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Exam Code: 70-475
Exam Name: Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions
Updated: Aug 13, 2017
Q&As: 42

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70-475 dumps

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What is a Global User as defined in eTrust Admin?
A. A user login on a specific machine.
B. An individual employee identifier in a company.
C. The user login common to all UNIX machines in a company.
D. A common user login on all machines in a company’s network.
70-475 exam Correct Answer: B
Which component of eTrust Access Control keeps track of bypass access permissions?
A. Watchdog
B. Bookkeeper
C. SEOS Agent
D. eTrust Syscall
Correct Answer: B
What is the primary task of a TCL script in eTrust SSO?
A. Assist with debugging
B. Generate eTrust SSO tickets
C. Provide instructions for logging a user into a specific application
D. Specify options that control the communication between the eTrust SSO server and clients
70-475 dumps Correct Answer: C
Which two does the TERMINAL class provide? (Choose two.)
A. The ability to control login events
B. Permissions for remote administration
C. The ability to control root access for the terminal
D. The ability to define hosts used in the TCP class
Correct Answer: AB
Which two statements are true concerning centralized management of multiple eTrust Access Control
servers using the PMDB architecture? (Choose two.)
A. PMDB is a recommended replacement for NIS.
B. The PMDB architecture provides a hot backup capability.
C. The master and sub-PMDBs can reside on the same physical server.
D. All servers being centrally managed in this architecture must have the same policies.
E. Each eTrust Access Control server can be administered locally if the PMDB server goes down.
70-475 pdf Correct Answer: CE
Where are SSO login scripts stored?
A. On the SSO Broker
B. On the SSO Server
C. On the target system
D. On the SSO client PC
Correct Answer: B
What does a role represent in eTrust Admin?
A. A job function
B. The machines on which a Global User has accounts
C. The department with which an employee is associated
D. The specific rights granted to an eTrust security administrator
70-475 vce Correct Answer: A
All items in eTrust Access Control can be broadly classified into which two categories? (Choose two.)
A. File
B. Process
C. Program
D. Accessor
E. Resource
Correct Answer: DE
The scope of an eTrust Admin Administrator can be limited to which groups?
A. Any arbitrary group of users
B. Specified Native OS Groups
C. Specified eTrust Admin User Groups
D. Specified eTrust Admin Directory Groups
70-475 exam Correct Answer: A
How does the Universal Feed Option submit changes to eTrust Admin?
A. Through the etautil utility
B. Through the workflow engine
C. Through the Delegated Admin interface
D. Through the SPML Provisioning Service Poinit (PSP)
Correct Answer: B
Which three database types are supported within an eTrust SiteMinder environment? (Choose three.)
A. User Store
B. Token Data
C. Policy Store
D. Resource Store
70-475 dumps E. Accounting Logs

QUESTION 12. The abbreviation “VSWR” stands for .
A. Variable Signal Wave Radio
B. Voltage Strength Wire Ratio
C. Very Strong Wave Radio
D. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
Answer: D
QUESTION  13. What is the proper resistance of an ESD wrist strap?
A. 1 ohm (O)
B. 1 Mega ohm (MO)
C. 10 O
D. 1 MO
70-475 pdf Answer: B
QUESTION  14. In OMT, what view shows the RUs installed in the GSM cabinet?
A. System View
B. Radio view
C. MO View
D. Cabinet View
Answer: D
QUESTION 15. What could a flashing green LED indicate in an MRU?
A. Fault is localized
B. Wait, activity in progress
C. Battery Power depleted
D. None of the above
70-475 vce Answer: B
QUESTION 16. What common LED indicators are in the CDU, PSU, BFU, and dTRU?
A. RBS Fault

B. Operational
C. Fault
D. B and C
Answer: D
QUESTION 17. How many T1s can one DXU-21 support?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
70-475 exam Answer: D
QUESTION 18. An ESD wrist strap must always be used when handling or installing .
A. a DXU
B. printed circuit boards
D. All of the above
Answer: D
QUESTION 19. Bends to RF cables (coaxial) should be a minimum of ten (10) times the cable diameter.
70-475 dumps Answer: A
QUESTION 20. The abbreviation “COD” stands for .
A. Command Document
B. Command Description
C. Command On Demand

D. None of the above
Answer: B
QUESTION 21. In OMT, the System View shows:
A. BSC, PCM link, Alarm Inlets, RBS, OMT, ISP, and ESB
B. BTS, PCM link, Alarm Inlets, RBS, OMT, IDB, and ESI
C. BSC, PCM link, Alarm Inlets, RBS, OMT, IDB, and ETS
D. BSC, PCM link, Alarm Inlets, RBS, OMT, IDB, and ESB
70-475 pdf Answer: D
QUESTION 22. If VSWR supervision is disabled in the IDB, an alarm is sent to the BSC if the level reaches .
A. 1.8
B. 2.2
C. 2.8
D. The alarm is not sent to the BSC
Answer: D
QUESTION 23. What type of RU is a fan?
C. Subordinate
D. Passive
70-475 vce Answer: D
QUESTION 24. The abbreviation “TRU” stands for .
A. Transmitter Unit
B. Transceiver Unit
C. Transmitting Replaceable Unit
D. None of the above
Answer: B

QUESTION 25. Why should you use the ESD wrist strap when handling RUs?
A. to avoid an electrical shock to you
B. To ensure good contact is made
C. To avoid a static charge, which can damage electronic components
D. Both B and C
70-475 exam Answer: C
QUESTION 26. The abbreviation “CF” stands for:
A. Central Frequency
B. Cabinet Function
C. Cellular Frequency
D. Central Function
Answer: D
QUESTION 27. Which of the following will cause a “VSWR” Limits Exceeded?
A. Faulty TRU-CDU TX cable
B. Loose PSU connection
C. Loose G703 cable connection
D. Unplugged optic cable
70-475 dumps Answer: A
QUESTION 28. What is the acceptable DC voltage range of the PSUs at 59 to 87
A. 25.4 to 27.7
B. 26.5 to 27.5
C. 26.9 to 27.7
D. 24.7 to 27.3
Answer: C
QUESTION 29. The abbreviation “ACCU” stands for .

A. Automatic Cable Connection Unit
B. Automatic Cabinet Connection Unit
C. Alternating Current Control Unit
D. Automatic Transceiver Connection Converter Unit
70-475 pdf Answer: C

QUESTION 30. Which of the following statements describes the Component type of workflow?
A. A workflow that drives software and automated processes without human intervention
B. Can be thought of as one of the goals in a business production process.
C. Can automate a labour-intensive business process for the moment but can integrate new automation
processes as they appear.
D. All of the above
Answer: D
QUESTION 31. In the Interstage BPM Client Architecture, which of the following UI components presents a list of
processes, process definitions, and work items?
A. Organizer
B. Overview
C. Process/process definition viewer/editor
D. Activity detail view
70-475 vce Answer: A
QUESTION 32. Which of the following correctly describes the ‘No Reassignment Mode’ of operation for Interstage
A. In this mode anyone who is a current assignee for the activity or a process owner can reassign the
activity to a new set of users
B. In this mode only a process owner can reassign an activity to a different set of user/s
C. In this mode, reassignment is completely disabled
D. In this mode, resassignemt is disabled only for those users who are not process owners
Answer: C

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