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company has set up an adapter Container JVM to increase performance and reliability. Which three server adapters are available to be used with the container? (Choose three.)






SMTP Answer: A,B,C
customer has deployed a two node active-active IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (SBI) cluster in the secure zone on two servers. The customer has installed two servers in the DMZ for the purpose of installing remote SBI Perimeter Servers to facilitate communications with external partners. External partners will connect to an external IP Load Balancer that will distribute inbound FTP/S, SFTP and HTTP Client sessions across the Perimeter Servers. The customer requirement is that if any single server fails, all the other SBI nodes and remote Perimeter Server instances must continue to activelyThe customer.? requirement is that if any single server fails, all the other SBI nodes and remote Perimeter Server instances must continue to actively handle inbound sessions for each protocol. What is the minimum number of remote Perimeter Server instances that must be deployed in the DMZ?




12 Answer: C
developer has created a Business Process (BP) that uses the File System Adapter to write a file to the file system. Where should the target file name be stored in the BP so that the File System Adapter can retrieve it?

Primary Data

Process Data

Primary Document

Process Document Answer: B
4.What would cause the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (SBI) database size to continually grow and thus impact performance?
A. persistence level set to FULL
B. improperly sized database connection pools
C. index, archive, and purge services not running
D. incorrect number of database threads assigned Answer: C
Business Process (BP) implementer wants to use the Document Keyword Replace Service in the Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) but the service is not showing in the All Services stencil. What needs to be done to make the Document Keyword Replace Service show in the GPM?

Update the license file.

Create a service configuration.


Add JavaTask to Answer: B
company wants to change their document storage to file system storage for a IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (SBI) cluster deployment. Which configuration needs to exist?

with a shared file system mounted as /FS:

with a shared file system mounted as /FS:

with a shared file system mounted as /shared:

with a shared file system mounted as /shared: Answer: D
7.The system default for the amount of time a Business Process (BP) remains online in the system is set to five days. How can that value be overridden?
A. Update
B. Modify the lifespan setting for a BP.
C. Update with the Performance Tuning wizard.
D. Create a new Retention Service configuration. Answer: B
8.Based on the screen shot, how many days will documents and other trackable data stay in the system by default?
A. 1 dayA.1 day
B. 2 daysB.2 days
C. 3 daysC.3 days
D. The setting is controlled at the individual Business Process (BP) level. D.The setting is controlled at the individual Business Process (BP) level. Answer: C
9.Given the following information from the file: noapp=/home/SBI/properties/ jboss=/home/SBI/properties/ jdbcService=/home/SBI/properties/ jdbcServiceCustomer=/home/SIB/properties/
si_config=/home/SBI/properties/sandbox.cfg customer_overrides=/home/SBI/properties/ filesystem=/home/SBI/properties/ The customer would like to change the default directory to store on-disk documents to a new directory. How should this override be configured in the system?
A. Edit sandbox.cfg and add document_dir=<new directory full path>.
B. Edit and add filesystem.document_dir=<new directory full path>.
C. Edit and add jdbcService.document_dir=<new directory full path>.
D. Edit and add jdbcServiceCustomer.document_dir=<new directory full path>. Answer: C
10.Of the locations where persistence levels can be set, which has the highest precedence?
A. Global
B. System
C. Trading Partner
D. Business Process (BP) Definition Answer: D
company allows trading partners to send files to it via SFTP. Which port needs to be configured on the SFTP Server adapter to define the communication port?

Data Port

Send Port

Listen Port

Passive Port Answer:
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