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A user needs to output data from a Unica Campaign flowchart and does not need to utilize the data within the flowchart. This can be done by creating and outputting the data to a:
A. fact table.
B. general table.
C. dimension table.
D. base record table.

Correct Answer: B
A user has added a new Unica Campaign Attribute and would like to make that attribute available to the Cognos reports. To do this, the user needs to:
A. use the Reports SQL generator to update the existing reporting views.
B. use the Reports SQL generator to create new views which include the new attribute.
C. do nothing, once the new column is added the reports model is automatically updated.
D. use the Cognos application administrator to create a new data framework which includes the new attribute.

Correct Answer: B
A specialist is responsible for making sure that Unica Campaign flowcharts run successfully. If an error occurs, the specialist needs to be informed by email. Therefore, the specialist creates a batch script which interacts with the mail server and sends an email to the IT department helpdesk to be informed in case problems arise in a Campaign flowchart. Where can the specialist best relate to this script from within the Campaign flowchart? The specialist creates an outbound trigger, invokes the batch script in the trigger, and:
A. assigns a trigger in a mail list or call list process.
B. schedules a trigger to run on a case-by-case basis.
C. uses the eMessage process to send out these emails.
D. assigns it in the Advanced settings section on the Campaign flowchart and has the trigger run on Flowchart Run Error.

Correct Answer: D
The custom macro has been configured to select on “audience id” and a return value. When this custom macro is executed an error is received. What could cause this problem?
A. There are user variables used in the custom macro.
B. The Expression Type is configured incorrectly for the custom macro.
C. The custom macro is the same as one of the Campaign built-in macros.
D. The custom macro is too large for the fields in the temp table (<TempTable>).

Correct Answer: B
In a Unica Campaign flowchart Select process, how can a custom macro be profiled so that it appears in the Select process “Available Fields” menu?
A. Select “Options” from the main menu in a flowchart, choose “Custom Macros…”. Click “New Item” and add the macro name and field expression.Go to the “Select” process and choose the macro from the “Available Fields” column.
B. Select “Options” from the main menu in a flowchart, choose “Custom Macros…”. Click “New Macro” and add the macro name and fieldexpression. Go to the “Select” process and choose the macro from the “Available Fields” column.
C. In the “Select” process box, create a “Derived Field” with a field name Profile_Test and enter the macro name in the expression field. Go tothe “Select” process “Source” tab and select the macro from the “Available Fields” column.
D. In the “Select” process box “Source” tab, click the Input field and the drop-down list appears. Go to “Tables”, select “UA_CUSTOMMACROS”,and select the macro from the list. Select the macro when it appears in the “Available Fields” column.

Correct Answer: C
A table Customer_master contains 1000 customer_ids. A select box was created and all the customer_ids from the table were selected. However, when the select box was run, the output cell contained only a fraction of the total customers. When a test query was performed in the above mentioned select box, all 1000 customers were selected. What could be cause of this issue?
A. Global suppression.
B. The Select process was not configured properly.
C. The table mapping of Customer_master are out-of-date.
D. Incorrect audience level has been chosen for the Customer_master table.

Correct Answer: A
A user is trying to create RAW SQL in a Select process. “Select IDs with” is selected but when the user clicks on the advanced button the “RAW SQL for Record Selection” check box is greyed out. What is the user doing wrong?
A. The correct tables are not mapped in.
B. A SQL Custom Macro has not been created.
C. The Select process is in Point and Click mode.
D. Unica Campaign is not connected to the database.

Correct Answer: C
A user is mapping a flat file into Unica Campaign. The user needs to ensure that the file ends with a:
A. tab.
B. comma.
C. closing bracket.
D. carriage return, line feed.

Correct Answer: D
Within a flowchart a user wants to switch audiences from the Household level to the Customer level. In order to do this, a table containing both columns is necessary. This can be accomplished by mapping a table:
A. into the catalog twice, once at the Household level and once at the Customer Level.
B. into the catalog and select the Household column and the Customer column when selecting the audience level.
C. in as a base table at the Household level and then map the same table in as a dimension table joined to the base table on the Customercolumn.
D. in at the Household level as a table is normally mapped and then use the “Specify Additional Audiences” screen to select the Customer columnwithin the table.

Correct Answer: D
A user is designing a Campaign flowchart. The user wants to retrieve and use a derived field which was saved in a previous Campaign. Which of the steps below is correct to achieve this task?
A. The user cannot retrieve derived field expressions saved in other Campaigns.
B. Search the previous Campaign and copy the required derived field expression.
C. Retrieve the expression from the Stored Derived fields directory from the Options menu.
D. Retrieve the expression from the Stored Derived fields directory in a Select process box.

Correct Answer: D
In Unica Campaign, how are the Scheduler and Schedule process used?
A. The Schedule process is used to configure the Campaign Scheduler. This enables the use of the Schedule process in a flowchart.
B. The Scheduler is an administration tool used to configure schedules. Use the Schedule process to select the schedule to use as part of theflowchart.
C. The Scheduler is a Marketing Platform function that defines Schedule process attributes. The Schedule process is used to initiate a process,series of processes, or an entire flowchart.
D. The Scheduler starts a flowchart even if it is not running, while the Schedule process in a flowchart works only if the flowchart is running. TheScheduler should not be used to schedule a flowchart that uses the Schedule process.

Correct Answer: D
A user would like to create a 10% holdout control group from a Cell which contains 1000 Audience IDs. Which Unica Campaign flowchart process box is the BEST way to accomplish this?
A. Merge process
B. Sample process
C. Segment process
D. Snapshot process
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is NOT true about how a user variable can be used in Unica Campaign?
A. A user variable can be used in a custom macro.
B. A user variable can be used in an outbound trigger.
C. A user variable can be used within a SQL statement.
D. A user variable can be defined in one flowchart and then referenced in another flowchart.

Correct Answer: D
In a Unica Campaign Flowchart, a customer database table (see below) is mapped in a Select process box. There is a requirement to segment and organize customers based on their income, which would typically have the values “HIGH” for customers whose income is greater than 100000 and “LOW” for customers whose income is less than or equal to 100000. This value needs to be output with the final target list.

Ideally which step should be executed to get the task done?
A. Alter the table to add a new column with the required logic.
B. Create a Persistent Derived field with the logic : IF(Customer_Demographic_Info.Income > 100000,’HIGH’,’LOW’).
C. Create a Strategic Segment with the logic : IF(Customer_Demographic_Info.Income > 100000,’HIGH’,’LOW’).
D. Create a User Variable HIGH and LOW with the logic: IF(Customer_Demographic_Info.Income > 100000,’HIGH’,’LOW’).

Correct Answer: B
A specialist creates a numeric user variable called MinBalance and assigns an initial value of 100 to it. The specialist wants the Select process to return all IDs where the mapped field AccountBalance is greater than MinBalance. What is the correct syntax to use?
A. MinBalance < AccountBalance
B. AccountBalance > MinBalance
C. AccountBalance > UserVar.MinBalance
D. AccountBalance is GT than UserVar.MinBalance

Correct Answer: C
How does the Unica Campaign server access system tables residing in an Oracle database? It uses:
A. SQL*Plus.
B. a JDBC type 4 db connection.
C. a ODBC type 4 db connection.
D. Oracle’s native client connection.

Correct Answer: D
A Unica Campaign has been designed to personalize offers for individuals via dynamic parameterization of offer attributes. Which Campaign system table records the offer(s) received by the individuals?
A. Flowchart Table
B. Contact History Table
C. Response History Table
D. Detailed Contact History Table

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 18
Which of the following is NOT a recommended Unica Campaign V8.5 environment?
A. WebSphere V7, IBM z/OS V1, DB2 V9 (system tables)
B. WebSphere V7, Redhat V5, Oracle V11 (system tables)
C. WebLogic V10, Redhat V5, Oracle V11 (system tables)
D. WebLogic V11, Windows Server 2003, DB2 V9 (system tables)

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 19
In a Unica Campaign deployment involving proxy servers, each Campaign user in the Marketing Platform, is required to set authentication credentials (user name and password) as a data source to connect to the proxy server. Campaign requires this data source to be named as:
A. Proxy
B. Virtual
C. Secure
D. Redirect

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 20
Does Unica Campaign take advantage of clustering? A specialist has deployed Unica Marketing Platform in a cluster and now would like to deploy Campaign in cluster. Will this work?
A. Yes, it is fully supported.
B. Yes, but only after turning on the sticky bit from the web application server.
C. Yes, but only if load balancing was used in front of the cluster managed server.
D. No, it is not supported.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 21
A Unica Campaign deployment requires Cognos reporting to be configured. As part of configuring the Cognos firewall, which property in the Cognos configuration, other than “Enable CAF (Cognos Application Firewall) Validation” needs to be set?
A. Gateway URI Property
B. Internal Dispatcher URI Property
C. Valid Domains or Hosts Property
D. External Dispatcher URI Property

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 22
Unica Marketing products that are installed as a Suite including Unica Campaign, must be installed on the same network domain. The reason for this requirement is to:
A. expedite installation.
B. minimize maintenance effort.
C. minimize troubleshooting effort.
D. comply with browser restrictions designed to limit cross-site scripting security risks. Correct Answer: D
Unica Platform needs to be integrated with a Directory Server. What can be done to make this happen?
A. Use the built-in Platform login methods.
B. Use Active Directory or an LDAP solution.
C. Use a Content Server Management solution.
D. Individual customization with Platform is needed.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 24
The Scheduler is a common scheduling component that Unica applications use. Besides Campaign, which of the following applications can schedule jobs?
A. Unica Optimize and Unica Interact
B. Unica eMessage and Unica Optimize
C. Unica Marketing Operations and Unica Interact
D. Unica eMessage, Unica Optimize, Unica Marketing Operations, and Unica Interact

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 25
An administrator has installed and configured Unica Platform and Unica Campaign. Due to business procedures in the company, a new security policy is required. Which default roles are created by the new security policy?
A. A Key User Role and an Owner Role.
B. A Folder Owner Role and an Owner Role.
C. An Admin Owner Role and a User Owner Role.
D. A Folder Owner Role and an Object Owner Role.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 26
A specialist runs a flowchart containing an Optimize process box. Which table is populated when this occurs?
A. Contact History Table
B. Detailed Contact History Table
C. Proposed Contacts Table (PCT)
D. Optimized Contacts Table (OCT)

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 27
A client’s base selection table in the database uses more than one column to indicate a specific audience record. Is this a problem for the Unica Campaign system?
A. No, as long as one column is of a numeric data type.
B. No, any number of columns can be used to determine an audience.
C. Yes, only one column can be used within an audience.
D. Yes, multi column keys create performance limitations and should be avoided.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 28
An administrator has created an offer template with an attribute ‘Cost to company’ . How should the above attribute be defined so that no user could change or override its value while creating an offer using the
aforementioned template?
A. Cost to company should be defined as a ‘Static Attribute’.
B. Cost to company should be defined as a ‘Hidden Attribute’.
C. Cost to company should be defined as a ‘Custom Cell Attribute’.
D. Cost to company should be defined as a ‘Parameterized Attribute’.

Correct Answer: B
A marketing user has a requirement to create an intermediate table in the flowchart, capturing the audience key and few additional data elements. This data is to be used for further processing downstream in the flowchart. How can the user accomplish this? The user:
A. should use an Extract process.
B. needs to use flat files for this functionality.
C. will be able to do this with a Snapshot process.
D. can do so only if Temp Tables are enabled in the flowchart.

Correct Answer: A
A customer wants to use a mapped table in a flowchart which can only be written to and not selected from. What kind of table BEST suits this purpose?
A. A base table.
B. A general table.
C. A dimension table.
D. A mapped table based on a flat file.

Correct Answer: B
There is a requirement for users to be able to login to any application centrally on the network (i.e. Single Sign-On (SSO)), or the ability for users to authenticate once and then be able to login to any of the applications that they have access to). Using Unica solutions, this can be accommodated by:
A. integrating with an LDAP server.
B. giving specific permissions on the corporate network.
C. using Unica Platform specific configuration parameters.
D. integrating with an Active Directory solution and using Windows Integrated Login.

Correct Answer: D
In a Unica deployment there is a requirement for all users to share one database login credentials to access the marketing database in the flowcharts. There is also a need to automate this process without a challenge response. What actions will the specialist advise the customer to carry out?
A. The users will need to go to Admin > Data Sources and login from there to avoid the request for credentials in the future.
B. In the data source, the ASMSaveDBAuthentication and ASMUserForDBCredentials settings will need to be configured appropriately.
C. Permissions will need to given for accessing User Tables in User Roles & Permissions under the section Campaign > partition[n] > User Tables.
D. Work will need to be done at the database level; the default username/password combination for a given database type needs to be used forthe user database.

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