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Which feature of RTC supports the Development Intelligence imperative’s recommended action to “Make fact-based decisions by relying on automatically generated live dashboards and reports that are based on data coming from team activity”?
A. burndown chart
B. enforcement of associating a work item to a change set
C. role-based approval of test scripts
D. automated linkage of user stories to requirements
Answer: A Explanation:

Which ALM imperative improves a team’s ability to connect with each other, to respond to changing events, and to improve project predictability?
A. Real-time Planning
B. Lifecycle Traceability
C. In-context Collaboration
D. Development Intelligence
Answer: C Explanation:

Which two application servers are supported by the Jazz Team Server? (Choose two.)
A. Apache Tomcat
IBM 000-052 Exam
B. WebSphere Application Server
C. Oracle WebLogic Server
D. Microsoft IIS
E. JBoss
Answer: A,B Explanation:

When a defect is submitted from a test execution, the CLM solution performs which action
A. generation of links to plan items
B. assignment of ownership for the defect
C. assignment of team for the defect
D. assignment of severity for the defect
Answer: A Explanation:

Which two applications are included in a CLM installation by default? (Choose two.)
A. Rational Team Concert
B. Rational Insight
C. Rational Design Manager
D. Rational Software Architect
E. Rational Quality Manager
F. Rational Asset Manager
Answer: A,E Explanation:
What must be done to install CLM on UNIX or Linux servers?
IBM 000-052 Exam
A. install a Windows emulator on the system
B. rename all X11 libraries on the system to jazz.X11.<library name>
C. increase the limit of the number of files that can be opened on the system
D. decrease the number of users that can access the system
E. block access to all http ports on the application servers running on Linux
Answer: C Explanation:

For which two purposes does CLM use absolute URIs? (Choose two.)
A. to locate clients attached to the server
B. to act as a stable resource identification for all applications
C. to act as a proxy for other systems
D. to permit consistent web access to stored artifacts
E. to reduce the size of any URL referencing stored artifacts
Answer: B,D Explanation:

What is the maximum amount of Developer for Workgroups Starter Pack users allowed per
licensed server?
A. 10 users
B. 1 user
C. 50 users
D. 2 users
Answer: A Explanation:

Which three statements are true about CLM providing linkages between applications? (Choose three.)
IBM 000-052 Exam
A. Test cases can be linked to work items.
B. Test cased can be linked to requirements.
C. Work items can be linked to test plans.
D. Work items can be linked to test results.
Answer: A,B,C Explanation:

What are three good reasons for a project team to use Rational Software Architect Design
Manager to assist in the process of reviewing and approving solution designs? (Choose three.)
A. t allows developers and designers to each update the relevant sections of a model at given points in the project lifecycle and according to a defined schedule.
B. t allows reviewers to annotate and make comments on any of the elements in a design model.
C. t allows stakeholders to create links from a solution design to specific requirements.
D. t allows a team of architects to work concurrently on a solution design by locking or reserving particular sections.
E. t allows a team of reviewers and architects to have an open discussion displayed next to the solution designs with annotations over the document.
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IBM 000-052 Preparation Materials, Provides IBM 000-052 Study Guides On Our Store