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What are two types of work item approvals? (Choose two.)
A. approval
B. certification
C. review
D. validation
E. confirmation
Answer: A,C
Which attribute is used to assign a work item to a team area?
A. owner
B. category
C. component
D. stream
Answer: B
What is the Jazz Team Build component?
A. A component that provides build awareness to the team
B. A component that helps you create a team for a new project
C. A component that provides reporting capabilities from a data warehouse
D. A component that helps you manage versions of source files
Answer: A
In a work item comment, what is happening when “@” followed by a user ID (for example, “@clara”) is added?
A. The addressee receives a notification that she was mentioned in the comment.
B. The work item is automatically assigned to the addressee.
C. A review is created, and the addressee is added as a reviewer.
D. The comment is only visible to the addressee that is mentioned. Answer: A

What are three ways builds are scheduled and initiated? (Choose three.)
A. at a continuous interval in minutes on selected days
B. at a particular time for defined days
C. by a user with appropriate permissions
D. automatically after a user saves a change
E. By adding the keyword “@build” in a work item comment
Answer: A,B,C
What is the repository workspace?
A. a server-side entity that tracks items that have been placed under source control
B. a local workspace that holds a copy of specific sets of file versions that are stored in Rational Team Concert
C. the Eclipse workspace used when Rational Team Concert is launched by using the Eclipse client
D. the local copy of the latest file versions on a Rational Team Concert stream
Answer: A
Which capabilities does Rational Team Concert support out-of-the-box?
A. process configuration, reporting, and business process management
B. task tracking, planning, and source control management
C. build automation, performance testing, and test virtualization
D. planning, real time dashboards, and use-case modeling
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 8

A project manager is creating a new plan view and does not like the default display. What are the other plan view display options?
A. Work Breakdown, Taskboard, and Roadmap
B. Load, Progress (Hours), and Progress (Size)
C. Tree, Bars, and Folder
D. Tree, Taskboard, and Kanban
Answer: D
Roles can be defined at which levels?
A. project and timelines
B. project and team area
C. team area and timelines
D. Iteration and release
Answer: B
How do you make use of a process template?
A. By adding the team members to the process template
B. By specifying the process template when you create a project area.
C. By associating a process template to the current iteration.
D. By creating a process template category for the project
Answer: B

A customer expects a work item with an appropriate “Planned for” attribute to show on a team’s iteration plan, but the work item is missing from the plan view. What is the most likely reason?
A. The work item’s owner is unassigned.
B. The work item’s owner is not part of the team owning the plan.
C. The work item’s Filed Against category is not associated to the team owning the plan.
D. The work item’s due date is set to a date after the iteration’s end date.
Answer: C
What is associated with a project area and is a collection of practices, rules, and guidelines?
A. process
B. Team area
C. work item
D. rule set
Answer: A
Which three Rational Team Concert clients support reporting? (Choose three.)
A. RTC client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
B. RTC web client
C. RTC Eclipse client
D. RTC context-aware search tool
E. RTC commande-line interface
Answer: A,B,C
What does the filled-in shape icon shown below indicate in Team Artifacts view?

A. Files in that component have been checked out.
B. All files from that component have been loaded into a local sandbox.
C. There are incoming changes in that component.
D. There are outgoing changes in that component.
Answer: B
A work item appears in a plan when which two conditions are met? (Choose two.)
A. The Filed Against field has the work item category linked to the team area that owns the plan.
B. The Due Date field of the work item is on or before the end date of the plan.
C. The work item is assigned to a member of the team that owns the plan.
D. The Planned For field in the work item matches the Iteration field of the plan.
E. The work item is created by a member of the team area that owns the plan.
Answer: A,D
Which two build types are supported with Rational Team Concert? (Choose two.)
A. personal builds
B. composite builds
C. public builds
D. parallel builds
Answer: A,C
Which three work item types appear by default in the Scrum template? (Choose three.)
A. epic
B. milestone
C. defect
D. retrospective
E. sprint
Answer: A,C,D QUESTION NO: 18

What are three notification mechanisms in Rational Team Concert? (Choose three.)
A. email notification
B. Short Message service
C. feed of changes
D. pop-up alerts
E. blog
Answer: A,C,D
A team wants to benefit from synchronous collaboration by using instant messaging. Which statement is true about Rational Team Concert support for instant messaging?
A. Rational Team Concert does not integrate with instant messaging tools.
B. Teams can use chat features only if they are using the IBM Sametime instant messaging product.
C. Rational Team Concert provides instant messaging capabilities, and no other tool is needed to initiate chats.
D. Teams members can initiate chats when they configured Rational Team Concert to integrate with an instant messaging tool
Answer: D

In the Eclipse client, which statement best describes the Event Log?
A. It displays all the precondition actions for source control actions.
B. It shows information delivered by news feeds.
C. It provides a simplified interface to create new defects.
D. It is used to create new events for a project team.
Answer: B

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