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Which special authorities are required to allow a user to change user profiles on a system with QSECURITY set to 40?

Correct Answer: B
An application vendor has shipped a save file with the source member for a new program. The administrator restored the new source member into the existing source file, but when checking the source file after the restore discovered that all of the previous source members were missing.
Which parameter of the Restore Object (RSTOBJ) command would have allowed the administrator to restore the new member without losing the existing members?
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 23
Which command will help an administrator to find the IBM i Navigator jobs?
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 24
After an abnormal IPL, jobs that are accessing some files for the first time are spending an extended amount of time in a status of “IDX” and are taking longer to complete.
Which command should be used to enable all pending access path rebuilds to be analyzed, prioritized, and immediately executed rather than waiting for first access?

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 25
Consider the following graphic. Where in System i Navigator Management Central are the message monitors configured?
A. Message
B. Commands
C. Extreme Support
D. Collection Services

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 26
After installing IBM i 7.1 on a brand new system, only the QSECOFR user profile can login on the system console. The administrator copied the QSECOFR profile into a new user profile. When attempting to login with the new user profile, the following error is displayed:
“CPF1110 not authorized to work station.”
What is causing the error?
A. The DST Console type was not set during installation of the Os.
B. The QLMT5ECOFR system value is set to require explicit device access.
C. The limit device session parameter (LMTDEV55N) on the new user profile is set to tYE5.
D. The system does not allow automatic workstation device creation for users with *ALLOBJ authority.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 27
An administrator issues the WRKSYSACT command on a system partition using dedicated processors and the following result displays:
Current processing capacity 2
What does the current processing capacity value indicate?
A. The percentage of CPU currently available for system jobs.
B. The share of the physical processors in the pool it is running.
C. The number of processing units currently assigned to the partition.
D. The number of virtual processors that are currently active in the partition.

Correct Answer: C
An administrator needs to upgrade their Flexible Service Processor’s (FSP) firmware for an HMC managed Power 720. They are currently running AL730_085. The latest corrective service on Fix Central is AL730_1 12_092.
Which statement is correct regarding the installation of this corrective service package?
A. Since this is an HMC managed FSP, the installation of the corrective service will be concurrent.
B. Since the FSP will remain at the same 730 code stream level the installation of the corrective service will be concurrent.
C. Since the 092 is greater than the currently running 085 fix pack level, the installation of the corrective service will be disruptive.
D. Since the 112 is greater than the currently running 085 fix pack level, the installation of the corrective service will be disruptive.

Correct Answer: C
On an HMC-managed system with several partitions, the QSECOFR password for DST/SST has been disabled for one partition. No other profiles for DST/SST are known. What procedure will reset the password to the shipped value?
A. Sign on to the partition as QSECOFR, issue the CHGDSTPWD PASSWORD(*DEFAULT) command.
B. Use the function in the HMC for “Users and Groups” to modify the partition’s DST password.
C. Use the control panel function 21 from the HMC user interface to reset the SST/DST password.
D. Connect to ASMI, use the “admin” profile to reset the DST password of the affected partition.

Correct Answer: A
Which command will save the access paths for Iwo physical files (PFLE1, PFILE2) when both the physical and dependent logical file (LFILE) reside in the same library?

Correct Answer: C
An administrator needs to upgrade users’ IBM i Access for Windows emulators to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. The administrator used the Microsoft Windows administrator account to complete a successful upgrade and subsequent test. After re-booting the Windows PC, users log in using their ID. When users launch the IBM i Access emulator and log into the IBM i server, the emulator session is not SSL secured, even after the successful installation.
What is most likely cause of the problem?
A. The Windows client IP address is being blocked by the exit point QIBM_SSL_DEVINIT.
B. The IBM i Access for Windows emulator shortcut for users’ desktops were not configured for SSL.
C. The IBM i Access for Windows emulator supports SSL only when run from a Windows administrator account.
D. The Windows client has been assigned a new IP address from the DHCP server which is not registered with the System i SSL server.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 32
An administrator needs to identify which jobs are creating short CPU and disk arm usage spikes. The administrator also needs to determine what the job(s) are doing as soon as possible during or after a spike occurs.
Which tool is most appropriate to use to assist with this activity?
A. IBM i Performance Explorer (PEX)
B. IBM i Performance Management Agent
C. IBM System Director Navigator for i
D. System i Navigator Management Central monitors

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 33
A system administrator is restoring a saved library LIBA on the same system where it was saved several months ago, using the RSTLIB command with the Allow Object Differences (ALWOBJDIE) parameter set to *ALL.
The original library LIBA has changed since it was last saved. Several original files now have different authorization lists, and many new objects have been added. After the restore, the administrator observed that some restored files have two versions, FILEx and FILEx0001.
Which setting of the ALWOBJDIF parameter will avoid this problem?

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 34
An administrator has prepared an update package containing the prescribed groups and HIPER PTF5. When testing the package, a message is received stating some of the PTEs cannot be applied because others are missing.
What is the most efficient approach to accomplish a successful test?
A. Apply the latest technology refresh.
B. Apply the latest cumulative fix package.
C. Inspect the job log for the missing PTFs.
D. Read the PSP for cumulative updates for missing PTFs.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 35
An administrator with an HMC managed POWER7 system needs to perform a concurrent update to server firmware. Which co-requisites and/or prerequisites should the administrator consider as part of the planning process?
A. Available flash storage on the system FSP
B. IBM i, Licensed Internal Code PTE5, and HMC code level
C. Ability’ of the HMC to attach to the Internet and the IBM Support ETP site for the download
D. Service window to place the system partitions into restricted state and perform a platform IPL

Correct Answer: B
A customer needs to upgrade from IBM i 5.4 to 7.1 . The current system is used extensively for Web serving. Extensive database activity is performed in SQL.
Which factor will affect the time to perform the upgrade of the operating system?
A. The ES Type must convert during the IBM i upgrade.
B. The DB2 referential constraints must be manually reestablished.
C. Some database joins must be reformatted to be compliant with new SQL standards.
D. The logical file access paths must be rebuilt into Encoded Vector Indexes (EVI).

Correct Answer: C
When a user opens up Database Navigator for IBM i 7.1, only the QGPL database is initially available. The user needs the list of schemas to be available each time Database Navigator is opened.
What action can the administrator take to support the requirement?
A. Add the user to the authorization list QSM1 AUTL and restart the host servers.
B. In Application Administration for System i Navigator, enter a schema name and press the ADD button.
C. Create a supplemental group profile that has the needed list of libraries assigned and make the user a member of that supplemental group.
D. Create a job description with the appropriate list of libraries on it and assign the job description to the user. Have the user sign off and sign on again.

Correct Answer: D
An administrator needs to install third party software into an iASP environment. The installation is failing when the program provided by the software company attempts to create and restore library objects.
What is the most efficient way for the administrator to install the software while maintaining the command integrity of the system?
A. Copy the software libraries into the system ASPThen create duplicate objects into the iASPRemove the new commands when the installation completes
B. Create a copy of the CRTLIB and RSTLIB commands, which include the iASP name, into a library that is placed first in the system portion of the library listRemove the new commands when the installation completes
C. Create a copy of the CRTLIB and RSTLIB commands, which include the ASP name, into a different library Then add that library to the user portion of the library listRemove the new commands when the installation completes
D. Create a copy of the CRTLIB and RSTLIB commands, which include the ASP name, in a different library Then add that library to the install portion of the library listRemove the new commands when the installation completes
Correct Answer: B

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