In this article, I will explain what the Microsoft Power platform is, what products are there, why it is important, and so on. Microsoft quickly innovates, updates and releases new products and solutions, and you will read a lot about power platforms.

  • What is the Microsoft Power Platform? Quick overview!
  • Four products provided by the Microsoft Power platform
  • Exams included
  • Why is it important?
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What is the Microsoft Power Platform? Quick overview!

It is a series of integrated tools designed to unlock the potential of other Microsoft applications.

“Microsoft Power Platform” is the general term for three Microsoft products: Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent. This Microsoft Power platform merges all data into a common data model. It is a set of products provided by Microsoft to develop and build complex business solutions, analyze and graph data visualization, automate business processes, or build virtual agents for communication.

Power Platform has many exciting possibilities and implications, but it is difficult to know where to start or what it can do for your organization. If you want to learn more about the Power platform, or discuss a potential idea, please contact us today.

Four products provided by the Microsoft Power platform

There are four products:

  1. POWER BI – used to analyze data from different data sources
  2. Power Apps – used to build powerful mobile applications for internal use within the organization
  3. Power Automation – used to design automated workflows to reduce manual tasks.
  4. Power Virtual Agent – used to develop flexible chatbots that can communicate with external clients
(Overview 2020)
Power BI is a business analysis tool that allows you to easily connect to data sources, create visualizations, and quickly acquire business intelligence.
Power Apps (Overview 2020)Power Apps is a low-code custom application development method that allows users to quickly create applications in a “point and click” manner. Power Apps is more like a service platform provided by Microsoft’s Power platform. This service enables users to quickly build applications that can run on any modern web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc., as well as native mobile applications using Android, IOS, or Windows.
Power Automate (Overview 2020)Power Automate allows you to create automated workflows between Microsoft services or other third-party applications, so that workers can avoid performing repetitive tasks and save valuable time.
Power Virtual Agent (Overview 2020)Power Virtual Agent is a BOT construction service provided by Microsoft for business users. Using it, users can build virtual chat agents from scratch without writing a line of code. All integration and logic can be implemented in the graphical user interface of the Power Virtual Agent portal.

Exams included

Microsoft Power Platform Exams:

  • MB-600: Microsoft Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Solution Architect
  • PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

Why is it important?

In this digital age, our dependence on data is very high. The Power platform democratizes data-enabling typical (non-technical) end users to access digital information.

It provides three technologies that enable staff to process more data by themselves without coding knowledge. It does provide an easy way for most users to create, automate, or analyze their data in ways that have never been possible for ordinary workers.

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