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You have a SharePoint Server 2013 server farm that contains a web application named WebApp1. WebApp1 contains 10 site collections. All of the users who use the farm belong to the same Active Directory domain. You plan to assign the Deny All permission policy for WebApp1 to the Domain Users group. For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise select No.
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You have a SharePoint Server 2013 server farm. The farm has four front-end Web servers. You have a master page named Contoso.master. The master page contains an image file that is 50 KB. You need to recommend a solution to cache content.
The solution must meet the following requirements: The image must be stored physically on each front-end Web server.
Authentication information must be cached and replicated on all of the font-end Web servers. The pages generated by using Contoso.master and all of the page layouts must be stored in the memory of each front-end Web server. Which caching mechanism should you recommend for each requirement? (To answer, drag the appropriate caching mechanisms to the correct requirements. Each caching mechanism may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.) 
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A company has two SharePoint 2007 site collections that each store 200,000 unique documents. The average size of each document is 250 KB. There are two non-current versions for each document. There are approximately 600,000 list items in addition to the documents. The company plans to upgrade the farm to SharePoint 2013. The new farm will use two SQL Server instances that are configured as an AlwaysOn availability group. You use the following formula to estimate the size of the content database: Database Size = ((D x V) x S) + (10 KB x (L + (V x D))) You need to configure the storage for the content databases. What is the minimum amount of storage space that you must allocate?
A. 101GB
B. 110 GB
C. 220 GB
D. 405 GB
E. 440 GB
Correct Answer: B
The stored members in the Dense dimension Scenario are Actual and Budget. Database A has Actual and Budget data loaded for all products in all markets. Database B has only the Budget data loaded for all products in all markets. Which statement about database B is true?
A. The index is half as large as database A.
B. It has half the number of blocks that exist in database A. C.
Block density is reduced by fifty percent from database A.
D. Fifty percent fewer blocks fit in the Data Cache as in database A.
70-331 dumps Answer: C

In an aggregate storage database, which two statements are true about database aggregations? (Choose two.)
A. Creating aggregate views is optional.
B. You can specify which upper level views to materialize. C.
Aggregation scripts can be saved and run at a later time.
D. Incrementally loading data requires a new database aggregation to be run.
Answer: AC

Which statement is true about conversion of a block storage database to an aggregate storage database?
A. A conversion log is created in the Arborpath directory.
B. The conversion wizard converts, outlines, load rules and security filters.
C. An outline can be converted from both the file system and an active database.
D. Block storage member formula syntax is commented out and converted to MDX.
70-331 pdf Answer: C

When should you select Shared Member functionality, as opposed to Attribute dimension functionality?(Choose two.)
A. when providing crosstab reports
B. when applying a member formula
C. when providing an alternate hierarchy for reporting

D. when creating alternate hierarchies in a Dense dimension
Answer: CD

When should you select User-Defined Attribute (UDA) functionality, as opposed to Attribute dimension functionality? (Choose two.)
A. when providing crosstab reports
B. when providing filtering on Dense dimensions
C. when utilizing Attribute Calculations dimensions
D. when applying attributes to multiple dimensions
70-331 vce Answer: BD

What does the Data Cache contain?
A. compressed data blocks
B. uncompressed data blocks
C. the addresses of data blocks on the disk
D. a record of recently accessed data blocks
Answer: B

The Essbase.cfg setting DATAFILECACHESIZE can be used to .
A. alter Data File Cache size for existing databases
B. optimize calculation performance on large, flat dimensions
C. define the initial Data File Cache size for all newly created databases
D. manage Data File Cache sizes for specific applications and databases
70-331 exam Answer: C

Which three statements about Substitution Variables are true? (Choose three.)
A. They are stored in the database page file.
B. They can be set as global server settings.
C. They are available for queries in a spreadsheet.

D. They can be set specifically for each application or database.
Answer: BCD

When selecting the most optimal dimension in an aggregate storage database to tag as Accounts, you
should choose a .
A. sparsely populated dimension with formulas
B. densely populated dimension with deep hierarchies
C. sparsely populated dimension with deep hierarchies D. flat dimension (a dimension that does not have many levels)
70-331 dumps Answer: D

When working with an aggregate storage database, what is the default dimension calculation order?
A. Accounts, Time, Dense, Sparse, Two-Pass
B. Stored hierarchies (variable order), Dynamic hierarchies
C. Dynamic hierarchies, Stored hierarchies (variable order)
D. Sparse, Accounts (if dense), Time(if dense), other Dense
Answer: B

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