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Which of the following Linux distributions use the dpkg package management system? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. Suse
B. Red Hat
C. Debian
D. Ubuntu
E. Mandriva

Correct Answer: CD
Which of the following applications are used to play an MP3 file on a Linux system? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. Xara Xtreme
B. Banshee
C. LibreOffice Player
D. Amarok
E. Audacious

Correct Answer: BDE
Which one of the following statements concerning Linux passwords is true?
A. All passwords can be decrypted using the system administrator’s master password.
B. Passwords may never start with a non-letter.
C. Users cannot change their password once it has been set.
D. Passwords are only stored in encrypted form.
E. Passwords may be at most six characters long.

Correct Answer: D
Which one of the following statements concerning the General Public License (GPL) is true?
A. The GPL is designed to ensure that the source code of a software remains freely available.
B. The GPL is identical to the BSD license.
C. GPL software may never be sold for money.
D. If you change a program you received under the GPL, you must send your changes to the original author for approval.
E. GPL software may not be used to run nuclear reactors or air traffic control systems.
Correct Answer: A
What is the preferred source for the installation of new applications?
A. The vendor’s version management system
B. A CD-ROM disk
C. The distribution’s package repository
D. The vendor’s website
E. A retail store

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following can be used to access the command line?
B. Terminal
C. XWindow
D. Firefox
E. Xargs

Correct Answer: B
Which Linux distribution is used as a basis for the creation of Ubuntu Linux?
A. Red Hat Linux
B. Arch Linux
C. SUSE Linux
D. Gentoo Linux
E. Debian Linux

Correct Answer: E
Which of the following programs is not a graphical web browser?
A. Konqueror
B. Firefox
C. Links
D. Opera
E. Chrome

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following software packages is an e-mail server?
A. Postfix
B. Thunderbird
C. Apache
Correct Answer: A
What does LAMP mean?
A. The Linux Advanced Mode Programming Interface which gives advanced capabilities to application developers.
B. The bus ID of an attached USB device that emits light.
C. Short for Lightweight Access Management Protocol which synchronizes permissions in a network.
D. The combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP or other programming languages.
E. Short for lamport-clock which is important in distributed network computing.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 11
Which of the following answers are true for cloud computing? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. Cloud Computing provides new tools to manage IT resources.
B. From the business perspective, Cloud Computing means outsourcing or centralization of IT operations.
C. Cloud Computing is the opposite of green IT; i.e. the use of fossil, non-regenerative energy for computing.
D. Cloud Computing implies sharing all information with everyone else in ‘the cloud’.

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 12
Which of the following is a Linux based operating system for use on mobile devices?
A. iOS
B. CentOS
C. Android
D. Debian

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 13
Which one of the following is true about Open Source software?
A. Open Source software can not be copied for free.
B. Open Source software is available for commercial use.
C. The freedom to redistribute copies must include binary or executable forms of the software but not the source code.
D. Open Source software is not for sale.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 14
Which of the following is a requirement of the GPL license but not the BSD license?
A. Users who modify and distribute the software under the GPL license, must make the modifications they made, available to the recipients under the same license.
B. The GPL license forbids the removal of copyright and license notices from source code files that are distributed.
C. The GPL license contains a disclaimer of warranty requiring users not to hold the software authors liable for any damages.
D. The GPL license requires that any legal disputes be settled with the mediation of the Free Software Foundation.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 15
What is the first character for file or directory names if they should not be displayed by commands such as ls unless specifically requested?
A. \ (backslash)
B. . (dot)
C. – (minus)
D. _ (underscore) Correct Answer: B
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