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A customer has the UCMv2 installed in their IP Office 500 V2. They are using one-X® Portal for 25 of their users.
In this scenario, what is the maximum voicemail ports supported on the Voicemail Pro?
A. 30
B. 20
C. 25
D. 40
Correct Answer: B
References: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101005065 Page: 9

As of Avaya IP Office Release 10 software, which type of license can be used?
C. Windows
D. Linux
Correct Answer: B

Which two methods are voicemails to email with the Voicemail Pro? (Choose two.)
A. Outlook
Correct Answer: BD
References: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100174760 Page: 57

If no Music-on-Hold source is selected, what will a caller hear when a user places them on hold?
A. a double bleep tone
B. silence
C. ringing
D. an automated voice saying “Please Hold”
Correct Answer: A
References: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100119917

Which Application is used to upgrade IP Office Server Edition?
A. Manager
B. Web Manager
C. System Status
D. Linux command line
Correct Answer: A

A customer has two main receptionists using SoftConsole; however, when they are on a break or at lunch, there are
four back office workers that can open the SoftConsole on their PC to take calls to cover these periods.
How many licenses are required for this to work?
A. 8
B. 6
C. 2
D. 4
Correct Answer: D
References: http://www.ipofficeinfo.com/pdf/softconsoleinstall_en.pdf Page: 9

A customer has requested that all users should be prevented from dialing international numbers. What is the quickest
way to apply the short code to the system\\’s short codes?
A. Apply the short code to the ARS table.
B. Apply the short code to a user right.
C. Apply the short code to all external lines.
D. Apply the short code to each user individually.
Correct Answer: A

A user at a remote IP Office site calls in to discuss a voicemail issue. You launch the Manager program to see your
multi-site IP Office network, but only your local IP Office appears.
What is causing this problem?
A. The Unit/Broadcast address is
B. No SCN users are available.
C. The remotes are doing a reboot.
D. Your login is not correct.
Correct Answer: B

Which method will avoid corruption of the data on the SD card when removing the SD card from the IP Office?
A. Dial the shutdown short code to shut down the card before removing the SD card.
B. Use the Manager application to shut down the card before removing the SD card.
C. Use System Monitor to shut down the card before removing the SD card.
D. Pull out the card. Special shutdown is not required.
Correct Answer: B
References: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/824589/Avaya-Ip-Office-Essential-Edition.html?page=92

The Debug level is set to Verbose for creating log files to help with fault finding on which application?
A. Avaya Equinox Client
B. Media Manager
C. one-X® Portal Client
D. VM Pro
Correct Answer: D

When creating a Short Code that is to connect to a Start point on Modules in the Voicemail Pro, which Short Code
feature should you use?
A. Voicemail Call
B. Voicemail Off
C. Voicemail On
D. Voicemail Node
Correct Answer: D
References: https://downloads.avaya.com/elmodocs2/ip_office/R4.1/Short_Codes.pdf

What does “IMAP support” mean in the IP Office UMS service?
A. A user can see/listen to voicemail messages via Web browser.
B. A user can receive voicemail messages only using MS Outlook.
C. All messages are forwarded to a user e-mail account and deleted on their telephone.
D. A user can receive voicemail messages to their Outlook, Outlook Express and/or Lotus Notes programs running on
their PC.
E. A new message is sent to a user e-mail account. The user can listen to it by dialing their telephone number.
Correct Answer: B

A customer has given six employees the ability to hot-desk for when they come into the office. When they log off, their
calls will go to their voicemail boxes. Employees want to retrieve their voicemail while out of the office.
How should you set up DDI/DID to achieve this?
A. DDI/DID to their Login code
B. DDI/DID number to their Extension
C. DDI/DID to the short code feature “Voicemail Collect”
D. DDI/DID to a Voicemail module “Recording”
Correct Answer: C

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