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Exam Name: IBM Unica Enterprise Campaign Technical Mastery Test V1
Version: Demo

A. Offer
B. Campaign
C. Response
D. Segment
Answer: A
In Unica Campaign, in order to schedule a flowchart (using the flowchart schedule process), what mode do you need to be in?
A. Edit
B. Run
C. View
D. Schedule
Answer: C
In Unica Campaign, what segment type is a reusable list of contacts (such as customers, accounts, or households) that you can use in the Select process as input?
A. Template
B. Flowchart
C. Smart Chart
D. Sample
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 4

How does a customer view log files for a Unica Campaign flowchart?
A. Open the flowchart in Edit mode and select Options and the View Log.
B. Log files can only be viewed by administrators.
C. Navigate to the Analytics menu and run the Log File report.
D. While viewing the flowchart in View mode, select Run > View Log.
Answer: A
What happens if a customer disables integration between Unica Campaign and Unica Marketing Operations?
A. All campaigns will be disabled.
B. Customers cannot disable the integration between Unica Campaign and Unica Marketing Operations.
C. Customer must reinstall Campaign.
D. Integrated version reverts to standalone Unica Campaign.
Answer: D
In Unica Campaign response tracking, how does the application handle response attribution if attribute values do not match values in the offer, or, the attribute value is not available, even if the customer provided a response?
A. Does not count as a response.
B. Counts as a response.
C. Counts as a partial response.
D. Counts as an inferred response.
Answer: A
During the installation of Unica Campaign, if you want to install additional Unica applications, what is a key step for success?
A. Place all the application installers in the same folder.
B. Create a HOME folder for each application.
C. Install each application independently.
D. Install each application on a separate server.
Answer: A
In Unica Campaign, after a flowchart process executes, how is an error indicated during the run of a process?
A. Green X in the Process Type icon
B. Process box isgrayed out
C. A dialog box appears with an error message
D. Red X in the Process Type icon
Answer: D
In a Unica Campaign installation, what should a customer do if they encounter errors related to the Java Virtual Machine?
A. Restart the Campaign Installation.
B. Reinstall the database.
C. Create a Weblogic or Websphere domain dedicated to Unica Marketing products.
D. Increase the amount of RAM on the production server.
Answer: C


Where does a user define triggers in Unica Campaign?
A. Open the flowchart in Edit mode and select Admin.
B. View the flowchart in View mode and select Run.
C. Open the flowchart in Edit mode and select Options.
D. Go to the Summary tab of the campaign.
Answer: C
What templates does a customer need to import if the Unica Marketing Platform and Unica Campaign system tables databases are of the same database type?
A. None, the system automatically imports the template.
B. SQLServer template
C. Oracle template
D. DB2 template
Answer: A
In a Unica Campaign flowchart, if a process box is grayed out, what does this mean?
A. Process has not been run.
B. Process is currently running.
C. Process is not fully configured.
D. Process ran and has an error.
Answer: C
When are offer templates configured for Unica Campaign?
A. Before installing Unica Campaign using the offer utility.
B. During the configuration of the Campaign environment.
C. After creating a campaign.
D. After running the flowchart.
Answer: B
In Unica Campaign, before you run a flowchart what must a user make sure is/are correctly configured?
A. Processes
B. Flowchart name
C. Cell reports
D. Campaign code
Answer: A
What utility tool should a customer use if they want to export an XML version of configuration settings for backup, or to import the settings into a different installation of Unica Marketing Platform?
A. populateDb
B. configTool
C. partitionDb
D. unica_actrg
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 16

In Unica Campaign, what is the basis for a variety of reports that can be used for data exploration, quick counts, or as a basis for targeting campaigns?
A. Samples
B. Segments
C. Dimension hierarchy
D. Profiles
Answer: C
Which tab does a customer use to run a report in Unica Campaign to obtain information on a Campaign, offer, cell or segment?
A. Analysis Tab
B. Summary Tab
C. Flowchart Tab
D. Target Cells Tab
Answer: A
In Unica Campaign, what option allows a customer to create a segment from the Segment process, where the same audience key can only appear once in any given segment?
A. Segment by query
B. Sample by number
C. Sample by percentage
D. Mutually Exclusive Segments
Answer: D QUESTION NO: 19

In Unica Campaign, which flowchart cell report displays details of the records within a cell?
A. Cell List
B. Cell Variable Profile
C. Cell Waterfall
D. Cell Content
Answer: D
What is the earliest version of Unica Campaign that a customer can perform an in place upgrade to version 8.x?
A. 5.1 and above
B. 6.x and above
C. 7.5 and above
D. 7.0 to 7.3 only
Answer: C
What Unica Campaign flowchart process type does a customer use to build an output file of customers who were suppressed because they had opted out of marketing communications (and where no marketing offer is needed)?
A. Mail List
B. Snapshot
C. Call List
D. Extract
Answer: B
Which Unica Campaign process accepts input (cells) and outputs one combined cell? The customer specifies in this process which input cells are to be included (IDs within the cells will be retained), and which cells are to be excluded (IDs within the cells will be excluded or suppressed)
A. Segment
B. Sample
C. Audience
D. Merge
Answer: D
What does a customer use in Unica Campaign to create flowcharts that transforms data required across campaigns; produces Unica PredictiveInsight input files; contains strategic segments?
A. Sessions
B. Segments
C. Snapshots
D. Extract
Answer: A
What is required for Unica Campaign in order to generate an IBM Cognos report that displays budget, revenue, and ROI information for each channel financial campaign, each channel within the campaign, and each offer within the channel?
A. Unica Interact
B. Unica NetInsight

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