ferro
C. Delta conversion online
D. Double conversion online
070-413 pdf 
Answer: C,D

Question No : 37  What are two advantages of the line interactive UPS? (Choose two.)
A. High reliability
B. High efficiency
C. High frequency control
D. Optimized for 10 kW and above
Answer: A,B

Question No : 38  Which UPS topology uses a transfer switch between the primary power source and the
A. Standby
B. High speed relay
C. Delta conversion online
D. Double conversion online
070-413 vce 
Answer: A

Question No : 39  Which UPS topology is most commonly used to protect small business and departmental
servers where voltage regulation is required?
A. Standby
B. Line interactive
C. High-speed relay
D. Delta conversion online
Answer: B

Question No : 40  What is the primary purpose of a UPS?
A. To remove transients from the power path
B. To detect and report power factor problems
C. To provide battery backup power should the utility fail
D. To convert from three-phase power to Single-phase power
070-413 exam 
Answer: C

Question No : 41  What is the main function of a UPS?
A. To provide battery back-up power to IT equipment
B. To regulate the voltage of power going to the racks
C. To distribute power from the transformer to the racks
D. To supply diesel-generated power when the utility is out
Answer: A

Question No : 42  What is a function of a transformer in a line interactive UPS?
A. To increase the power factor as the load increases
B. To increase harmonics by stepping down the output
C. To regulate output voltage as the input voltage varies
D. To provide low impedance for switched mode power supplies
070-413 dumps 
Answer: C

Question No : 43  Which component of a line interactive UPS increases its battery life?
A. Dual mains input
B. Voltage regulating transformer
C. Low impedance DC disconnect
D. High impedance battery charge circuit
Answer: B

Question No : 44  How long is the transfer to battery time for a double conversion online UPS?
A. 0 ms (0 cycles)
B. 8 ms (0.5 cycles)
C. 16 ms (1 cycle)
D. 500 ms (30 cycles)
070-413 pdf 
Answer: A

Question No : 45  What are two key characteristics of a UPS? (Choose two.)
A. It tests voltages on IT equipment.
B. It safeguards data in the event of a power loss.
C. It measures energy consumption of IT equipment.
D. It transfers IT equipment from utility to battery power.
Answer: B,D

Question No : 46  Which two characteristics do all static UPS topologies share? (Choose two.)
A. A battery
B. An inverter
C. A transfer switch
D. A single-phase input
070-413 vce 
Answer: A,B

Question No : 47
What is the primary difference between double conversion and delta conversion UPS
A. Double conversion UPSs require a 1.3X generator oversizing. Delta conversion UPSs
require a 3X generator oversizing.
B. Double conversion UPSs are practical in size ranges from 0 – 20 kW. Delta conversion
UPSs are practical in size ranges of 20 kW to 1 MW.
C. In a double conversion UPS, 100% of the power is converted from AC to DC and then
again from DC to AC. In a delta conversion UPS, only the difference between input and
output power is converted.
D. In a double conversion UPS, the transformer has a special ferro-resonant capability,
which provides limited voltage regulation and output waveform shaping. In a delta
conversion UPS, a standard transformer is used.
Answer: C

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