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Exam Code: 210-260
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Network Security
Q&As: 310

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210-260 dumps


Pass4itusre Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 210-260 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Which two methods can you use to create a new cross-tab in your report? (Choose two.)
A. Select the Cross-Tab Expert from the Format menu.
B. Select the Cross-Tab option from the Insert toolbar.
C. Select the Cross-Tab option from the Insert menu.
D. Select the Cross-Tab option from the Formatting toolbar.
210-260 exam Answer: B, C
Which data source does Crystal Reports 2008 automatically install?
C. Salesforce.com
D. crystalreports.com
Answer: C
A motorcycle manufacturer contracts you to produce a complex inventory report. The Production Manager informs you that the seventh character in each motorcycle’s 12- character serial number (SN) represents the type of engine used. The report must be sorted by engine type. Which formula will meet the requirement?
A. {Stock.SN} (7)
B. {Stock.SN} [7]
C. Mid [{Stock.SN}, 7]
D. Mid ({Stock.SN}, 7)
210-260 dumps Answer: B
Which two statements are true regarding barcodes? (Choose two.)
A. BLOB fields can be converted to barcode format.
B. UPC Barcode support is standard in Crystal Reports 2008.
C. Converting a field to a barcode was not available prior to Crystal Reports 2008.
D. If “####” displays when a field is converted to a barcode, the display field must be
Answer: B, D
Which two top-level data source folders can you choose if you want to create a new report using the Standard Report Creation Wizard? (Choose two.)
A. Universes
C. Create New Connection
D. Repository
210-260 pdf Answer: C, D
Which two formulas will return a string of 10 blank spaces? (Choose two.)
A. InsertSpace(10)

B. Space(10)
C. ReplicateString(” “, 10)
D. RepeatString(” “, 10)
Answer: B, C
Which feature of Crystal Reports formulas must you use to perform a prescribed set of steps without specifying each step?
A. Functions
B. Operators
C. Procedures
D. Variables
210-260 vce Answer: A
You design a report in Crystal Reports using three different groups. You notice that you insertedthe first and second groups backwards: first by City, then by State and then by Customer. Thecorrect sequence is State, then City and then Customer. Which two procedures can you use to correct this situation? (Choose two.)
A. Delete only the City group. Use the Insert Group icon to recreate the City group and move it between the State and Customer groups.
B. Open the Group Expert and use the black arrows in the upper required corner to reorder the groups as required.
C. Delete the first two groups and recreate them in the correct order.
D. In the Design view, click the Group Header #2 caption on the left side and drag it on top of the Group Header #1 caption. Release your mouse button and the groups will reverse sequence.
Answer: B, D
You need to modify an existing calculated member in a Cross-Tab. Which three formulas can you edit? (Choose three.)
A. Header formula
B. Insertion formula

C. Row value formula
D. Column value formula
210-260 exam Answer: A, B, D
You are developing a Crystal report for a vehicle leasing company. All vehicle information is stored in an array, with each member of the array representing a different vehicle type. The vehicle model is represented b y the third position of the alphanumeric vehicle stock number. Which formula will return the vehicle model from the stock number?
A. Local stringvar array saModels := [“car”,”truck”,”van”,”SUV”]; saModels[Tonumber({Invty.Stk#}[3])];
B. Local stringvar array saModels [“car”,”truck”,”van”,”SUV”]; saModels[Tonumber({Invty.Stk#}[2])];
C. Local stringvar array saModels := [“car”,”truck”,”van”,”SUV”]; saModels[Tonumber({Invty.Stk#}[2])];
D. Local stringvar saModels := [“car”,”truck”,”van”,”SUV”]; saModels[Tonumber({Invty.Stk#}[3])];
Answer: A
You want to connect to your Salesforce.com database for reporting. Which server will authenticate you?
A. Salesforce.com
B. crystalreports.com
C. Windows Active Directory
D. BusinessObjects Enterprise XI
210-260 dumps Answer: A
You create a Crystal report that requires the company logo to appear on all pages after the title page. You want to use conditional suppression. Which formula will produce the correct result?
A. PageNumber >= 2

B. PageNumber < 2
C. PageNumber = 1
D. PageNumber := 1
Answer: C
Which formula can you use in a record selection to include all dates from the first day of the month to the date the report is refreshed?
A. {Orders.Order Date} in CurrentMonth
B. {Orders.Order Date} in MonthToDate
C. {Orders.Order Date} in MonthToToday
D. {Orders.Order Date} in CurrentDate
210-260 pdf Answer: B
Which formula calculates the difference in weeks between two date values?
A. DateDiff (“yyyy”, #10/7/1999#, #10/31/1999#)
B. DateDiff (“w”, #10/7/1999#, #10/31/1999#)
C. DateDiff (“ww”, #10/7/1999#, #10/31/1999#)
D. DateDiff (“weeks”, #10/7/1999#, #10/31/1999#)
Answer: B
Each employee in your organization has a unique employee ID. The fifth character of the employee ID represents the department code. Which control structure in the Crystal Reports Formula Editor will enable you to use the employee ID to group the employees by department?
A. Subscript
B. Select Case
C. Else
D. Count
210-260 vce Answer: B
You need to create a report using a stored procedure. The required procedure is missing from the Database Expert. Which configuration change in the Database tab of the Options dialog box could cause this?
A. Disabling the Verify Stored Procedures On First Refresh option
B. Disabling the Stored Procedures option
C. Enabling the Synonyms option
D. Enabling the System Tables option
Answer: B
Which special field can you use to display the total number of pages in a report on the first page of the report?
A. Page Count
B. Total M Count
C. Page Number
D. Total Page Count
210-260 exam Answer: D
In which pass do shared variables get processed?
A. Pre-pass 2
B. Pass 1
C. Pass 3
D. Pass 2
E. Pre-pass 3
210-260 dumps Answer: D
What must be enabled to use the Custom Zoom Factor in Crystal Reports 2008?

A. Active X
B. CMC rights
C. .NET framework
D. Latest Java update
Answer: A

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