Latest Release IBM 000-123 PDF Study Guide Answers Free Download Easily

1.A 010 is questioning why a purchasing agent has ordered a POWER7+ 770 rather than a POWER7+740. What customer requirement would prompt this buying decision? A.To support at least 1TB of memory B.To enable High Availability failover C.To support Active Memory Expansion D.To implement CoD cores and memory Answer: D
2.A 16-core Power 730 running Red Hat Linux is being considered as a platform for a high performance, big data application and needs 7TB of disk space. Which storage option will provide the highest overall performance and use the least amount of rack space? A.V7000 using EasyTier B.SONAS using Active Cloud Engine C.DCS3700 using Dynamic Disk Pooling D.EXP30 using AIX Logical Volume Mirroring Answer: D
3.Three healthcare organizations have merged and consolidated into a single location.The IT director stated that the company would like to establish offsite data vaulting. Which storage product will support this requirement? A.V3700 B.N3000 C.TS3500 D.EXP2500 Answer: C
4.A financing firm has multiple offices.The firm needs to reduce current operational costs and manage financial regulation compliance and its associated security risks. Which action can help this business support their objectives? A.Install PowerHA in each location B.Implement PowerVM in Trusted mode C.Incorporate VMControl exposure policies D.Integrate PowerSC into their environment Answer: D
5.A customer wants to support AIX and Linux on a single system with VLAN support and end-user Cloud provisioning In addition to AIX Enterprise Edition and Linux, what is the optimal product to support this environment? A.Power\/M B.IBM Cloudburst C.SmartCloud Standard D.IBM Service Delivery Manager (ISDM)
Answer: A