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Given the output from the following commands:

Why does pmcycles report a slower clock speed than isattr?
A. The chdev command was used to modify the clock speed for cores allocated to this LPAR.
B. The system is being managed by an instance of IBM Systems Director and Active Energy Manager.
C. The LPAR uses shared processors, and 2866MHz is the effective speed based on Entitled Capacity.
D. The Isattr command shows Maximum speed for TurboCore mode, and the system runs slower in MaxCore mode.
Answer: B Explanation:

An administrator is preparing fibre-channel attached LUNs to be presented to an LPAR using virtual SCSI. In a dual VIO Server configuration, which of the following hdisk attributes must be set to a specific value?
A. dyntrk
B. hcheckjnode
C. fc_err_recov
D. reserve_policy
Answer: D Explanation:
An administrator is evaluating consolidating Power servers running relational database management systems (RDBMS). After reviewing the collection of nmon andtopas data for the candidate systems, the administrator is concerned by the total amount of RAM that the consolidation seems to require, based on the RAM allocated to each candidate system.
The administrator reviews the memory sections of thetopas data to see if reducing total RAM required is possible. None of the systems indicate any activity to the paging spaces.
Which of the following metrics would help the administrator determine the minimum RAM required to host the RDBMS partitions in the consolidated environment?
A. Free pages
B. Persistent pages
C. Computational pages
D. Real pages-free pages
E. Computational pages + persistent pages
Answer: C Explanation:

An administrator is asked to issue the following command on the system:
vmo-o lgpg_size=16777216-0 lgpg_regions=512
The administrator issues ‘svmon -G1 and notices that almost all of the memory in the system is used even though the primary application is not started.
What is the most likely reason this is occurring?
A. Large 16MB pages are always pinned in the memory.
B. Someone started another application which used the memory.
C. Use vmstat instead of ‘svmon -G’ to see memory consumption.
D. Active Memory Expansion is enabled and has a high expansion factor.
Answer: A Explanation: QUESTION NO: 5

A system administrator wants to use topasrec to collect processor performance data for all AIX LPARs on one Power 795. Seven days of data will be collected, with one data file created per day.
Which of the following recording approaches supports the requirement?
A. Continuous CEC monitoring on one LPAR
B. Persistent CEC monitoring on one LPAR
C. Continuous local monitoring on each LPAR
D. Persistent local monitoring on each LPAR
Answer: B Explanation:

Which of these HMC commands will display fixes which have been applied to the HMC?
A. Ishmc-f
B. Ishmc-F
C. Ishmc-V
D. Ishmc-I
Answer: C Explanation:

A system administrator is updating the VIO Server levels in a frame supported by a dual VIO Server pair. After applying the latest fixpack to the first VIO Server and rebooting the administrator notices some of the VIO Server clients have failed paths to the storage as reported by Ispath
After confirming the upgraded VIO Server is presenting all disks without any errors what is the most likely cause of the failed paths?
A. The vscsi_priority is set to 0.
B. The hcheckjnterval is set to 0.
C. The two VIO Servers are running mixed levels.
D. Disk reservations were added during the upgrade.
Answer: B Explanation:

A customer with a Power 780 has 2 LPARs supporting database servers, and 4 LPARs supporting web servers. The web servers are very busy during the daytime, and the database servers have heavy night time activity. More memory is needed to make applications process more quickly.
How can the customer minimize expenses while increasing memory for the web and database applications?
A. Use Active Memory Scheduling to allocate memory according to peak usage periods
B. Use Workload Manager to balance processor and memory usage across all partitions
C. Implement Active Memory Expansion to compress memory pages, using spare CPU cycles
D. Implement Active Memory Sharing to move unused memory from web servers to database at night
Answer: D Explanation: