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Renovations Inc. has two IBM Sametime Community Servers configured in a clustered environment.
Why are the users being re-directed to the primary Sametime Community Server only?
A. The secondary node is running with a lower fixpack level than the primary node.
B. The Sametime administrator has stopped the secondary node to apply a recommended fixpack.
C. The LTPA key on the secondary node that is being shared between the Sametime Community servers is corrupt.
D. The Sametime administrator has given users the load balancer IP address instead of the secondary node IP address.

Correct Answer: C
What is the maximum number of IBM Sametime Community Servers that can be clustered?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 6
D. The Sametime Community Server has no limits regarding the number of servers that can be clustered.

Correct Answer: C
Which two IBM Sametime 9.0 Media Server components can be installed on the same server?
A. Video MCU
B. Video Manager
C. SIP Edge Server
D. SIP Proxy/Registrar
E. Conference Manager

Correct Answer: CD
What is the relationship between an IBM Sametime Gateway and external Sametime Communities?
A. A Sametime Gateway can connect to only one Sametime Community.
B. A Sametime Community can connect to multiple Sametime Gateways.
C. A Sametime Gateway can connect to multiple Sametime Communities.
D. A Sametime Community can optionally connect directly to other external Sametime Communities without using a Sametime Gateway.

Correct Answer: C
John is configuring the IPv6 on the IBM Sametime Community Server hosted on his Windows 2008 operating system. All prerequisites are complete.
Which file needs to be updated?
A. notes.ini
C. sametime.ini
D. wimconfig.xml

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 6
What is the requirement when configuring single sign-on for IBM Sametime 9.0 under the Global Security -Single Sign-on (SSO) section?
A. Under Interoperability Mode – LTPA V1 Cookie name must be added as LtpaToken.
B. Under Global Security > Single Sign-On (SSO), “Requires SSL” should be selected.
C. Under Global Security > Single Sign-On (SSO) – LTPA V2 Cookie Name is not needed.
D. Under Global Security > Single Sign-On (SSO). select “Set Security cookies to HTTPOnly to help prevent cross-site script attacks”.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7
What IBM Sametime Media Manager component can be clustered?
A. Video MCU
B. TURN Server
C. SIP Proxy/Registrar
D. IBM WebSphere Proxy Server

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 8
Why would an IBM Sametime administrator run a standalone IBM WebSphere Proxy Server on a different machine than the Sametime Meeting Servers?
A. to share the same file system
B. to off-load the performance impact on the Sametime Meeting Server, avoid port conflicts, and for load-balancing benefits
C. to comply with the Sametime 9.0 requirement that a standalone IBM WebSphere Proxy Server run on a different machine than the Sametime Meeting Servers
D. to run a supported configuration as Sametime Meeting Servers and WebSphere Proxy Servers running on the same machine are not supported in a virtualized environment

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 9
What is a required component for telephony in an IBM Sametime Unified Telephony installation?
C. TURN Server
D. Sametime Gateway

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 10
Avery must install IBM Sametime Proxy services.
Which statement is true about what the Proxy Server is responsible for?

A. hosts the Sametime embedded client and mobile devices
B. provides the same functionality as the IBM WebSphere Proxy
C. provides live names awareness for Sametime Meetings, Business Cards, and custom applications
D. communicates with the Community Server, but does not provide support for mobile devices with the current release of the product

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 11
David is troubleshooting a clustered IBM Sametime Audio/Video infrastructure. IBM Support has asked David to modify the stavconfig.xml for the Conference Focus Manager.
Where should David modify the stavconfig.xml file?
A. Node agent
B. Application Server
C. Deployment Manager
D. IBM WebSphere Proxy Server

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 12
What is a required protocol for IBM Sametime?
A. Banyan Vines
B. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
C. AppleTalk address resolution protocol (AARP)
D. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 13
Which operating system supports the IBM Sametime Proxy 9.0 Server?
A. Windows Server 2003
B. Windows Server 2008
C. IBM i 5.4 POWER System
D. RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 5.1

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 14
Charles is unable to use port 80 for his HTTP connection to his IBM Sametime Community Server. Which port should he use instead as the default tunneling port for the IBM Domino HTTP Server?
A. 8062
B. 8080
C. 8088
D. 8092
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 15
What TCP port does an administrator need to ensure is accessible between servers when deploying multiple IBM Sametime Community Servers to allow chat services to work across multiple servers?
A. 80
B. 1516
C. 1533
D. 8038

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 16
Users are reporting that they are unable to log into IBM Sametime Instant Messaging using single sign-on (SSO) from their IBM Notes client. However, they are still able to authenticate if they type in the user name and password. The LDAP administrator has indicated that some attributes were accidentally deleted from the schema and needs to be restored.
Which attribute needs to be restored to re-enable SSO?
A. Uid
B. mail
C. notesdn
D. dominounid

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 17
Which two properties files need to edited before manually registering/unregistering an IBM Sametime 9.0 server component?
A. and
B. and
C. and
D. and

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 18
When creating a deployment plan for an IBM Sametime Meeting Server, which describes the configuration information required?
A. TCP port information for FTP of audio files
B. cell information where the Sametime Meeting Server will be included
C. operating system file system type where capture server files will be stored
D. TCP port information for FTP and document conversion server information

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 19
Which must be done on an IBM Domino server running on Microsoft Windows 2008 or later before installing a standalone IBM Sametime Community 9.0 Server?
A. Enable LDAP.
B. Disable unused TCP global settings.
C. Specify “Instant messaging server” for users in the directory.
D. Set “Is this a Sametime server?” to “Yes” in the Domino Server document.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 20
IBM WebSphere Application Server requires a hostname specification during installation, profile creation, and for some configuration activities.
What is one of the files that an administrator would edit to make a hostname change?
A. hostname.xml
B. virtualhost.xml
C. serverhost.xml
D. serverindex.xml

Correct Answer: D
When installing IBM DB2 on Microsoft Windows, which DB2 script is used for creating the IBM Sametime System Console tables?
A. createSCDb.bat
B. populateSSC.bat
C. createSSCTable.bat
D. updateSSCSchema.bat

Correct Answer: A
Paul, an IBM Sametime architect, has implemented a new Sametime 9.0 infrastructure. As part of this new deployment he needs to switch users to this new default community which points to their new user directory based on LDAP.
What steps does he need to follow to successfully make the change on his clients’ base?
A. Add the new host information to the managed-settings.xml. The clients will need to be restarted for the change to take effect.
B. Paul will need to set the new community name in the managed-settings.xml and configure a desktop policy to reset the users.
C. A “reset” action needs to be configured in the managed-community-configs.xml file referencing the existing community name.
D. A “createNewConfig” action needs to be configured in the managed-community-configs.xml file pointing to the new community name.

Correct Answer: C
What signaling protocol is supported by IBM Sametime for audio/video sessions?
C. H.239
D. H.323

Correct Answer: A
Meshack is installing an IBM Sametime Gateway server. He has to create database tables and schema on an IBM DB2 machine called STGW as part of the install tasks.
What must Meshack do before proceeding with additional install tasks?
A. He must create a DB2 database called STgateway before proceeding with creation of tables and schema.
B. He must ensure that the database name and the machine name on which DB2 has been installed are the same, otherwise the install will fail.
C. He must change the name of the database in the database creation script since the default database name, STGW, cannot be the same as the machine name.
D. He must change the machine name on which DB2 is installed to a fully
E. He must change the machine name on which DB2 is installed to a fully qualified name before proceeding with creation of tables and schema. Correct Answer: A QUESTION 25 Luis is planning to install and configure IBM Sametime 9.0 Meetings using IBM Tivoli Directory Server as the LDAP server for search and authentication.
Which LDAP attribute must Luis make sure is available on each user entry for Sametime to work properly?
A. mail
C. InternetAddress
D. sAMAccountName

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 26
What is the purpose for the TURN server?
A. to provide audio/video connections on a flat network
B. to provide meeting services between internal and external users
C. to provide instant messaging between internal and external users
D. to provide audio/video connections between internal and external users

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 27
Which IBM DB2 version(s) is(are) supported by IBM Sametime 9.0?
A. Any version is supported.
B. IBM DB2 Workgroup Server Edition 9.7 and later are supported.
C. Only the DB2 version provided with the Sametime 9.0 package is supported.
D. IBM DB2 10.1 – Limited Use is the only version supported with Sametime 9.0.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 28
Which step(s) need(s) to be completed in order for an IBM Sametime Meeting Server to access files stored on an IBM Connections server?
A. Configure separate login properties for Files integration.
B. Set up single sign-on between the Sametime Meeting Server and the Connections server running Files.
C. Import a copy of the Files server’s SSL certificate to the Sametime Community and Sametime Meeting Servers.
D. Configure Files integration on the Sametime Meeting Server and grant operating system read access to the Connections administrator ID.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 29
What is the purpose of the IBM Sametime Provisioning Application?
A. Registers a company’s Sametime with AOL.
B. Registers a company’s Sametime Gateway in DNS.
C. Registers a company’s Sametime Gateway with Yahoo.
D. Registers a company’s Sametime Gateway with the XMPP Server Directory. New IBM C2040-413 exam materials provided eliminates the tacky and laborious process of studying and memorization as it provides direct IBM C2040-413 questions and answers that will help you feel confident.

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IBM C2040-413 Exams, OfferIBM C2040-413 Free Dowload Are Based On The Real Exam