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A second virtual disk has been added to a SuSE Linux LPAR on the existing vhost0 adapter. What must be done for this disk to be recognized on the Linux LPAR?
A. /usr/bin/cfgmgr
B. /bin/kpartx -a -v /dev/sdb
C. echo “- – -” > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan
D. /usr/bin/rescan-scsi-bus

Correct Answer: C
An architect is desiging a new virtualized POWER7 system. The system will have a number of AIX and Linux LPARs and will be deployed with a logical memory block size of 16MB.Which of the following could be used to determine the amount of memory used by the Hypervisor?
A. System Planning Tool.
B. System Configurator.
C. Facts and Features Guide.
D. LPAR Validation Tool.

Correct Answer: A
An administrator uses DLPAR on an active LPAR to add an additional VLAN ID into an existing virtual adapter used by the SEA. The operation fails with error HSC01221 stating that the Modification of Virtual I/ O resources failed. The server being modified is a POWER6 595 running firmware version EH350_071. The VIO Server is at version FP24Based on this information, what is the most likely cause for this error?
A. The system firmware needs to be updated to EH350_085.
B. The VIO Server needs to be updated to FP 24 SP1.
C. Dynamic addition of VLAN IDs to an existing virtual adapter are only supported at AIX 7.1.
D. Dynamic addition of VLAN IDs to an existing virtual adapter are only supported on POWER7 hardware.

Correct Answer: B
An administrator would like to install a new Fix Pack on an existing VIO server. The Fix Pack has been mounted using NFS on /mnt. Which command should the administrator use to achieve this?
A. installios -update_all -dev /mnt
B. iosinst -update -install -accept -dev /mnt
C. updateios -dev /mnt -accept -install
D. geninstall -u -ac -d /mnt -f all
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 25
A user has accidentally deleted critical system files on an LPAR. Storage on the LPAR is provided using both vSCSI and NPIV. The administrator is preparing to reinstall the LPAR, but has concerns about the existing NPIV configuration. Which statement concerning WWPNs is correct?
A. During the reinstall of AIX, the HMC will assign new WWPNs to the adapters.
B. Assigned WWPNs are regenerated during a reinstall for boot devices, but preserved for secondary storage.
C. Providing the configuration of the virtual Fibre Channel adapters remains unchanged in the LPAR profile, the existing WWPNs are preserved.
D. The virtual_fc_adapters LPAR attribute must be verified prior to the reinstall and suitably updated to preserve all existing WWPNs.

Correct Answer: C
Which is the lowest edition of PowerVM that will permit redundant VIO Servers?
A. PowerVM Basic Edition
B. PowerVM Express Edition
C. PowerVM Standard Edition
D. PowerVM Enterprise Edition

Correct Answer: C
A virtual adapter with IEEE 802.1Q enabled for multiple VLANs has been created on a new VIO Server. This has been turned into a Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) but the SEA is not passing the tagged traffic to the outside world. Which of the following actions, when taken on the VIO Server, will fix the issue?
A. Set the trunk priority is to 1.
B. mkvdev -vlan ent[Ethernet device] -tagid [VLAN ID] for each PVID.
C. Re-create the SEA with -vlan [VLAN ID] option.
D. chvdev -sea en[Ethernet interface] -vlanid [VLAN ID].

Correct Answer: B
An administrator has installed a new client partition and has used vSCSI to provide the disk for rootvg. The rootvg consists of one single disk, hdisk0, which is provided using a single SAN device presented to a dual VIO server configuration. The client virtual SCSI adapters are vscsi0 and vscsi1The administrator would like to prioritize I/O traffic for vscsi0.Running which command will achieve this?
A. chdev
B. chvpath
C. chpath
D. chattr

Correct Answer: C
An administrator has a hardware environment including POWER5, POWER6 and POWER7 architectures.
A requirement exists to improve availability across all platforms without additional costs.
What technology should be considered?

A. Live Application Mobility
B. Live Partition Mobility
C. Multiple Shared Storage Pools
D. Resource Monitoring and Control

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 30
On the following system which uses Multiple Shared Processor Pools (MSPP):

LPAR6 requires two additional processing units. Which of the following will accomplish this?
A. DLPAR move two processing units from LPAR2 to LPAR6.
B. Decrease MSPP1 by two processing units.DLPAR add two processing units to LPAR6.
C. Move LPAR6 to MSPP3.DLPAR add two processing units to LPAR6.
D. Add two processing units to MSPP2.DLPAR add two processing units to LPAR6.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 31
A new Power 750 machine is being prepared for use. When the administrator tries to assign a new LPAR to a secondary shared processor pool, the HMC displays the following error:”This operation is not allowed because the partition is using dedicated processors.”What is the most likely cause for the error?
A. The defined LPAR has yet to be activated.
B. The defined LPAR has been set to the wrong Processor compatibility mode.
C. The defined LPAR has the “Allow when partition is active” option checked.
D. The defined LPAR has the “Allow when partition is inactive” option unchecked.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 32
An administrator has written a script to back up user-defined disk structures on a VIO server. The script makes a list of non-rootvg structures and then uses the savevgstruct command to backup the list of structures. While testing the script, the administrator finds that the disk structures are not all being successfully backed up. What is the most likely cause?
A. The disk structure is currently offline. It needs to be online for the savevgstruct command to succeed.
B. The disk structure is currently busy. It needs to be queisced to remove any file locks.
C. The disk structure is a Virtual Media Repository. These are backed up using the backupios command.
D. The disk structure is a Shared Storage Pool. These are backed up with the viosbk command.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 33
An architect requires Active Memory Sharing (AMS) to be implemented for a new AIX environment. Which of the following are minimum requirements in order to implement AMS?
A. PowerVM Standard Edition, HMC version 7.3.5, VIO Server version 2.1 FP21
B. PowerVM Enterprise Edition. POWER6 Hardware, AIX 6.1 TL3
C. PowerVM Standard Edition, POWER7 Hardware, HMC version 7.7.1
D. PowerVM Enterprise Edition, AIX 6.1 TL4, redundant storage

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 34
Which of the following statements is true when considering Active Memory Sharing?
A. Only one paging VIO server partition is supported in each system.
B. Only physical hard disks are supported as paging devices.
C. Each paging VIO server partition must have a single dedicated paging device.
D. Every partition in the shared memory pool requires its own dedicated paging device.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 35
A systems service processor is being connected to a redundant HMC. Which of the following is required to support DHCP server on dual HMCs?
A. The two HMCs must be on different subnets.
B. The redundant HMC must have the ‘Redundant DHCP Range’ check box selected on ethernet ent0 configuration.
C. Both HMCs must be running RMC on a shared private network.
D. The first HMC must be set as primary DHCP range.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 36
A VIO server provides a virtual Fibre Channel adapter to each of 2 LPARs. The HBA has recently been replaced on the VIO server. After the VIO server was rebooted, the clients LPARs were also rebooted. The LUNs are now showing as “Defined” instead of “Available”. What is the cause?
A. The HBA created new WWPNs on the virtual Fibre Channel adapters.
B. The HBA requires an initial configuration to be performed.
C. The client virtual Fibre Channel adapters were configured via DLPAR.
D. The client virtual Fibre Channel needs a map to the new WWPNs.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 37
While reactivating client LPARs following a scheduled power down, some LPARs have lost visibility to their NPIV-allocated SAN LUNs. On investigation it appears the WWNs have changed on the problem LPARs. What is the most likely cause for the change in WWN?
A. The option to randomly assign WWNs for security reasons has been selected.
B. The NPIV adapters on the VIOS LPARs were not tagged as being “required for partition activation.”
C. The virtual Fibre Channel client adapters were dynamically allocated to the LPARs before being added to the partition profile.
D. The WWNs will have changed due to the recycle of the Hypervisor. The chsyscfg -r command should be used to recover the previously allocated WWN.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 38
What Shared Ethernet Adapter environment can be implemented to prevent client network outages when the Virtual I/O server needs to be shut down for maintenance?
A. Shared Ethernet Adapter failover
B. Link Aggregation on the Virtual I/O Server
C. Etherchannel on the Virtual I/O Server
D. Live Partition Mobility

Correct Answer: D
An administrator is planning to deploy multiple AIX LPARs onto a Power 770. These LPARs will be served with Virtual SCSI storage from a pair of VIO Servers (VIOS). What consideration should be considered with regard to VIOS configuration to ensure suitable performance of the virtualized storage?
A. Allocate sufficient CPU processing capacity.
B. Provide sufficient memory allocation.
C. Assign each virtual disk on a unique virtual SCSI adapter.
D. Set the hcheck_mode attribute on the vSCSI disks.

Correct Answer: A
A customer has a VIO server which runs on internal disks. It can not support an outage during normal business hours. Which action can the administrator take that will support this requirement AND improve overall system availability?
A. Use the -P flag when setting disk quorum.
B. Use the -D flag when creating a backup device.
C. Use the -defer option when mirroring the rootvg.
D. Use the -immed option when creating a hot spare disk.

Correct Answer: C
An administrator is trying to perform Live Partition Mobility (LPM) between physical systems managed by the same HMC. The VIO Servers (VIOS) on each physical system are connected to the same SAN. The client LPARs will use virtual SCSI (vSCSI) disks. The SCSI adapter slot numbers are between 11 and 20.Each client LPAR has a unique name. The network used by the client LPARs use Logical Host Ethernet adapters (LHEA).The PowerVM Enterprise edition is being used. No EtherChannel has been configured. Why are LPM activities failing?
A. This LHEA configuration is not supported for LPM.
B. The SCSI adapter slot numbers are too high.
C. Multiple MSP (mover service partitions) were configured.
D. The ssh keys have not been exchanged between the two VIO servers.

Correct Answer: A
A partition that uses an LHEA for network connectivity needs to be moved to another managed system. The administrator has the LHEA configured in an Etherchannel with a virtual Ethernet adapter as the backup adapter. When attempting to perform the migration using the Migration Wizard, it fails. What is necessary for the migration to be successful?
A. The HMC command line interface needs to be used to perform the migration.
B. The migration must be initiated from the opertaing systems of the mobile partition.
C. The LHEA must be removed from the Etherchannel before the migration.
D. The destination server does not have an LHEA available for the migration.

Correct Answer: B
The VIO servers in a Power Systems server have already been installed and the LUNs have been mapped to their vhosts as virtual scsi disks. When defining a client LPAR, the administrator wants to map a virtual client SCSI adapter to a server adapter in one of the VIO servers.

In the “Create Virtual SCSI Adapter” dialog box below, why are the fields for “Backing Device” and “Client Disks” empty?
A. The information becomes available when the clients are booted.
B. There needs to be an RMC connection between the HMC and the VIO servers.
C. This information is only available when using internal disks.
D. PowerVM Enterprise Edition is required for this feature .

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 44
Which of the following are advantages of configuring a management IP address on a VIO Server?
A. Allows trunking on the SEA failoverAllows DLPAR of CPU and MemoryAllows network based OS upgrades
B. Allows the VIO Server to be used as an MSPAllows VIO Server management without access to an HMCAllows browser-based access to ASMI
C. Allows DLPARAllows network based OS upgradesAllows VIO Server management without access to an HMC
D. Allows a control channel to be used on SEAsAllows for the use of Live Partition MobilityAllows for security inside a hostile network

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 45
An administrator has installed a Linux LPAR using virtual storage and virtual networking on a POWER7 system and is attempting to DLPAR additional memory into the LPAR. They see the following error message during the DLPAR operation.

Which action will resolve this issue?
A. Add the HMC to the /etc/hosts file.
B. Configure a network on the same subnet on the HMC.
C. Install the IBM Installation Toolkit for Linux
D. Upgrade the version on Linux to support memory DLPAR.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 46
When planning for virtual disk redundancy on an AIX LPAR, which solution would provide the highest availability?
A. N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)
B. MPIO through redundant VIO Servers
C. Disk mirroring on the VIO Servers providing the virtual disks
D. Distinct vhost provided for each disk allocated by the VIO Servers

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 47
Which of the following provides resilience when dynamically allocating CPU and memory resources on IBM Power Systems servers?
A. PowerHA System Mirror for Virtualization
B. PowerVM Enterprise Extended Edition
C. Redundant VIO server partitions
D. Redundant Hardware Management Consoles

Correct Answer: D
A VIO server administrator is configuring MPIO-based storage for a new LPAR named P7_3_AIX.The administrator runs the lspv -free command and sees 4 disks free. The lsmap -all command confirms that the disks are free. A check of the list of LPARs shows the following:

In order to avoid problems, what else should be verified before mapping storage to the new LPAR?
A. If the free disks are allocated to P7_2_AIX
B. That the free disks are MPIO capable
C. If the free disks are allocated to P7_3_AIX
D. That the free disks are allocated to a shared storage pool

Correct Answer: D
An administrator manages a Power 750 server for application development testing. Full system environments need to be deployed quickly to perform functional application testing. What is the fastest method for the administrator to deploy new AIX environments for the testing staff?
A. Install a VIO server and install testing LPARs utilizing virtualized network and disks.
B. Install a NIM server LPAR on the system and perform installations on testing LPARs through Virtual Ethernet adapters.
C. Use alt_disk_install to maintain a new image on alternate disks on testing LPARs.
D. Create a global LPAR and create test environments using WPAR.

Correct Answer: D
During the validation of a planned partition migration between managed servers, the following error message is displayed:HSCLA297 The DLPAR Resource Manager (DRM) capability bits 0x0 for mover service partition (MSP) VIOS indicate that partition mobility functions are not supported on the partition. What is the most likely cause of this error?
A. An RMC error has occurred on one of the VIOS partitions.
B. The mobile partition has an HEA logical port configured.
C. There is a mismatch in VIO Server versions between the two systems.
D. The network connection to the mobile partition is not working.

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