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A customer is considering a PureFlex Express but they insist on using their own rack. Which of the following is the correct response for the PureSystem technical specialist?
A. The PureSystem nodes may be installed in a BladeCenter H with an RPQ
B. The chassis must be installed in an IBM rack specific to the PureFlex
C. The chassis may be installed in an IBM rack specific to the BladeCenter
D. Customers may use a non PureSystem rack, but it is not the preferred method
Answer: D Explanation:
A customer is considering a PureFlex Express. The customer wants redundant high speed Ethernet and redundant native Fibre Channel connections. Which of the following is the minimum number of switch bays required and number of switch bays remaining available for expansion?
A. 2 and 2
B. 2 and 4
C. 4 and 0
D. 4 and 4
Answer: C Explanation:
A customer wants a single PureFlex Express chassis with internal storage virtualization, two 4-socket Power nodes, and three 2-socket x86 nodes. Which of the following is the number of open node bays remaining unused?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Answer: C Explanation:
A customer currently runs virtualized server environments on x86 and AIX. There are different teams and management for each platform, as well as different teams for storage, networking, etc. The customer wants to virtualize all department applications and consolidate resources. What is the most efficient way for a specialist to determine who is a decision maker or an influencer or a recommender?
A. Talk to the CIO or CTO
B. Talk to the Purchasing Agent to determine who makes decisions for server platforms
C. Talk to the x86 Development Manager on how they are able to get workloads to run on x86 or AIX
D. Talk to leaders in multiple organizations to understand how IT solution purchases have been funded
Answer: A Explanation:
A business partner sales specialist and the business partner technical specialist are calling on a medium sized prospect that is designated as business partner led. The prospect raised several very technical specific questions comparing PureFlex Enterprise with a Cisco UCS. Which of the following IBM resources should the technical specialist engage first to address those questions?
A. Competeline
B. Supportline
C. IBM Cisco alliance team
D. Distributor configuration specialist

Answer: A Explanation:
A customer is looking over a configuration for a PureFlex System Express offering and is questioning a Lab Services line item with a quantity of three. The customer asks what this means. Which of the following is the correct description?
A. Provides PureFlex training for up to three customer personnel.
B. Up to three PureFlex compute nodes will be configured for the customer prior to shipment.
C. A three day services engagement to implement the PureFlex chassis, management, storage, and primary node.
D. An extension of three days to the included services engagement that is part of standard installation of a PureFlex purchase.
Answer: C Explanation:
A PureFlex prospect asks what is the Power compute node feature that is the equivalent of vMotion on the x86 compute node. Which of the following is the equivalent?
A. Live Partition Mobility
B. Virtual IO Server (VIOS)
C. Live Application Mobility
D. N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)
Answer: A Explanation:
A prospect is considering a Flex System solution that has one p260 node and four x240 nodes. Virtualization hypervisors will be deployed on all five nodes. What component needs to be included for this solution to function?

A. Internal disk
B. Flex System V7000
C. Flex System Manager
D. Converged network switches
Answer: C Explanation:
Which of the following Storwize V7000 advanced functions allows for the retention of both the image mode and managed mode disks during migration, and provides seamless fail over in the event of a failure after the migration?
A. FlashCopy
B. Global Mirror
C. VDisk Mirroring
D. Thin Provisioning
Answer: C Explanation:
A PureFlex Express prospect has a need for several very small partitions. Which of the following is the minimum percentage of a core needed to define an LPAR in a PureFlex POWER7+ compute node using PowerVM?
A. 1%

B. 5%
C. 10%
D. 0.1%
Answer: B Explanation:
A technical specialist needs to identify and reduce the risk for a new PureFlex foundation

implementation Which of the following is an IBM requirement for the technical specialist?
A. Meet with the SMEs to perform a TDA
B. Meet with the CFO to review the financial plan
C. Meet with the IBM Storage Specialist to review the implementation plan.
D. Meet with the IBM Client Executive to review the PureFlex implementation plan
Answer: A Explanation:
A customer is contemplating two POWER-based solutions to run a compute intensive application. One option using IBM BladeCenter PS704 blades and another using IBM PureFlex p460 Compute Nodes. Which of the following attributes would make an IBM PureFlex solution attractive over IBM BladeCenter?
A. L3 cache size
B. Power requirements
C. CPU clock frequency
D. Number of I/O options
Answer: C Explanation:
A PureFlex Enterprise prospect would like all of the services below. Which of the following must be covered by a separate contract in addition to the standard IBM Lab Services?
A. Account Advocate
B. External SAN integration
C. Three year Warranty Service
D. Two annual microcode analyses
Answer: B Explanation:

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