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What is the process ID number of the init program?
A. -1
B. 0
C. 1
D. It is different with each reboot.
E. It is set to the current run level.
Correct Answer: C
The message “Hard Disk Error” is displayed on the screen during Stage 1 of the GRUB boot process. What does this indicate?
A. The kernel was unable to execute /bin/init
B. The next Stage cannot be read from the hard disk because GRUB was unable to determine the size and geometry of the disk
C. One or more of the filesystems on the hard disk has errors and a filesystem check should be run
D. The BIOS was unable to read the necessary data from the Master Boot Record to begin the boot process
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following commands will load a kernel module along with any required dependency modules?
A. depmod
B. insmod
C. modprobe
D. module_install
E. loadmod
Correct Answer: C
During a system boot cycle, what is the program that is run after the BIOS completes its tasks?
A. The bootloader
B. The inetd program
C. The init program
D. The kernel
Correct Answer: A
You are having some trouble with a disk partition and you need to do maintenance on this partition but your users home directories are on it and several are logged in. Which command would disconnect the users and allow you to safely execute maintenance tasks?
A. telinit 1
B. shutdown -r now
C. killall -9 inetd
D. /bin/netstop –maint
E. /etc/rc.d/init.d/network stop
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 6
Which configuration file should be modified to disable the ctrl-alt-delete key combination?
A. /etc/keys
B. /proc/keys
C. /etc/inittab
D. /proc/inittab
E. /etc/reboot

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 7
The system is having trouble and the engineer wants to bypass the usual /sbin/init start up and run /bin/sh. What is the usual way to pass this change to the kernel from your boot loader?
A. Start in runlevel 1.
B. Pass init=/bin/sh on the kernel parameter line.
C. Pass /bin/sh on the kernel parameter line.
D. Pass start=/bin/sh on the kernel parameter line.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 8
Which of the following commands will write a message to the terminals of all logged in users?
A. bcast
B. mesg
C. print
D. wall
E. yell

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 9
You are having some trouble with a disk partition and you need to do maintenance on this partition but your users home directories are on it and several are logged in. Which command would disconnect the users and allow you to safely execute maintenance tasks?
A. halt 1
B. init 1
C. logout –all now
D. runlevel 1
E. shutdown –maintenance now

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 10
Which command will display messages from the kernel that were output during the normal bootup sequence? Correct Answer: Answer: dmesg, /bin/dmesg QUESTION 11
The system configuration file named _______ is commonly used to set the default runlevel. (Please provide the file name with full path information)

Correct Answer: Answer: /etc/inittab QUESTION 12
Which file in the /proc filesystem lists parameters passed from the bootloader to the kernel? Correct Answer: Answer: cmdline, /proc/cmdline QUESTION 13
You suspect that a new ethernet card might be conflicting with another device. Which file should you check within the /proc tree to learn which IRQs are being used by which kernel drivers? Correct Answer: Answer: interrupts, /proc/interrupts QUESTION 14
The USB device filesystem can be found under /proc/______/usb/. (Please fill in the blank with the single word only) Correct Answer: Answer: bus QUESTION 15
Which command displays the contents of the Kernel Ring Buffer on the command line? (Provide only the command name without any options or path information)
Correct Answer: Answer: dmesg, /bin/dmesg
Linux Installation and Package Management

Which of the following commands can be used to perform a full text search on all available packages on a Debian system?
A. apt
B. apt-cache
C. apt-get
D. apt-search
E. dpkg

Correct Answer: B
To what environment variable will you assign or append a value if you need to tell the dynamic linker to look in a build directory for some of a program’s shared libraries?
Correct Answer: C
Which RPM command will output the name of the package which installed the file /etc/exports?
A. rpm -F /etc/exports
B. rpm -qf /etc/exports
C. rpm -Kl /etc/exports
D. rpm -qp /etc/exports
E. rpm -qi /etc/exports
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following commands can be used to enable a file for paging and swapping?
A. mkswap
B. swapon
C. inswap
D. modswap
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following apt-get commands will install the newest versions of all currently installed packages without removing any packages or installing new packages that are not already installed?
A. auto-update
B. upgrade
C. dist-upgrade
D. install
E. update
Correct Answer: B
What is the difference between the –remove and the –purge action with the dpkg command?
A. –remove removes the program, –purge also removes the config files
B. –remove only removes the program, –purge only removes the config files
C. –remove removes a package, –purge also removes all packages dependent on it
D. –remove removes only the package file itself, –purge removes all files related to the package
Correct Answer: A
How can you update a package only if an earlier version is currently installed on the system?
A. rpm –update rpmname
B. rpm -U rpmname
C. rpm -F rpmname
D. rpm –force rpmname
E. rpm -u rpmname
Correct Answer: C
You want to preview where the package file, apache-xml.i386.rpm, will install its files before installing it. What command do you issue?
A. rpm -qp apache-xml.i386.rpm
B. rpm -qv apache-xml.i386.rpm
C. rpm -ql apache-xml.i386.rpm
D. rpm -qpl apache-xml.i386.rpm
Correct Answer: D
What command will uninstall a package but leave its configuration files in case a package is re- installed?
A. none, no command will do this
B. dpkg -s pkgname
C. dpkg -L pkgname
D. dpkg -P pkgname
E. dpkg -r pkgname
Correct Answer: E
Which file should be edited to select the network locations from which Debian installation package files are loaded?
A. /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg
B. /etc/apt/apt.conf
C. /etc/apt/apt.conf.d
D. /etc/apt/sources.list
E. /etc/dpkg/dselect.cfg
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 11

Which of the following statements is a TRUE difference between GRUB Legacy and GRUB 2?
A. GRUB 2 no longer requires a configuration file.
B. Partition numbers start at 0 in GRUB Legacy and 1 in GRUB 2.
C. grub-mkconfig only works with GRUB Legacy if the –version 1 option is used.
D. The configuration file menu.lst (and grub.conf) have been replaced with grub.config.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 12
The GRUB_TIMEOUT parameter specifies a timeout period when booting in what unit of time?
A. milliseconds
B. tenths of seconds
C. seconds
D. minutes

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 13
Which command is used to query information about the available packages on a Debian system?
A. apt-cache
B. apt-get
C. apt-search
D. dpkg
E. dpkg-search

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 14
To prevent users from being able to fill up the / partition, the ____________ directory should be on a separate partition if possible because it is world writeable. Correct Answer: Answer: /tmp, tmp QUESTION 15
In which directory must definition files be placed to add additional repositories to yum? Correct Answer: Answer: /etc/yum.repos.d, /etc/yum.repos.d/, yum.repos.d, yum.repos.d/ QUESTION 16
An administrator has issued the following command: grub-install –root-directory=/custom-grub /dev/sda In which directory will new configuration files be found? (Provide the full directory path only without the
filename) Correct Answer: Answer: /custom-grub/boot/grub/, /custom-grub/boot/grub QUESTION 17
The dpkg-____ command will ask configuration questions for a specified package, just as if the package were being installed for the first time. Correct Answer: Answer: reconfigure QUESTION 18
What is the name of the main configuration file for GRUB? (Please specify the file name with no path

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