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An IT Director needs a relational database but cannot hire a Database Administrator (DBA) to maintain it. How does IBM i address this challenge?
A. Systems Director Navigator for i handles DB2 database administration automatically.
B. Single Level Storage architecture and automated DB2 features mean that a DBA is not required.
C. System i Navigator manages Single Level Storage so that database administration does not require a DBA.
D. Systems Director for i manages Single Level Storage so that database administration is easy without a DBA.

Correct Answer: B
A 010 is concerned about systems security and transmission of confidential data across the internet. What capabilities of the IBM i platform can the sales executive highlight in this situation?
A. PowerS0 software is optimized to provide security and compliance for POWER operating systems.
B. Security Access Manager combines user access management, web application protection and encryption.
C. IBM i can send secure data across untrusted networks using SSL, IBM i Access for Windows, and VPN connections.
D. RealSecure Server Sensor provides data loss prevention and preemptive protection while enforcing server security policies.

Correct Answer: C
A POWERS 520 customer is running IBM i 54 and is moving to a POWER7 server. Which of the following is a valid migration plan?
A. MigratelBMi5.4tothePOWER7
B. Host IBM i 54 in a client LPAR on the POWER7
C. Upgrade from IBM i 5.4 to IBM i 7.1 after migrating to POWER7
D. Upgrade to IBM i 7.1 on the Power 520, then migrate to POWER7

Correct Answer: D
What disaster recovery benefit is provided to a customer running IBM i applications when they are using PowerHA Asynchronous Geographic Mirroring?
A. All objects are automatically replicated from an independent auxiliary storage pool to another IBM i storage pool
B. It can be used to provide disaster recovery services to multiple company locations whether using internal disk or SAN storage.
C. It offers a cloud-based suite of remote mirroring software that enables integrated, automated failover for IBM i and attached x86 servers
D. Instead of IBM i server replication it delivers peer-to-peer remote copy services to any remotely attached IBM SAN storage supported by IBM 7.1

Correct Answer: B
An executive has expressed frustration about the inflexibility of reports from their IBM i system and is looking for a solution that supports more dynamic and flexible reports. How will DB2 Web Query support the customer’s need?
A. Web Query provides collaborative tools to rapidly analyze data, business requirements and budgets.
B. Web Query supports predictive analysis and reports rising trends so that smarter decisions can be made.
C. Web Query provides reporting, dashboards and ad hoc query capability through simple-to-use user interlaces.
D. Web Query combines business intelligence data, system performance, management reports and analysis in a controlled, secure, auditable environment.

Correct Answer: C
What capability of single level storage increases system administrator productivity?
A. Multiple storage pools
B. Automatic data placement
C. Flexible storage attachment
D. HMC-based storage allocation

Correct Answer: B
A customer says that they cannot use IBM i for their chosen ERP solution as some of the application
software is in Java and a Java development environment is also required.
How can this objection be addressed?

A. IBM i 7.1 on POWER7+ now supports Java running natively using DB2 for i
B. Java Virtual Machine is provided in WebSphere Application Server and runs natively on IBM
D. IBM i runs Javascript in a Java Virtual Machine allowing applications to run and a development environment to be created.
E. Rational Development Studio for i has a set of Java compilers for development and a Java runtime environment (JRE) for running applications.

Correct Answer: B
A prospective customer is considering a Power Systems solution with IBM i and PowerVM. Other possible solutions being proposed to this customer are:
x86 with Linux, Oracle, and VMware x86 with Windows, SQL Server, and VMware How does the acquisition cost and TOO of the Power Systems solution compare with the x86 solutions?
A. With POWER7, the acquisition cost is lower than for both Windows and Linux offerings resulting in a lower 3-year TOO.
B. Acquisition costs are similar for all solutions, but the software maintenance costs for database and VMware raise the 3 year TOO of the x86 solutions
C. Acquisition costs are slightly higher for the Power Systems solution, but the significantly reduced operational costs result in a lower TOO over 3 years.
D. The acquisition and 3 year operational costs are lower than the Windows solution, and the Oracle maintenance fees result in a higher 3 year TOO compared to Power.

Correct Answer: C
Why will a Chief Information Officer be interested in the benefit of the Technology Independent Machine Interface (TIMI) on IBM i?
A. TIMI includes a web-based, intuitive interface that increases user productivity.
B. TIMI enables the transfer of IBM Licensed Program Products from older to newer hardware.
C. TIMI allows the organization to more easily migrate software from non-IBM platforms to IBM i
D. TIMI allows observable programs compiled under older versions of IBM ito run on new releases and newer hardware.

Correct Answer: D
A Power 770 customer wants to purchase second Power 770 that would only be used in a disaster recovery (DR) situation. They have stated that the cost of purchasing the same number of IBM i licenses for an inactive DR system is too expensive. Which solution supports the DR requirement and addresses the concern about IBM licensing costs?
A. The PowerHA v7 for IBM i Edition
B. The IBM SmartCloud Enterprise solution
C. A new Power 770 Capacity Backup (CBU) system
D. A new Power 770 with On/Off Capacity on Demand

Correct Answer: C