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QUESTION: 1 An IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 system is configured to perform event enrichment by retrieving ObjectServer events which have an empty Location field. Which Service Log can be used to verify that Netcool/lmpact is selecting events from the ObjectServer based upon that condition?
A. the PolicyLogger service
B. the PolicyActivator service
C. the OMNIbusEventReader service
D. the OMNIbusEventListener service
Answer: C
QUESTION: 2 Which command line function should be executed prior to applying a product fix or upgrading the IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact Server as best practice?
A. nci_crypt
B. nci_policy
C. nci_trigger
D. nci_export

Answer: D
QUESTION: 3 How is the name of the IBM Tivoli N etc oo I/Imp act Server Instance on the console identified?
A. check the IBM Installer utility to show the Impact Server Instance Names that have been set up
B. check the TIPProfile/logs/server1 directory -the SystemOutlog holds the Impact Service Instance name
C. use the nci_server command line utility to show the Impact Server Instance Names that have been set up
D. check the impact/etc directory -all Impact Server Instance-related files use the Instance Name in the beginning of every file name

Answer: D
In which folder are the IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 service logs stored?
A. $NCHOME/logs
D. $IMPACT_HOME/services/logs

Answer: C
A new Impact Server will be installed using the console mode of the installer application.
Which statement is true?

A. All default ports must be available.
B. The installer will not check if the required ports are available.
C. A starting point of ports can be selected if the default ports are not available.
D. The installer will adapt the required ports if some are tested as in use during the installation.

Answer: C
QUESTION: 6 In order for IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 to start using the ObjectServer for authentication, the server must be configured so that it can map the roles that the application exposes to groups and/or users managed in IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus. Which file must be edited for this purpose?
A. omnibus.conf
B. omnibususers
C. guiserver.setting
D. objectserver.conf

Answer: C
QUESTION: 7 On a server with only command line access, the server in an IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact cluster is identified as acting as a primary server by using which command line utility?
A. nci_server
B. nci_trigger
C. nci_get_primary

D. nci_findendpoint

Answer: C
Which component of IBM WebSphere is installed with IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1?

A. WebSphere MQ
B. WebSphere Portal Server
C. WebSphere Process Server
D. Embedded WebSphere Application Server

Answer: D
What is the purpose of a project in IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1?

A. It allows for creating subsets of the elements stored in the global repository.
B. It allows for creating subsets of the elements stored in the Impact repository.
C. It allows for creating subsets of the elements stored across cluster members.
D. It allows for creating supersets of the elements stored in the global repository.

Answer: A
QUESTION: 10 Which three IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact roles in Tivoli Integrated Portal can be used to control users access to navigation pages in the GUI and to permit users to unlock their own files?
A. impactSuperUser. impactFullAccessUser, and impactOpViewUser
B. impactAdminUser, impactReadWriteUser, and impactOpViewUser
C. impactAdminUser, impactFullAccessUser, and impactOpViewUser
D. impactAdminUser, impactFullAccessUser, and impactReadOnlyUser

Answer: C
QUESTION: 11 Which step is required to design an IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 solution from stakeholder requirements?

A. Determine if the correct Java version is installed.
B. Create an architecture and a raw functional design of policies.
C. Determine if enough disk space is provided on the installation servers.
D. Interview the operational staff to determine their most efficient way to resolve a problem

Answer: B
What are two ways Data Source Adapters are used in IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1?
(Choose two.)

A. to monitor Netcool/lmpact services
B. to communicate with external data sources
C. to extend the capabilities of Netcool/lmpact
D. to apply product fixes to the Netcool/lmpact Server
E. to start the policy logging service in Netcool/lmpact

Answer: B, C
QUESTION: 13 Given only command line access, where is it verified that a newly started IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact Server instance is registering itself as a slave or primary in a cluster?
A. in the server.log file
B. in the netcool.log file
C. in the systemOut.log file
D. using the nci_server utility

Answer: B
Which tool will start a policy from the command line?

A. nci_crypt
B. nci_policy
C. nci_trigger
D. nci_import
Answer: C
What is true about the LDAP DSA?

A. It does not support data saved in UTF-8 format.
B. It does not retrieve information from LDAPV2/V3.
C. It allows IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpactto add, modify, or delete information managed by the LDAP server.
D. It does not allow IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpactto add. modify, or delete information managed by the LDAP server.

Answer: D
What must occur before a data type can be defined?

A. Data Type service must be started
B. Policy Activator service is activated
C. Data Source definition is configured
D. ObjectServer Event Reader is activated

Answer: C
QUESTION: 17 What must be done to receive an IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus event when a policy run raises any unknown exception?
A. use the action function exceptionnameOand add policy code to insert the event between the brackets
B. use handle exceptionnameO in the policy and add policy code to insert the event between the brackets
C. create an ExceptionHandlerPolicy that inserts the event and define this in the Policytogger configuration
D. configure the Self-Monitoring service to log exceptions into the ObjectServer defined in the service configuration
Answer: C

QUESTION: 18 What is the minimum memory requirement for installing a Tivoli Integrated Portal profile and an IBM Tivoli Netcool/lrnpact profile running on the same physical machine?
A. 2 GB
B. 4 GB
C. 6 GB
D. 8 GB

Answer: C
QUESTION: 19 Which utility edits the installed GUI server deployment and maps the roles to the specified users?
A. roles.[bat|sh]
B. user-roles.[bat|sh]
C. update-impact-roles.[bat|sh]
D. impact-security-roles.[bat|sh]

Answer: C
QUESTION: 20 Which functional step should be completed when designing an IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 solution?
A. write an enrichment policy
B. develop Netcool/lmpact startup scripts
C. test high availability and fail-over scenarios
D. determine methods of achieving customer requirements

Answer: D
QUESTION: 21 The log function of the Impact Policy Language (IPL) provides a convenient mechanism for generating messages during the execution of a policy. These messages can be configured to indicate success or failure of data retrieval from a data type. Which statement describes where the output from the messages can be viewed by a user?
A. view the ObjectServer event list to find Self-Monitoring alerts

B. use the View Service Log button in the PolicyLogger window
C. use the View Data Type button in the data type configuration
D. use the View Service Log button in the EventProcessor window

Answer: B
QUESTION: 22 The ncijrigger tool is executed with a user_name that has no password set. Which statement is true?
A. Use the command line with blank password.
B. The NULL option needs to be used instead of a password.
C. This is not possible because a user must always have a password set.
D. The nci_crypt tool provides a dummy encrypted password that can be used instead.

Answer: B
QUESTION: 23 An e-mail will be used to trigger a policy using the e-mail reader service. Which two protocols are supported? (Choose two.)
D. Outlook
E. Outlook Express

Answer: B, C
QUESTION: 24 Which three options can be monitored by IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 Self-Monitoring service? (Choose three.)
A. Event Filters
B. Queue Status
C. Service Filters
D. Cluster Status
E. Version Control
F. Memory Status
Answer: B, D, F
What must be exactly the same on all members of an IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact cluster?

A. cluster name
B. GUI Server name
C. Impact Server name
D. GUI Server port number

Answer: A
Which IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact Programming Language (PL) code block implements
the pseudo- code?
INPUT: Events from OMNIBUS where Customer is NULL.
For each event, collect the data from external customerHost data type.
And populate the corresponding field.
OUTPUT: Populate Customer

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Answer: C
What is only configured on the primary portion of a data source definition?

A. the data source user name
B. the data source IP address
C. the data source port number
D. the data source server name

Answer: A
How is the command line interface started?

A. ftp <hostname> <commandlineport>
B. SSh <hostnanie> <commandlineport>
C. telnet <hostname> <commandlineport>
D. Rlogin <hostname> <commandlineport>

Answer: C
What are two ways to verify the installed version of IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1?
(Choose two.)

A. check the PolicyLogger Logfile
B. use the command line utility nci_version
C. usethe nci_get_primary command line utility
D. use the IBM installer utility to retrieve the version number
E. log in to the Tivoli Integrated Portal of the Netcool/lmpact installation and use the Support tab
Answer: D, E
QUESTION: 30 What must be started before starting the policy when executing a program with command line parameters and output parsed within a policy?
A. the nci_irexec server
B. the nci_trigger service
C. the EmailReader service
D. the PolicyLogger service

Answer: A
QUESTION: 31 What is the purpose of this IBM Tivoli Netcool/lrnpact V6.1 command? UPDATE Service SET Running = false WHERE Name = ‘SelfMonitoring’;
A. to start the Netcool/lrnpact Server
B. to stop the Self-Monitoring service
C. to startthe Self-Monitoring service
D. to verify that Netcool/lrnpact is running

Answer: B
QUESTION: 32 When using IBM Tivoli Netcool/lmpact V6.1 to insert a synthetic (or meta) event into Netcool/OMNIbus, which function can be used?
A. NewEvent B.MetaEvent C.Eventlnsert D.EventCreate

Answer: A
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