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Which of the following kernel parameters instructs the kernel to suppress most boot messages?
A. silent
B. verbose=0
C. nomesg
D. quiet

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following options for the kernel’s command line changes the systemd boot target to rescue.target instead of the default target?
A. systemd.target=rescue.target
B. systemd.runlevel=rescue.target
C. systemd.service=rescue.target
D. systemd.default=rescue.target
E. systemd.unit=rescue.target
Correct Answer: E QUESTION 17
After modifying GNU GRUB’s configuration file, which command must be run for the changes to take effect?
A. kill -HUP $(pidof grub)
B. grub-install
C. grub
D. No action is required

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following commands is used to update the list of available packages when using dpkg based package management?
A. apt-get update
B. apt-get upgrade
C. apt-cache update
D. apt-get refresh
E. apt-cache upgrade

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following commands lists the dependencies of a given dpkg package?
A. apt-cache depends-on package
B. apt-cache dependencies package
C. apt-cache depends package
D. apt-cache requires package

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following options is used in a GRUB Legacy configuration file to define the amount of time that the GRUB menu will be shown to the user?
A. hidemenu
B. splash
C. timeout
D. showmenu
Correct Answer: C
What can the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) be used for? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. To create RAID 9 arrays.
B. To dynamically change the size of logical volumes.
C. To encrypt logical volumes.
D. To create snapshots.
E. To dynamically create or delete logical volumes.
Correct Answer: BDE
Which of the following commands updates the linker cache of shared libraries?
A. mkcache
B. soconfig
C. mkldconfig
D. lddconfig
E. ldconfig

Correct Answer: E
Which of the following commands lists all currently installed packages when using RPM package management?
A. yum –query –all
B. yum –list –installed
C. rpm –query –all
D. rpm –list installed

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following commands can be used to download the RPM package kernel without installing it?
A. yum download –no-install kernel
B. yumdownloader kernel
C. rpm –download –package kernel
D. rpmdownload kernel

Correct Answer: B
When using rpm –verify to check files created during the installation of RPM packages, which of the following information is taken into consideration? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. Timestamps
B. MD5 checksums
C. Inodes
D. File sizes
E. GnuPG signatures
Correct Answer: ABD
Which of the following is correct when talking about mount points?
A. Every existing directory can be used as a mount point.
B. Only empty directories can be used as a mount point.
C. Directories need to have the SetUID flag set to be used as a mount point.
D. Files within a directory are deleted when the directory is used as a mount point.
Correct Answer: A
Which function key is used to start Safe Mode in Windows NT?
A. F10
B. F8
C. F6
D. Windows NT does not support Safe Mode
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 28
Which of the following environment variables overrides or extends the list of directories holding shared libraries?

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 29
SIMULATION Which world-writable directory should be placed on a separate partition in order to prevent users from being able to fill up the / filesystem? (Specify the full path to the directory.)
Correct Answer: Answer: /tmp, tmp, /var/tmp, /tmp/, /var/tmp/
Which RPM command will output the name of the package which supplied the file /etc/exports?
A. rpm -F /etc/exports
B. rpm -qf /etc/exports
C. rpm -Kl /etc/exports
D. rpm -qp /etc/exports
E. rpm -qi /etc/exports

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 31
In which directory must definition files be placed to add additional repositories to yum?
Correct Answer: /etc/yum.repos.d, /etc/yum.repos.d/, yum.repos.d, yum.repos.d/

SIMULATION What is the name of the main configuration file for GNU GRUB? (Specify the file name only without any path.)
Correct Answer: menu.lst, grub.conf, grub.cfg
When removing a package, which of the following dpkg options will completely remove the files including configuration files?
A. –clean
B. –delete
C. –purge
D. remove
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 34

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