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A customer needs 2 Power Systems servers, each with at least 12 cores. Which of the following servers supports this requirement while using the least amount of rackspace?
A. Power 710 Express
B. Power 720 Express
C. Power 730 Express
D. Power 740 Express

Answer: C
Question No : 2 – (Topic 1)
When moving an HP-UX based application workload from an HP Superdome onto a Power Systems server, which operating system will provide the easiest transition’?
B. IBM i
C. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
D. SuSe Linux Enterprise Server

Answer: A
Question No : 3 – (Topic 1)
A customer has several dedicated LPARs. The key application in one LPAR temporarily needs more processing power. How can performance be improved?
A. Mirror the LPAR to a second system
B. Add a second LPAR to the application
C. Change dedicated LPARs to shared LPARs
D. Reduce the number of LPARs on the system

Answer: C Question No : 4 – (Topic 1)
Which of the following Power Systems servers offer Capacity on Demand (CoD)?
A. Power 71Y, 7R2
B. Power 770, 780, 795
C. Power 720, 740, 750
D. Power 750, 755, 770

Answer: B
Question No : 5 – (Topic 1)
A pre-sales Technical Delivery Assessment is required for which of the following systems?
A. Power 770, 780, and 795
B. Power 760, 770, 780, and 795
C. Power 750, 760, 770, 780, and 795
D. Power 720, 740, 750, 760, 770, 780, and 795

Answer: A
Question No : 6 – (Topic 1)
A prospective customer has alarge quantity of x86 servers. What value is gained by consolidating onto Power Systems servers?
A. Improved VMware reliability and availability
B. Higher system utilization and lower energy costs
C. Improved performance by running Windows in WPARs
D. Savings on software since PowerVM is included in the price of Express servers

Answer: B Question No : 7 – (Topic 1)
Why would a customer choose a Power Systems Express Server over a non-Express server?
A. Express Servers are delivered faster.
B. Express Servers offer Express service and support atno charge.
C. Express Servers have fixed configurations and are easier to order.
D. Express Servers have a lower list price than equivalently configured build to order systems.

Answer: D
Question No : 8 – (Topic 1)
A prospective customer is about to decide on a strategic server platform and wants to understand the value proposition of Power Systems as compared to x86 based systems. Which statement is an appropriate response?
A. Lowest cost of implementation with non-stop computing capabilities
B. Systems with the ability to support Unix, Linux and Windows environments
C. Highest performing servers with the ability to use industry standard parts for lowest cost build to order configuration
D. Full range of servers, operating systems, support, vertical scalability, and virealization technologies from a single vendor

Answer: D
Question No : 9 – (Topic 1)
The VP of marketing for a clothing distributor explained that the IT department is looking at Hadoop-based technologies to help the company better understand customer buying trends and behavior. What IBM solution specifically applies to this type of environment?
A. pureScale
B. Biglnsights
C. SmartCloud
D. PureSystems

Answer: B
Question No : 10 – (Topic 1)
An AIX customer who has a POWER6 570 with PowerVM Enterprise Edition plans to upgrade to a POWER7+ 770.
Applications moving from the POWER6 570 to the POWER7+ 770must remain available.
Which option will support minimal outage to the application environment?
A. Install Smart Cloud Entry on the POWER7+ 770 and use the integrated migration tool to move the application into the cloud.
B. Install the POWER7+ 770 and use Live Partition Mobility to move the applications from the POWER6 570.
C. Install PowerHA System Mirror on both the POWER6 570 and the POWER7+ 770 and do a failover.
D. Perform a disk copy on the POWER6 570 and restore the image on the POWER7+ 770.

Answer: B
Question No : 11 – (Topic 1)
A system needs 3TB of disk storage, based on plans for expansion The storage manager of the IT department would like to use thin provisioning to make best use of storage space What disk technology would provide this type of capability?
A. Storwize V7000 with RAID-5
B. Dual VIO Server with storage pooling
C. EXP30 with SAS drives using EasyTier
D. Logical Volume Mirroring with RAID-1 on internal SSD

Answer: A
Question No : 12 – (Topic 1)
A customer has a Power 720 with an expansion unit. The disk slots in theCEC and the expansion drawer are full. The customer wants to add SSD capacity.
Which of the following is the most economical option for the customer?
A. Install an SSD disk riser in the Power 720 CEC
B. Install PCIe SSD SAS adapter to support SSDs withoutusing disk slots
C. Install a SAS RAID adapter and an optional disk riser in the CEC to support SSDs.
D. Install an SSD enablement feature and a second expansion unit on the Power 720 to house the SSDs

Answer: B
Question No : 13 – (Topic 1)
A customer has let their Software Maintenance (SWMA) expire and needs to activate additional processors on their Power 770. What does the customer need to purchase?
A. Additional licenses for the new processors.
B. New licenses for the both the existing and new processors.
C. After License Fee for both the new and the old processors.
D. Additional licenses for the new processors and After License Fee for the existing processors.

Answer: D
Question No : 14 – (Topic 1)
How does Instruction Retry help a customerachieve maximum reliability?
A. Continually retries a failing instruction until it works properly to preclude an application failure
B. Isolates failing instructions and provides an interface for the administrator to enter an alternative instruction and retry it
C. Prevents an application failure by moving the failing application instruction to an alternative server and re-executing the instruction there
D. Enables an instruction to re-execute if there is an error, to preclude intermittent core errors fromcausing an immediate application failure

Answer: D Question No : 15 – (Topic 1)
What is a function found in PowerVM that has no equivalent function in VMware?
A. Remote Restart
B. Partition Mobility
C. Memory Sharing
D. Processor virtualization

Answer: C
Question No : 16 – (Topic 1)
What functional characteristic iscommon between the PureFlex p260 compute node and the Power 720 server?
A. Two processor sockets
B. Industry standard PCIe slots
C. Accommodates internal disk drives
D. Includes PowerVM Standard Edition

Answer: C
Question No : 17 – (Topic 1)
An environment for a popular ISV application used on Power Systems must be sized. Which IBM tool or resource should be used?
A. Techline
B. eConfigurator
C. Facts and Features
D. System Planning Tool

Answer: A
Question No : 18 – (Topic 1)
What energy capability of Power Systems can be used in data centers to restrict server energy consumption, especially in cases where the data center might be nearing the limit of the energy it can provide?
A. Power Capping
B. EnergyScale for I/O
C. Processor Core Nap
D. Dynamic Power Saver

Answer: A
Question No : 19 – (Topic 1)
Which Power Systems feature or capability is asignificant contributor in TCO analysis?
A. Capacity on Demand capability
B. Upgrade processes between models
C. Ability to run multiple operating systems
D. More efficient rack space requirements

Answer: C
Question No : 20 – (Topic 1)
What is a reason that POWER7 technology can provide higher throughput than Xeon x86 technology?
A. POWER7 supports more DIMM slots than x86.
B. POWER7 has higher redundancy of registers than x86.
C. POWER7supports more virealization technologies than x86.
D. POWER7 supports 4 threads per core, while Xeon supports only 2.

Answer: D
Question No : 21 – (Topic 1)
A customer needs to run a single Linux application at the lowest cost. The application
requires 8 cores and 320GB memory Which Power Server should be recommended?
A. POWER7+710
B. POWER7+730
C. PowerLinux Systems 7R1
D. PowerLinux Systems 7R2

Answer: D
Question No : 22 – (Topic 1)
What solution can be deployed to enable maintenance on a server while ensuring that a mission critical LPAR remains operational?
A. Use PowerSC to insure continuous uptime on another server.
B. Use PowerVM Enterprise Edition to move the partition to another server.
C. Use Active Memory Sharing to enable the LPAR to continue running on the current server
D. Use VMControl Enterprise Edition to suspend and resume the application on the current server.

Answer: B
Question No : 23 – (Topic 1)
A customer has two production IBM POWER7+ 750s in the same data center. The customer has an application in an LPAR that needs to run 24×7. What is required to allow the planned migration of that LPAR to the second system?
A. A shared Hardware Management Console One dedicated core on each Power 750
B. PowerVM Enterprise Edition on both systems SAN storage accessible to the VIO Servers on each Power 750
C. Systems DirectorEnterprise Edition A common shared processor pool on each Power 750
D. PowerVM Standard Edition Dual system accessibility to virtual SCSI or virtual Fibre Channel

Answer: B Question No : 24 – (Topic 1)
An existing Power Systems client has implemented an SAP application with the financial, database and web serving applications on separate POWER5+ servers.
A Power 760 proposal to consolidate all three POWER5+ systems using LPARs has been presented.
The CIO has stated that only the unpredictable performance of the web server justifies replacement.What should the response be?
A. The Power 760 offers Linux web serving for higher performance
B. Split the web server into multiple LPARs for better performance on the new Power 760
C. Consolidation onto one Power 760 using dedicated LPARs to support thethree environments
D. Consolidation onto one Power 760 offers the ability to dynamically move virtual system resources to the web server when required.

Answer: D
Question No : 25 – (Topic 1)
An IT manager plans to purchase a new Power 770 System with multiple LPARs. This company previously had a bad experience with a non-IBM solution that was missing several necessary hardware components when first acquired. Which resource below emulates an LPAR configuration and validates that the planned partitions are valid?
A. TechDocs
B. InfoCenter
C. Workload Estimator
D. SystemsPlanning Tool

Answer: D
Question No : 26 – (Topic 1)
What is the benefit of using the Active Memory Expansion feature in Power Systems
A. Memory capacity will virtually be doubled.
B. Memory will be disk-cached to improve performance.
C. Memory will be allocated to an LPAR to improve performance.
D. Memory contents are compressed to allow for greater utilization.

Answer: D
Question No : 27 – (Topic 1)
A Power 740 customer with 4 cores licensed to AIX is planning to add 4additional cores and a partition for IBM i. They have sized the new IBM i workload at 1.7 cores and AIX will use the other 6.3 cores. What software will be necessary to enable this solution’?
A. PowerVM Standard Edition licensed for 8 cores AIX Standard Edition licensed for 7 cores IBM i licensed for 2 cores
B. AIX Enterprise Edition licensed for 6 cores IBM i licensed for 2 cores
C. PowerVM Express Edition licensed for 8 cores AIX Express Edition licensed for 7 cores IBM i licensed for 2 cores
D. PowerVM Standard Edition licensed for 8 cores AIX Standard licensed for 6.3 cores IBM i licensed for 1.7 cores

Answer: A
Question No : 28 – (Topic 1)
What is a key benefit of SmartCloud offerings?
A. Lowerscustomer administrative costs
B. Reduces the need for data deduplication
C. Provides higher levels of provisioning security
D. Enables multiple companies to share end-user application licenses
Answer: A

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