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Which of the following operation codes is supported in both fixed form and /Free form?
Answer: B
Questions: 2
Which of the following SQL statements, when used by itself in an RPG program, can take the place of a File Specification, a key and a CHAIN?
Answer: B
Questions: 3
Given the following code sample, what value is displayed?

D FieldA 5A Inz(‘XXXXX’)
FieldA = ‘VWXYZ’;
Reset FieldA;
Dsply (‘FieldA=’ + FieldA);
*INLR = *On;
BegSR *InzSR;
FieldA = ‘ABCDE’;

A. FieldA=

Answer: C
Questions: 4
Which of the following is an advantage gained by using a prototype and CALLP for a program call in place of CALL and PARM operations?
A. Ability to qualify the name of the program being called
B. Ability to have the compiler validate the parameters being passed
C. Ability to use a variable to contain the name of the program to be called
D. Ability to statically bind a program object to its caller for better performance
Answer: B
Questions: 5
A. Aids in parsing XML using the DOM (Document Object Model).
B. Indicates the type of data entity to create during XML generation.
C. Aids in interpreting the event parameter in an event handling procedure.
D. Indicates to the parser which events your handler should be notified of.

Answer: C
Questions: 6
Given the following code sample:
DName+++++++++++ETDsFrom+++To/L+++IDc.Keywords++++++++++++++++++++++ d CustPrice pr 9 3 d Company 3 0 const d Item 20 d Contract 10 options(*omit) d Quantity 7 0 options(*nopass) d MyPrice s 9 3 d MyCompany s 3 0 d MyItem s 20 d MyContract s 10 d MyQty s 7 0
Which of the following is a valid expression?
A. MyPrice = CustPrice(1 : MyItem : *omit);
B. MyPrice = CustPrice(1 : MyItem : : MyQty);
C. MyPrice = CustPrice(MyCompany : MyItem : *omit : *nopass);
D. MyPrice = CustPrice(MyCompany : MyItem : MyContract : *omit);
Answer: A
Questions: 7
Given the following code sample:
d NotLate PR ExtPgm(‘LARRY’) d RqDta 32767a d RqLen 10i 0 d RqTyp 10i 0
Which of the following is the correct code to call the program Larry?
A. call NotLate(RequestData : RequestLength : RequestType);
B. callb NotLate(RequestData : RequestLength : RequestType);
C. callp NotLate(RequestData : RequestLength : RequestType);
D. C CALL ‘NOTLATE’ C PARM RequestData C PARM RequestLength C PARM RequestType

Answer: C
Questions: 8
File CUSMS contains a field named CMCSNO. Which of the following file specification keywords will allow the program to recognize this field as CUSTCSNO?
Answer: B
Questions: 9
A service program comprised of 6 modules has a custom signature. A new procedure with the EXPORT keyword has been added to one of the module sources. This procedure is not yet referenced by any programs. Which of the following is the correct sequence of tasks required?
A. Recompile *MODULE, modify binder source, update *SRVPGM
B. Recompile *MODULE, modify binder source, update *SRVPGM, recreate dependent programs
C. Modify binder source, update *SRVPGM, recompile *MODULE, recreate *PGM objects bound to the *SRVPGM
D. Recompile *MODULE, update *SRVPGM, modify binder source, recreate *PGM objects bound to the *SRVPGM

Answer: A
Questions: 10
Given the following code sample:

D ElementsAllocateDS…
D S 10i 0

Which of the following best describes ElementsAllocateDS?

A. A syntax error
B. A long field name
C. A data structure
D. A qualified field name
Answer: B
Questions: 11
Given the following code sample:

d StartString s 50a inz(‘Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty,’)
d EndString s like(StartString)
d pos s 3i 0 inz
dou pos >= 3;
pos += 1;

pos = %Scan(‘,’ : StartString : pos);
pos += 1;
EndString = %replace(‘ Dino,’ : StartString : pos : 0);
Upon completion, what is the value of EndString?

A. Fred, Dino,
B. Dino, Barney, Wilma, Betty,
C. Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty,
D. Fred, Dino, Barney, Wilma, Betty,

Answer: D
Questions: 12
Given the following H-spec:
h datedit(*mdy)
Which of the following conditions tests whether a job started prior to midnight and is still running after midnight?
A. if udate < %date();
B. if *date < %date();
C. if %date(udate:*mdy) < %date();
D. if %date(*date:*mdy) < %date();

Answer: C
Questions: 13
Given the following code sample:

D amount s 3 0 inz(900)
amount += 100;
on-error *program;
amount = *hival;
on-error *all;
amount = *hival;
amount -= 100;
on-error *program;
amount = 0;
on-error *all;
amount = 100;

What is the value of AMOUNT upon completion?

A. 0
B. 999
C. 100
D. 899
Questions: 14
The documentation for a system API lists the following parameters:
Move Spooled File (QSPMOVSP) API Required Parameter Group:
1 Function information Input Char(*)
2 Length of function information Input Binary(4)
3 Function information format name Input Char(8)
4 Error code I/O Char(*)

Which is a valid prototype for the call of this API?

A. d QSPMOVSP pr extpgm(‘QSPMOVSP’) d FuncInfo 200 d InfoLeng 4b 0 d FormatName 8 d ErrorCode 80
B. d QSPMOVSP pr d FuncInfo 200 d InfoLeng 10i 0 d FormatName 8 d ErrorCode 80
C. d MoveSPLF pr extproc(‘QSPMOVSP’) d FuncInfo 200 d InfoLeng 4b 0 const d FormatName 8 const d ErrorCode 80
D. d MoveSPLF pr extpgm(‘QSPMOVSP’) d FuncInfo 200 d InfoLeng 10i 0 d FormatName 8 d ErrorCode 80
Answer: D
Questions: 15
A trigger program has been designed to run whenever file CUSTMAST is modified. A decimal data error is encountered when trying to reference a numeric field in the old record image of CUSTMAST. The buffer contained hexadecimal ‘40404040’. Which of the following was found to have caused the error?
A. The trigger program was fired by a *DELETE event.
B. The trigger program was fired by an *INSERT event.
C. The trigger program was added as a *BEFORE trigger.
D. The trigger program was compiled without ALWNULL(*YES).

Answer: B
Questions: 16
Five existing programs are being converted for ILE. Two are to be bound into a service program and the other three are to be bound into a single program object, which uses the service program. After the appropriate coding changes, which of the following is the correct sequence of commands required to create the program?

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