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After a notable event has been closed, how long will the metadata for that event remain in the KV Store by default?

A. 6 months.
B. 9 months.
C. 1 year.
D. 3 months.

By default, notable event metadata is archived after six months to keep the KV store from growing too large.
Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/EA/TrimNECollections


For which ITSI function is it a best practice to use a 15-30 minute time buffer?

A. Correlation searches.
B. Adaptive thresholding.
C. Maintenance windows
D. Anomaly detection.

It\\’s a best practice to schedule maintenance windows with a 15- to 30-minute time buffer before and after you start and stop your maintenance work. This gives the system an opportunity to catch up with the maintenance state and reduces the chances of ITSI generating false positives during maintenance operations.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/Configure/AboutMW


Which of the following accurately describes base searches used for KPIs in a service?

A. Base searches can be used for multiple services.
B. A base search can only be used by its service and all dependent services.
C. All the metrics in a base search are used by one service.
D. All the KPIs in service use the same base search.

KPI base searches let you share a search definition across multiple KPIs in IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). Create base
searches to consolidate multiple similar KPIs, reduce search load, and improve search performance.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/SI/BaseSearch


What is an episode?

A. A workflow task.
B. A deep dive.
C. A notable event group.
D. A notable event.

It\\’s a deduplicated group of notable events occurring as part of a larger sequence or an incident or period considered in isolation.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/EA/EpisodeOverview


There are two departments using ITSI. Finance and Sales. Analysts in each department should not be allowed to see
each other\\’s services. What are the role configuration steps required to accomplish this?

A. itoa_finance_admin, inherited from itoa_admin; itoa_sales_admin, inherited from itoa_team_admin;
itoa_finance_analyst, inherited from itoa_analyst; itoa_sales_analyst, inherited from itoa_analyst.
B. itoa_finance_admin, inherited from itoa_admin; itoa_sales_admin, inherited from itoa_team_admin;
itoa_finance_analyst, inherited from itoa_team_analyst; itoa_sales_analyst, inherited from itoa_team_analyst.
C. itoa_finance_admin, inherited from itoa_admin; itoa_sales_admin, inherited from itoa_team_admin;
itoa_finance_analyst, inherited from itoa_analyst; itoa_sales_analyst, inherited from itoa_team_analyst.
D. itoa_finance_admin, inherited from itoa_team_admin; itoa_sales_admin, inherited from itoa_team_admin;
itoa_finance_analyst, inherited from itoa_analyst; itoa_sales_analyst, inherited from itoa_analyst.


What effects does the KPI importance weight of 11 have on the overall health score of a service?

A. At least 10% of the KPIs will go critical.
B. Importance weight is unused for health scoring.
C. The service will go critical.
D. It is a minimum health indicator KPI.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/SI/KPIImportance#:~:text=ITSI%


Which of the following describes entities? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Entities must be IT devices, such as routers and switches, and must be identified by either IP value, hostname, or
mac address.
B. An abstract (pseudo/logical) entity can be used to split by for a KPI, although no entity rules or filtering can be used to limit data to a specific service.
C. Multiple entities can share the same alias value but must have different role values.
D. To automatically restrict the KPI to only the entities in a particular service, select “Filter to Entities in

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/SI/KPIfilter


In Episode Review, what is the result of clicking an episode\\’s Acknowledge button?

A. Assign the current user as owner.
B. Change status from New to Acknowledged.
C. Change status from New to In Progress and assign the current user as owner.
D. Change status from New to Acknowledged and assign the current user as owner.

When an episode warrants investigation, the analyst acknowledges the episode, which moves the status from New to In Progress.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/EA/EpisodeOverview


Which of the following describes enabling smart mode for an aggregation policy?

A. Configure –andgt; Policies –andgt; Smart Mode –andgt; Enable, select “fields”, click “Save”
B. Enable grouping in Notable Event Review, select “Smart Mode”, select “fields”, and click “Save”
C. Edit the aggregation policy, enable smart mode, select fields to analyze, click “Save”
D. Edit the notable event view, enable smart mode, select “fields”, and click “Save”

1. From the ITSI main menu, click Configuration > Notable Event Aggregation Policies.
2. Select a custom policy or the Default Policy.
3. Under Smart Mode grouping, enable Smart Mode.
4. Click Select fields. A dialog displays the fields found in your notable events from the last 24 hours.



What is the default importance value for dependent services’ health scores?

A. 11
B. 1
C. Unassigned
D. 10

By default, impacting service health scores have an importance value of 11.



Which scenario would benefit most by implementing ITSI?

A. Monitoring of business services functionality.
B. Monitoring of system hardware.
C. Monitoring of system process statuses.
D. Monitoring of retail sales metrics.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/SI/AboutSI


When changing a service template, which of the following will be added to linked services by default?

A. Thresholds.
B. Entity Rules.
C. New KPIs.
D. Health score.

Link multiple services to a service template to manage them collectively in IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). A service can
only be linked to one service template at a time.

When you link a service to a service template, any existing KPIs in the
service are preserved and KPIs in the template is added to the service. You can choose to append, replace, or keep
entity rules.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/SI/LinkST

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