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Question: 21
The storage sales person discusses IBM’s strategy with a customer. The customer insists that all aspects are presented within one visit. What is the place the sale person would invite his customer to get all information appropriate to their requirements?
A. IBM Almaden Research Center
B. IBM Headquarter Office Armonk, NY
C. IBM System Storage Executive Briefing Center
D. IBM System Storage Interoperabilty Center / Systems Lab

Answer: C
Question: 22
Which of the following features differentiates IBM Tivoli Storage Manager from Veritas NetBackup?
A. LAN-free backups
B. Broad platform support
C. Automated tape reclamation
D. Central point of management

Answer: C
Question: 23
A company, storing 80 TB of data, is facing an audit in six months. The company needs to demonstrate it is storing point-in-time regulated information properly. Which IBM recommended solution should be proposed?
A. IBM System nSeries model 3300
B. IBM TS3100 with two LTO-4 drives
C. IBM System Storage DR550 Model DR2
D. IBM System Storage DR550 Model DR1
Answer: C
Question: 24
Which of the following RAID levels provides the fastest Read and Write response times?


Answer: A
Question: 25
Which of the following customer environments is addressed by the IBM System Storage NSeries?
A. A customer wanting to implement a global file system
B. A customer with Windows CIFS and AIX NFS requirements
C. A customer who requires good scalability and performance
D. A customer who needs to consolidate multiple storage controllers under one management interface

Answer: B
Question: 26
A customer has a huge amount of files on different distributed locations and is looking for a corporate common solution. Which of the following is the best option to recommend?
A. NSeries
B. Virtual File Manager
C. Windows File Servers
D. General Parallel File System (GPFS)

Answer: D
Question: 27
A healthcare customer is not satisfied with the utilization of their heterogeneous storage devices. Which of the following solutions should the IBM storage specialist to help them to better provision their storage on demand?
A. Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
B. IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC)
C. IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center (TPC)
D. IBM System Storage Multilevel Grid Access Manager Software

Answer: B
Question: 28
Which of the following is the entire list of RAID levels supported by the IBM System Storage DS5000?
A. 1, 3, 5 and 6
B. 1, 3, 5 and DP
C. 1+0, 10, 5 and 6
D. 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 and 10
Answer: D
Question: 29
Implementing a SAN Volume Controller (SVC) provides which major benefit?

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Question: 1
Which type of virtualization is provided by the SAN Volume Controller (SVC)?
A. In band
B. Out of band
C. Host based Software virtualization
D. Hardware virtualization within the storage subsystem controller

Answer: A
Question: 2
A customer is using LAN-based Tivoli Storage Manager for backups and plans to increase the number of servers in the data center to be backed up. Which one of the following options should be suggested if no new disk space can be purchased?
A. Add an additional TSM server.
B. Add an IBM SAN Volume Controller.
C. Implement GPFS to increase the disk pool.
D. Add Virtual Tape Library and implement LAN-free backups.

Answer: C
Question: 3
The initial meeting with a large customer’s IT team made it clear that they are experiencing storage performance problems. For the next meeting, which tool should be used to help evaluate their storage performance?
A. IBM Disk Magic for Windows
B. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
C. IBM Capacity Magic for Windows
D. IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center

Answer: D
Question: 4
Which of the following IBM products would be recommended to compete with the EMC CX3-80?
A. IBM Systems Storage DS4200
B. IBM Systems Storage DS4700
C. IBM Systems Storage DS5100
D. IBM Systems Storage DS8100

Answer: C
Question: 5
A customer has a mainframe with 32 IBM TotalStorage Tape Drives (3490) and six IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drives (3590). The customer is looking for a tape consolidation solution to reduce floor space, increase cartridge utilization, and improve tape mount performance. Which of the following is the best solution for their needs?
A. IBM System Storage TS7700 Virtual Tape Server
B. IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC)
C. IBM System Storage TS3500 UltraScalable Tape Library
D. IBM TotalStorage 3590 Enterprise Tape Drive with ACF
Answer: A
Question: 6
Which of the following IBM publications provide best practice and product information, configuration, and suggestions for storage products?
A. Redbooks
B. White Papers
C. Product Literature
D. Solution Assurance Guides

Answer: A
Question: 7
What key strength is included in Total Storage Productivity Center Standard Edition over EMC ControlCenter?
A. Offering for the SMB market
B. More storage management features
C. Integration with systems management products
D. Total Storage Productivity Center for Replication

Answer: B
Question: 8
A customer needs to provide a centrally managed, common pool of storage for its Microsoft Windows servers located at three remote offices. Due to budget constraints, existing IP protocol needs to be utilized at both the headquarters and the remote locations. Which device best satisfies these requirements?
A. IBM System Storage DS3400
B. IBM System Storage N3700
C. IBM System Storage DS4800
D. IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller

Answer: B
Question: 9
Which of the following functions does Hitachi Data Systems claim about the HDS USP V (Universal Storage Platform)?
A. Scalable cache up to 32 GB with non-definable usage
B. Internal bandwidth equates to increased storage performance
C. Performance increases as more devices are added to FC-AL loop
D. Priority I/O queuing feature is supported on both mainframes and open systems

Answer: B
Question: 10
A customer has an On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) application that is currently running on an IBM System p server. The OLTP database resides on an IBM System Storage DS8000. The customer wants to test multiple OLTP application changes without impacting the current application’s database. Which of the following advanced functions would best support the customer’s requirement?

A. FlashCopy
B. Metro Mirror
C. Global Mirror
D. FlashCopy Space Efficiency (SE)

Answer: D
Question: 11
A multiple vendor storage environment is being refreshed. What would be one of the potential customer benefits when installing a SAN Volume Controller?
A. The potential to manage the components within the SAN.
B. The ability to share data between different server types.
C. The ability to capture and analyze storage subsystem performance data.
D. The potential to migrate data between different storage subsystems with minimum disruption.

Answer: D
Question: 12
An IBM System z server customer with two locations 400 kilometers apart, is constantly struggling to balance workload across the two locations. Which of the following IBM System Storage DS8000 capabilities most cost effectively meets the customer’s need without impacting performance?
A. FlashCopy
B. Metro Mirror
C. Global Mirror
D. Parallel Access Volumes

Answer: C
Question: 13
A company currently has Microsoft Windows and UNIX servers running various applications. They are looking for a cost effective 10 TB storage solution that includes a mirrored site 10 km to meet their requirements of at least a tier 6 disaster recovery plan. Which of the following solutions should be recommended?
A. Two IBM SAN Volume Controller clusters running FlashCopy and Metro Mirror
B. Two IBM System Storage DS4700 storage servers running FlashCopy and Volume Copy
C. Two IBM System Storage DS8300 storage servers running FlashCopy and Metro Mirror
D. Two IBM System Storage DS5100 storage servers running FlashCopy and Enhanced Remote Mirror

Answer: D
Question: 14
Which of the following software applications provides non-erasable and non-rewriteable data protection on the IBM System Storage N3700?
A. SnapLock
B. SnapShot
C. SnapVault
D. SnapMirror
Answer: A Question: 15

A mixed server environment (UNIX and Microsoft Windows) customer has decided to purchase an IBM BladeCenter. The customer requires 200 GB of storage now, but up to 10 TB in the future. Their backup needs are less than 1 TB per week using Tivoli Storage Manager. What is the best solution for this customer?
A. IBM TotalStorage EXP24 and TS3100
B. IBM System Storage DS4700 and DR550
C. IBM System Storage DS4200 and TS3500
D. IBM System Storage DS3400 and TS3100

Answer: D
Question: 16
A customer has 10TB of unstructured data stored on a DS5300. The growth rate of the data is 50% per year. The majority of the data rapidly becomes reference data and is not frequently accessed. The customer would like to implement a content addressable storage solution that would automatically migrate the reference data to a less expensive disk. Cost is a key factor in their decision, which of the following would be most cost effective?
A. Write a script to migrate .mp3 and .jpg files to tape.
B. Implement TSM to archive data to a second tier storage device.
C. Use TSM to migrate the operating system to tape once the system boots up.
D. Implement TSM with Space Management to migrate inactive data to a second tier storage device.

Answer: D
Question: 17
From a performance standpoint, which feature from the IBM System Storage N series product (Netapp) lines distinguishes it from the other NAS offerings available in the market today?
A. LockVault
B. SnapMirror
C. Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL)
D. Common Integrated File System (CIFS)

Answer: C
Question: 18
A customer has Sun, Microsoft and Mainframe servers in their environment. They are initially looking for 10 TB of disk, but expect to double in capacity within the next year. The customer’s main concern is cost versus performance. What should the storage specialist recommend?
A. IBM System Storage DS4800
B. IBM System Storage DS5100
C. IBM System Storage DS6800
D. IBM System Storage DS8300

Answer: C
Question: 19
Which vendor has positioned them as the leading Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Company?


Answer: D
Question: 20
What Major Storage Vendor has a single operating system across its entire Storage product line?
B. NetApp
C. HDS (Hitachi Data Systems)
D. IBM (International Business Machines)

Answer: B
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1. Which of the following components collects and parses the live database traffic used to trigger a real-time alert when a security policy rule is broken?
A. The Real Time Communications Framework
B. The Change Audit System
C. The Policy Engine
D. The Live Report Builder Answer: C
2. What is Guardium’s primary storage mechanism for logs and audit information?
A. Data can only be stored in flat files on the collector (one file per S-TAP).
B. Data storage can only be managed individually by each S-TAP, with audit data stored locally on the data server in _ flat files.
C. Data is stored on the collector in a normalized relational database.
D. Data is stored locally on each server with an S-TAP but is managed centrally through the collector. Answer: C
3. In a Guardium environment where data servers can talk to the collector, what is the relationship between the S-TAP and the collector appliance?
A. There exists no relationship since the S-TAP and the collector are incompatible Guardium entities.
B. The S-TAP reports database activity to the collector for policy management and auditing.
C. A collector can only interact with one S-TAP for policy management and auditing.
D. The collector sends the S-TAP information about its policies so it knows what traffic to intercept. Answer: B
4. Which of the following best describes the role of the aggregator in a Guardium environment?
A. The aggregator is a Guardium appliance that collects and consolidates information from multiple collectors to a single Aggregation Server, allowing for reporting across the enterprise.
B. The aggregator is the Guardium appliance that communicates with mainframes.
C. The aggregator is a Guardium appliance that allows a collector and a Central Policy Manager to communicate and is required in multi-collector environments.
D. The aggregator is another name for the Central Policy Manager. Answer: A
5. How is authentication and encryption implemented between collectors, aggregators and the Central Policy Manager in a multi-tier Guardium environment?
A. Using an encrypted file containing the system password that must be copied to the Central Policy Manager and collectors.
B. A System Shared Secret is specified through the GUI for each collector and the Central Policy Manager.
C. The Central Policy Manager scans the network for Guardium collectors and performs a security handshake with each appliance.
D. The communication between collectors and the Central Policy Manager is based on unsecured network packets. Answer: B

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