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According to studies by IBM and Gartner, what do CIOs list as their number one concern?
A. Compliance
B. Business analytics
C. Mobility solutions
D. Risk management
Correct Answer: B Explanation
Which major differentiator did version 10 introduce to the IBM Cognos BI interface?
A. Separate workspaces for distinct roles.
B. Unified workspace for all users.
C. Mobile support for all functionality.
D. Ad hoc reporting capabilities.
Correct Answer: B Explanation
What is NOT a major advantage that IBM Cognos BI products have over the competition?
A. Promotion of self-service.
B. Ability to consume information in a variety of formats, languages, and devices.
C. Consistency and accessibility from a wide range of data sources across the entire organization.
D. Ability to build and automate business processes.
Correct Answer: D Explanation
Explanation: IBM Cognos BI Overview slide 11 Theself-servicecollaborative capabilities of report creation and theflexible choice of how to access and interact with the information through web portal, mobile devices, et cetera, is a keycompetitive differentiatorfor IBM Cognos.
What is a high-yield question when positioning IBM Cognos BI to the CIO of an organization?
A. Do your users trust the data that they have access to?
B. How do you identify outliers in your business?
C. How do you handle information requests from the business?
D. What happens when management is not able to get information they need quickly?
Correct Answer: D Explanation Explanation/Reference:
An existing Cognos BI customer has applications that depend on a previous version of Cognos (Series 7). They wish to migrate to IBM Cognos BI.
Which product most resembles their previous version and is likely to provide them with the easiest migration?
A. Controller
B. PowerPlay
C. Business Insight Classic Mode
D. TM1
Correct Answer: B Explanation
Which type of report in IBM Cognos BI is most likely authored by a financial analyst?
A. Managed report
B. Transactional report
C. Statement style report
D. Portfolio report
Correct Answer: C Explanation
Explanation: The second style of report is atransactional and operational report style. Transactional and operational reportsprovide the capability to report off of an operational database, to provide a critical point in time picture of performance or KPI or performance indicators based on that operational database. Typically, the users or the consumers of this type of report are operational and line managers who need to have an up to the minute view on that operational database. The other consumers of this report would be senior managers. The author of this report would be a professional author, again someone likely sitting within the IT department. Where as slde 18 is talking about Statement type of reports and financial analysts as typical authors of these reports: The third style of report is astatement style report. A statement style report is a financial report. The reason that we call it a statement style report is becausethis particular report from a Cognos perspective doesn’t necessarily have any financial intelligence. So it doesn’t necessarily understand what a debit or a credit is.But from every other aspect, it is very much a financial report. It details financial data, expenses, assets, liabilities. It’s all generated using powerful cross tab capabilities and really gives business managers and senior managers visibility into the financial health across their business, their business unit or their particular product line.Typically the author of this is somebody who sits within the line of business. Some of the titles for example are business or financial analysts
The analysis capability of IBM Cognos BI is geared toward helping organizations answer which key question?
A. How are we doing?
B. What should we be doing?
C. What are our competitors doing?
D. Why is our business on or off track?
Correct Answer: D Explanation
What is the easiest place to look for business intelligence sales opportunities?
A. Existing accounts
B. New accounts
C. Competitor accounts
D. Small companies Correct Answer: A
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Prospecting Business Intelligence slide 15:
Which type of user of IBM Cognos BI is mostly likely to explore and analyze data from multiple sources?
A. Customer
B. Executive
C. Business manager
D. Business analyst
Correct Answer: D Explanation
IBM Cognos Analysis Foundational Knowledge slide 15:
With Analysis Studio you can reach an additional large user community who have outgrown or will outgrow
the analytical reporting. You can sell business analysts or other richer licenses and our analysiscan run
against any OLAP or multi-dimensional data set, including dimensionally modeled relational data.

According to Gartner’s 2011 Magic Quadrant, which competitor of IBM Cognos is NOT in the leaders quadrant?
A. LogiXML
B. QlikTek
C. MicroStrategy
D. Oracle
Correct Answer: A Explanation
A prospect in HR is interested in the reporting capabilities of IBM Cognos BI, but in the past they have had trouble getting IT to pay attention to their needs.
What is the best way for the sales representative to respond to this concern?
A. Cognos was designed to take information from multiple applications and pull it together into a single platform.
B. Cognos solutions are designed with the business user in mind, freeing up IT resources and promoting self-service.
C. The Cognos Workforce Performance solution is tailored to the specific needs of HR, without requiring IT to create these reports.
D. Cognos allows organizations to select the appropriate roles that match their user behaviors.
Correct Answer: C Explanation
Prospecting Business Intelligence slide 34:

Which feature of IBM Cognos BI is designed to meet the specific demands of business analysts?
A. Data exploration for multiple dimensions and hierarchies
B. Simplified ad hoc reporting
C. Portal integration
D. Active Report
Correct Answer: A Explanation
IBM Cognos Analysis Foundational Knowledge slide 14: 14/15. Mark:Now let’s see where analytical reporting might not be enough for some people. Now you have to think about the type of role that person plays for their organization. If they are in more of an analysis type of role, they’re likely to find analytic reporting too constraining for them. They’re probably calleda business analyst or they might be a business user or managerwho performs that role for their group. They’re typically comfortable with navigating through data and need more freedom to explore the information in the way that they want without preset paths or prompts during them… They typically want to see performance across time periods, and want to find out why performance is improving or declining acrossmultiple dimensions, like product geography, et cetera.
Also Prospecting Business Intelligence Slide 35:

Which type of analysis in IBM Cognos BI is sufficient for most users and should be introduced into every deal to sell more seats?
A. Slice-and-dice and trending
B. Analytical reporting and drilling
C. Scenario modeling
D. Statistics and predictive analytics
Correct Answer: B Explanation
What is a high-yield question when positioning IBM Cognos BI to the Sales VP of an organization?

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Exam Name: IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Sales Mastery v1
Version: Demo
What is the main purpose of segmentation algorithms in SPSS Modeler?
A. To prepare a data set for optimal modeling.
B. To reduce data to a simpler form.
C. To divide the market or customer base into groups.
D. To discover linked purchases and other occurrences.
Answer: C Explanation:
SPSS Decision Management is most concerned with optimizing which type of decisions?
A. Strategic
B. Tactical
C. Operational
D. Personnel
Answer: C Explanation:

According to an independent study, what percentage of SPSS Modeler customers achieved a positive return on investment?
A. 12%
B. 24%
C. 47%
D. 94%
Answer: D Explanation:


A. Professional statistician
B. Business analyst
C. Business executive
D. IT manager
Answer: B Explanation:

What is NOT a key competitive differentiator of SPSS Modeler based on product feature/functionality?
A. Automated modeling and data preparation.
B. Intuitive visual interface.
C. Scorecards and dashboards.
D. Open and scalable architecture.
Answer: C Explanation:

Which statement is true about SPSS Modeler Premium?
A. It requires no programming experience to use.
B. It leverages structured data only.
C. It leverages unstructured data only.
D. It addresses all but one of the phases in the CRISP-DM methodology.
Answer: A Explanation:
A customer wants to optimize their data for simpler, more accurate, and faster models. Which
A. Classification
B. Segmentation
C. Association
D. Reduction
Answer: A Explanation:

The user interface and capabilities of SPSS Decision Management are best suited for which type of user?
A. Analyst
B. Line of business manager
C. Executive
D. Researcher
Answer: B Explanation:

Which statement is true about SPSS Text Analytics?
A. It requires new users to build categories and dictionaries from scratch before it can be used.
B. It allows users to import custom rules and categories.
C. It confirms model accuracy.
D. It supports over 100 languages.
Answer: A Explanation:
What is NOT a key competitive differentiator of SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services A. Integrated management and deployment environment.
B. Automation and integration of analytical processes.
C. Document content management.
D. Support for the entire model lifecycle.
Answer: C Explanation:

Which characteristic of SPSS Modeler appeals more to power data mining experts?
A. Automated modeling
B. No programming needed
C. Automated data preparation
D. SPSS Statistics integration
Answer: A Explanation:

Which SPSS product family is more focused on the Act phase of the predictive analytics process?
A. Data Collection
B. Deployment
C. Modeling
D. Statistics
Answer: C Explanation:
Which type of organization represents the best opportunity for SPSS Collaboration and
Deployment Services?
A. An organization with strict regulatory requirements.
B. A small organization that requires only the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.
C. An organization with a small, select number of consumers.
D. An organization with a small number of analytic objects.
Answer: A Explanation:

Which SPSS Modeler feature is only available in the Premium edition?
A. Automatic data preparation
B. Output and visualization
C. Automatic model generation
D. Text mining workbench
Answer: D Explanation:

Which input is NOT used to define decisions within SPSS Decision Management?
A. Human defined rules
B. System created predictive models
C. Intuition
D. Business objectives
Answer: C Explanation:

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Exam Name: IBM Unica Enterprise Campaign Technical Mastery Test V1
Version: Demo

A. Offer
B. Campaign
C. Response
D. Segment
Answer: A
In Unica Campaign, in order to schedule a flowchart (using the flowchart schedule process), what mode do you need to be in?
A. Edit
B. Run
C. View
D. Schedule
Answer: C
In Unica Campaign, what segment type is a reusable list of contacts (such as customers, accounts, or households) that you can use in the Select process as input?
A. Template
B. Flowchart
C. Smart Chart
D. Sample
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 4

How does a customer view log files for a Unica Campaign flowchart?
A. Open the flowchart in Edit mode and select Options and the View Log.
B. Log files can only be viewed by administrators.
C. Navigate to the Analytics menu and run the Log File report.
D. While viewing the flowchart in View mode, select Run > View Log.
Answer: A
What happens if a customer disables integration between Unica Campaign and Unica Marketing Operations?
A. All campaigns will be disabled.
B. Customers cannot disable the integration between Unica Campaign and Unica Marketing Operations.
C. Customer must reinstall Campaign.
D. Integrated version reverts to standalone Unica Campaign.
Answer: D
In Unica Campaign response tracking, how does the application handle response attribution if attribute values do not match values in the offer, or, the attribute value is not available, even if the customer provided a response?
A. Does not count as a response.
B. Counts as a response.
C. Counts as a partial response.
D. Counts as an inferred response.
Answer: A
During the installation of Unica Campaign, if you want to install additional Unica applications, what is a key step for success?
A. Place all the application installers in the same folder.
B. Create a HOME folder for each application.
C. Install each application independently.
D. Install each application on a separate server.
Answer: A
In Unica Campaign, after a flowchart process executes, how is an error indicated during the run of a process?
A. Green X in the Process Type icon
B. Process box isgrayed out
C. A dialog box appears with an error message
D. Red X in the Process Type icon
Answer: D
In a Unica Campaign installation, what should a customer do if they encounter errors related to the Java Virtual Machine?
A. Restart the Campaign Installation.
B. Reinstall the database.
C. Create a Weblogic or Websphere domain dedicated to Unica Marketing products.
D. Increase the amount of RAM on the production server.
Answer: C


Where does a user define triggers in Unica Campaign?
A. Open the flowchart in Edit mode and select Admin.
B. View the flowchart in View mode and select Run.
C. Open the flowchart in Edit mode and select Options.
D. Go to the Summary tab of the campaign.
Answer: C
What templates does a customer need to import if the Unica Marketing Platform and Unica Campaign system tables databases are of the same database type?
A. None, the system automatically imports the template.
B. SQLServer template
C. Oracle template
D. DB2 template
Answer: A
In a Unica Campaign flowchart, if a process box is grayed out, what does this mean?
A. Process has not been run.
B. Process is currently running.
C. Process is not fully configured.
D. Process ran and has an error.
Answer: C
When are offer templates configured for Unica Campaign?
A. Before installing Unica Campaign using the offer utility.
B. During the configuration of the Campaign environment.
C. After creating a campaign.
D. After running the flowchart.
Answer: B
In Unica Campaign, before you run a flowchart what must a user make sure is/are correctly configured?
A. Processes
B. Flowchart name
C. Cell reports
D. Campaign code
Answer: A
What utility tool should a customer use if they want to export an XML version of configuration settings for backup, or to import the settings into a different installation of Unica Marketing Platform?
A. populateDb
B. configTool
C. partitionDb
D. unica_actrg
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 16

In Unica Campaign, what is the basis for a variety of reports that can be used for data exploration, quick counts, or as a basis for targeting campaigns?
A. Samples
B. Segments
C. Dimension hierarchy
D. Profiles
Answer: C
Which tab does a customer use to run a report in Unica Campaign to obtain information on a Campaign, offer, cell or segment?
A. Analysis Tab
B. Summary Tab
C. Flowchart Tab
D. Target Cells Tab
Answer: A
In Unica Campaign, what option allows a customer to create a segment from the Segment process, where the same audience key can only appear once in any given segment?
A. Segment by query
B. Sample by number
C. Sample by percentage
D. Mutually Exclusive Segments
Answer: D QUESTION NO: 19

In Unica Campaign, which flowchart cell report displays details of the records within a cell?
A. Cell List
B. Cell Variable Profile
C. Cell Waterfall
D. Cell Content
Answer: D
What is the earliest version of Unica Campaign that a customer can perform an in place upgrade to version 8.x?
A. 5.1 and above
B. 6.x and above
C. 7.5 and above
D. 7.0 to 7.3 only
Answer: C
What Unica Campaign flowchart process type does a customer use to build an output file of customers who were suppressed because they had opted out of marketing communications (and where no marketing offer is needed)?
A. Mail List
B. Snapshot
C. Call List
D. Extract
Answer: B
Which Unica Campaign process accepts input (cells) and outputs one combined cell? The customer specifies in this process which input cells are to be included (IDs within the cells will be retained), and which cells are to be excluded (IDs within the cells will be excluded or suppressed)
A. Segment
B. Sample
C. Audience
D. Merge
Answer: D
What does a customer use in Unica Campaign to create flowcharts that transforms data required across campaigns; produces Unica PredictiveInsight input files; contains strategic segments?
A. Sessions
B. Segments
C. Snapshots
D. Extract
Answer: A
What is required for Unica Campaign in order to generate an IBM Cognos report that displays budget, revenue, and ROI information for each channel financial campaign, each channel within the campaign, and each offer within the channel?
A. Unica Interact
B. Unica NetInsight

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Which of the following options best describes the differences between a traditional data warehouse environment and a Hadoop environment?
A. Traditional data warehousing environments are mostly ideal for analyzing structured data from various systems, while a Hadoop environment is well suited to deal with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, as well as when a data discovery process is needed.
B. Hadoop environments are mostly ideal for analyzing structured and semi-structured data from a single system, while traditional data warehousing environment is well suited to deal with unstructured data, as well as when a data discovery process is needed.
C. Typically, data stored in Hadoop environments is cleaned up before storing in the distributed file-system.
D. Typically, data stored in data warehousing environments is rarely filtered and pre-processed. On the other hand, data injected into Hadoop environments is always pre-processed and filtered.
Answer: A
What is Big SQL?
A. Big SQL is a feature in Data Explorer that allows for indexing of data from SQL sources such as data warehouses.
B. Big SQL is a feature in BigInsights that allows for native SQL query access for Hadoop, providing full ANSI SQL 92 compliance and standardSQL syntax such as joins, for data contained in a variety of formats such as structured Hive tables, Hbase tables, or csv and other delimitedfiles in HDFS.
C. Big SQL is a feature in Streams that allows for real time analysis of data via standard SQL syntax.
D. Big SQL is a feature in BigInsights that provides a SQL like interface to data contained in Hbase tables only. Other data sources in HDFS mustbe accessed via other means such as HiveQL.
Answer: B

What is the InfoSphere BigInsights Credential Store?
A. The InfoSphere BigInsights credentials store is a table stored in the HBase relational database that stores passwords, tokens, and other potentially sensitive information.
B. The InfoSphere BigInsights credentials store is a designated folder on the distributed file system (DFS) that stores passwords, tokens, and other potentially sensitive information.
C. The InfoSphere BigInsights credentials store is a designated folder in the local file system (not HDFS) that stores the authorities and privileges for all users in the BigInsights environment.
D. The InfoSphere BigInsights credentials store is a designated file defined by an environment variable that stores the authorities and privileges for all users in the BigInsights environment.
Answer: B
What does ig Data?represent?What does ?ig Data?represent?
A. A Hadoop feature capable of processing vast amounts of data in-parallel on large clusters of commodity hardware in a reliable, fault-tolerant manner.
B. A concept and platform of technologies with the characteristics of the ? Vs? that is able to handle large amounts of unstructured,semi-structured, and structured raw data unlike traditional systems.
C. A database feature capable of converting pre-existing structured data into unstructured raw data.
D. Only data stored in the BIGDATA table in any relational database.
Answer: B
How do existing applications usually connect to InfoSphere BigInsights using the Big SQL feature?
A. Applications will connect using custom made connectors programmed in SPL.
B. Applications will connect using standard JDBC and ODBC drivers that come with InfoSphere BigInsights.
C. Applications will connect using the JAQL programming language.
D. Applications will connect using either HiveQL or Pig programming languages.
Answer: B

Which of the following components is NOT included in the BigInsights Basic Edition distribution?
A. Hadoop Distributed File System.
B. Hive.
C. Pig.
D. BigSheets.
Answer: D
Hadoop environments are optimized for:
A. Processing transactions (random access).
B. Low latency data access.
C. Batch processing on large files.
D. Intensive calculation with little data.
Answer: C
Which of the following options DOES NOT describe an advantage of InfoSphere BigInsights on top of regular standalone Hadoop distributions?
A. Integrated install
B. BigSheets
C. Adaptive MapReduce
D. Support to HiveQL and PigLatin languages.
Answer: D
For maximum stability, the recommended number of dedicated hosts in order to implement the high availability configuration for BigInsights (consisting of the HA manager, the NameNode, and the JobTracker) is:

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 10

How do big data solutions interact with the existing enterprise infrastructure?
A. Big data solutions must substitute the existing enterprise infrastructure; therefore there is no interaction between them.
B. Big data solutions are only plug-ins and additions to existing data warehouses, and therefore cannot work with any other enterprise infrastructure.
C. Big data solutions must be isolated into a separate virtualized environment optimized for sequential workloads, so that it does not interact with existing infrastructure.
D. Big data solutions works in parallel and together with the existing enterprise infrastructure, where pre-existing connectors are used to integrate big data technologies together with other enterprise solutions.
Answer: D
What is Hadoop?
A. Hadoop is a single-node file system used as a base for storing traditional formatted data.
B. Hadoop is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using a simple programming model.
C. Hadoop is a universal Big Data programming language used to query large datasets.
D. Hadoop is programming language capable of transforming raw, unstructured data into plain, regular data readable by traditional data warehouses.
Answer: B

Which of the following options is NOT CORRECT?
A. Big data solutions are ideal for analyzing not only raw structured data, but semi structured and unstructured data from a wide variety ofsources.
B. Big data solutions are ideal when all, or most, of the data needs to be analyzed versus a sample of the data; or a sampling of data isn nearlyBig data solutions are ideal when all, or most, of the data needs to be analyzed versus a sample of the data; or a sampling of data isn? nearlyas effective as a larger set of data from which to derive analysis.
C. Big data solutions are ideal for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) environments.
A. InfoSphere Biglnsights Express Edition.
B. InfoSphere Biglnsights Enterprise Edition.
C. InfoSphere Biglnsights Extended Developer Edition.
D. InfoSphere Biglnsights Advanced Enterprise Edition.
Answer: B
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Which agenda item is assigned the highest priority by Chief Information Officers (ClOs), according to studies by IBM and Gartner?
A. compliance
B. business analytics
C. mobility solutions
D. risk management
Answer: B
Which financial reporting format, supported by IBM Clarity FSR, is quickly becoming the global standard for exchanging business information because of how efficiently data can be tagged and analyzed?
Answer: B
An organization is struggling to efficiently meet the financial reporting requirements in their country. Which offering is designed specifically to help this customer automate their entire compliance lifecycle?
A. OpenPages UG
B. OpenPages Audit
C. OpenPages Operational Risk Management (ORM)
D. OpenPages Financial Controls Management (FCM)
Answer: D QUESTION NO: 4

Which product is best suited for a company looking to automate their electronic financial reporting processes to ensure regulatory compliance?
A. Clarity FSR
B. OpenPages ITG
C. Cognos Controller
D. Cognos TMl
Answer: C
What is NOT one of the three ways the world is changing according to the IBM Smarter Planet message?
A. intricate
B. instrumented
C. interconnected
D. intelligent
Answer: B
Which IBM Cognos solution is designed to replace spreadsheet-based high volume analytics while keeping the familiar interface?
A. Cognos 8 Planning
B. Cognos 8 Reporting
C. Cognos Go’ Dashboards
D. Cognos TM1
Answer: D
A prospect is interested in IBM Cognos TM1. But they are concerned that its built-in reporting capabilities are too limited. Which IBM Cognos product can be combined with TM1 to support broader reporting needs?
A. IBM Cognos 8 Bl
B. IBM Cognos 8 Planning
C. IBM Cognos 8 Controller
D. IBM Cognos 8 Business Viewpoint
Answer: A
A customer wants to increase the frequency of their forecasts, but the effort it takes and errors that arise result in slow turnaround times which capability of IBM Cognos Financial Performance Management (FPM) solutions best meets the needs of this customer?
A. dashboards
B. what-if scenarios
C. driver-based models
D. familiar Excel interface
Answer: B
What is the most comprehensive way that the office of finance can use business intelligence and performance management to make even their own department more efficient?
A. to protect profitable customers and manage unprofitable ones
B. to drive dynamic Financial Performance Management (FPM) practices through automation
C. to improve sales forecasting
D. to connect to multiple data sources
Answer: B
Which familiar tool enables IBM Cognos TM1 users to author sophisticated applications’?
A. Excel
B. Word
C. Visual Studio
D. Dreamweaver
Answer: C
What is NOT one of the major difficulties today’s companies are facing in the area of financial planning and analytics?
A. too much effort spent maintaining budgets and forecasts
B. inability to link strategic initiatives to execution
C. critical data spread across multiple data sources
D. incomplete functionality for complex global financial consolidation
Answer: D
A sales representative has just secured a meeting with a manager in the CFO’s office. What is NOT an effective tactic for this initial meeting?
A. be credible
B. be a strategic resource
C. focus on the customer
D. focus on the sale
Answer: D
Which office often receives the greatest share of performance management budget and is increasingly a strategic sponsor on enterprise-wide performance management initiatives?
A. finance
B. operations
C. sales
D. customer service
Answer: A
A customer is concerned that their infrequent forecasts quickly become out of date, making it difficult to respond to current economic pressures. What is NOT one of the many capabilities of IBM Cognos FPM that can directly meet the needs of this customer?
A. workflow monitoring
B. what-if scenarios
C. real-time calculation
D. security and access management
Answer: D
Which question will yield the best results when selling IBM Cognos FPM solutions to the CFO of an organization?
A. Are you manually revising spreadsheets on a frequent basis?
B. Do you believe your financial business model properly reflects your key business drivers?
C. Are you able to review your forecasted financials early enough to make course corrections?
D. Are you looking to leverage your existing infrastructure and reduce your team’s workload?
Answer: C

Which model properly represents how business analytics drives better performance’?
A. hypothesis -> testing -> decision making -> performance
B. data -> trusted information -> decision making -> performance
C. data -> decision making -> analysis -> performance
D. prediction -> analysis -> decision making -> performance

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You can create a powerful self-service experience for the customer using?
A. The IBM Customer Experience Suite
B. The IBM Commerce Framework
C. The IBM Enterprise Service Process Manager
D. The IBM Customer Service System
Answer: A
Segmentation, offer management, interaction history, real-time behavioral targeting, and contact optimization are examples of capabilities delivered as part of what?
A. Data mining.
B. Social platform.
C. Central decisioning.
D. Customer clustering.
Answer: C
Reference: Unica_WP_The_Evolving_Marketing.pdf(the image on page 2)
Smarter Commerce is focused on which of the following 3 dimensions with respect to the customer?
A. Customer potential, customer transaction capture, customer fulfillment.
B. Customer insight, customer value strategy, customer & partner engagement.
C. Customer demographics, customer geography, customer affluence.
D. Customer returns, customer purchases, customer order changes.
Answer: B
Reference: ensions&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCMQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww- %26fileName%3DIBM%2520Smarter%2520Commerce%2520Presentation%2520063011%2520P R%2520Kit.pdf&ei=rrcLT6DoOPP24QTw262VBg&usg=AFQjCNG4XVH5v2WVDnEtZykN0LOU7F mK_A(page 7)
Smarter Commerce capabilities are packaged and delivered as what?
A. A single, high-value, shrink-wrapped, solution for commerce.
B. Middleware components requiring additional business function software.
C. Software, hardware, and services to deliver specific business processcapabilities which support each phase of the commerce cycle.
D. A simple monolithic application for each phase of the commerce cycle.
Answer: A Explanation:
What provides the capability to rapidly deliver new web concepts or delineated brand sites via asset sharing on a common platform?
A. Personalization
B. Social integration
C. Partnership with affiliates
D. Extended sites
Answer: B Explanation:

The web marketing continuous optimization platform can drive which of the following capabilities?
A. Optimize paid search advertising.
B. Automate customer recommendations based on LIVE profile.
C. Target through online advertisements based on interaction history.
D. All of the above.

Answer: B
Reference: 0optimization%20platform%20can%20drive%20&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCAQFjAB&url=http 2Fldd%2Fportalwiki.nsf%2F65516F17987136228525779F007BDC8E%2Fattach%2FCoremetrics _v2.pdf&ei=1LkLT4rYJ6rg4QT3h72EBg&usg=AFQjCNEI21r994FOTivYsFWcS2ZzbeRDrA(page 3,last paragraph on the left, and first paragraph on the right)
In order to effectively implement ___________ you must be able to aggregate line items from individual orders to send to suppliers and then separate them out again for customer fulfillment.
A. store operations
B. cross-channel order management
C. social marketing
D. supply chain visibility
Answer: D Explanation:
What can AdTarget do?
A. Monitor all advertisements watched on cable television
B. Working withaffiliates, target Internet ads without email
C. Utilize You Tubeto more effectively deliver adcontent
D. Force customers to watch the entireInternetadbefore entering websites
Answer: B Explanation:
What are Smarter Commerce ‘Buy’ Offerings focused on?
A. Visibility and optimization in the supply chain.
B. Customer buying patterns.
C. Effective 1:1 marketing to facilitate customer purchase decisions.
D. Buy online, pick-up in the store (BOPIS).
Answer: A
Reference: .pdf(page 5, first paragraph)
Which of the following Smarter Commerce Offerings is a core part of delivering a customer
buy-online, pick-up in store (BOPIS) capability?
A. Social Analytics.
B. Distributed Order Management.
C. Logistics Management.
D. Customer Self Service.
Answer: B
Reference: wcs/wcs/
Which one of these software solution components providing business capabilities is
NOT part of the ‘Service’ Offerings?
B. IBM Case Manager
C. Unica
D. Retail Store Solutions
Answer: D
Reference: Smarter%20Commerce%20-%20Redefining%20commerce%20in%20the%20age %20of%20the%20customer%20-%20Gerrit%20Bus/$file/Smarter%20Commerce %20-%20Redefining%20commerce%20in%20the%20age%20of%20the%20customer %20-%20Gerrit%20Bus.pdf(page 8 )
Which one of these is an example of analytics supporting the Smarter Commerce ‘Buy’ offerings?
A. Customer behavioral segmentation.
B. Market basket analysis.
C. Linear regression.
D. Social analytics.
Answer: A Explanation:
The ‘Sell’ customer interaction platform provides capabilities for all but which of the following?
A. Extended brand experience.
B. Customer data mining.
C. Cross-channel commerce.
D. Complex B2B sales processes.
Answer: D Explanation:

The Smarter Commerce Collaboration Network supports what?
A. Transportation providers and partners.
B. Customer interaction regarding new products and concepts.
C. Internal product development processes.
D. Marketing programs.
Answer: B Explanation:
Which of the following software products is NOT a part of Smarter Commerce ‘Buy’ offerings?
A. Sterling Transportation Management
B. Sterling Supply Chain Visibility
C. ILOG Logistics Optimization
D. Sterling Order Management

Answer: D
Reference:$file/Smarter%20Commerce%20-%20Redefining%20commerce%20in%20the%20age%20of%20the%20customer%20-%20Gerrit%20Bus.pdf(page 8)
How does global inventory visibility allow you to ‘save the sale’ in the event of a stock- out?
A. Up-selling to a higher value product.
B. Triggering store to store transfers.
C. Optimizing the supply chain to minimize stock-outs.
D. All of the above.
Answer: B
Reference: (page 4)
Which of the following IBM software components provide analytic capabilities that can support all phases of the commerce cycle?
A. Unica
B. Cognos
C. ILOG Optimization
D. WebSphere Commerce
Answer: D Explanation:

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