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Which feature or function in Tivoli process automation engine enables the efficient processing of inbound e-mails?
A. E-mail Listener
B. Ticket Templates
C. Organizational Service Request Options
D. Organizational Service Level Agreement Options
Answer: A

Master preventive maintenance records can be created for which type of record in IBM Maximo Asset Management?
A. Items
B. Routes
C. Work Orders
D. Non-rotating Assets
Answer: A

A trucking company employs a small IT shop but is heavily information-driven. The IBM Maximo Asset Management (Maximo) implementation will drive the business using a help desk (opening work orders) and a repair facility among the functions to be delivered. These facts have been gathered using interviews from the customer sponsor:
-There will be 20 (maximum) help desk operators with an open Maximo
application screen at all times.

-The company has IBM WebSphere applications driving their commerce
systems today.

There will be 70 (maximum) mechanics reviewing any given asset record
at one time, all using an Internet Explorer browser.

There are 6,200 employees at the company.

There will be 10 (maximum) finance department members who will print
an estimated 20,000
pages of BIRT reports each month.

There will be 2,000 integration transactions per hour.
When working to produce an architecture for the trucking company, which
two factors should be taken into consideration for sizing the environment?
(Choose two.)
total number of employees
J2EE specifications for memory for the JVM5
Types of integration transaction to be processed
Volume of integration to be processed
Number of customizations to Maximo business objects.

Answer: B, D
Which option is used to define the PM schedule in addition to elapsed time?
A. Work Schedule
B. Meter Readings
C. Job Plan Priority
D. Route Sequence
Answer: B
What is one of the primary roles of a maintenance engineer?
A. Planning out potential weekly work assignments
B. Identifying and entering materials used to complete work C. Reviewing warranty information on an asset and preparing a warranty claim
D. Tracking down and reviewing the status of a purchase order for the replacement part for an asset
Answer: B

Which step is necessary to automate the process of creating work orders for PMs?
A. Enable the Forecast action
B. Set the PM status to APPP
C. Update the Autogen property
D. Activate PMwoGencrontask
Answer: D

Which statement best describes a gap analysis?
A. An assessment tool to help identity.ˉ differences between applications.
B. A technique for determining the steps to be taken in moving from a current state to a desired future state.
C. A tool provided to measure the investment of time, money, and human resources required to achieve a particular outcome.
D. The process of analyzing different business processes in order to determine the difference or gap that exists between them.
Answer: B

What two key business benefits does the PM function provide for the client? (Choose two.)
A. The ability to forecast a PM schedule
B. The ability to discover meters necessary for triggering the PM work C. The ability to associate a job plan that is Draft status to the PM schedule
D. The ability to automatically create a work order when the PM schedule is due
E. The ability to automatically generate a master PM schedule from the work order
Answer: A, D

If PM5 are generating automatically and the schedule needs to be stopped for a single active PM, which step is appropriate?
A. Set Adjust Next Date
B. Revise the PM with a blank date
C. Change the status to INACTIVE
D. Edit the next due date and reset the count

Answer: C
What is the process for editing an approved price contract?

A. Revise the contract
B. Release the contract
C. Suspend the contract
D. Duplicate the contract

Answer: A
Using the Application Designer, a button has been created on the Self-
service Request application. When clicking that button a script will run a
certain event that invokes a Web interaction from an external system.
Automation Scripting must be used to customize the behavior of that button.
Which launch point should be used?

A. Action launch point
B. Object launch point
C. Attribute launch point
D. Custom Condition launch point

Answer: A
What is a structured method for documenting a process flow?

A. Unified Modeling Language (UML) activity diagram B. UML use case diagram
C. System context diagram
D. Process network diagram

Answer: A
QUESTION: 13 Work, parts, or services have been executed against contracts even though they have expired or renewed. What is used by IBM Maximo Asset Management to allow enough time for the contracts team to be notified?
A. Result sets provide a list of contracts that are about to expire.
B. Service level agreements provide monitoring of one or more commitments when exceeded.
C. Key Performance Indicators provide a flag that indicates when a target value has been exceeded.
D. Escalations provide a monitoring service that can send out e-mails to appropriate parties at a predetermined interval.
Answer: D

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