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Refer to the Scenario:
Bittersweet Coffee Company (BCC).

37820X exam questions-q1

Your initial bid response has been designed to meet only the customer\\’s stated needs from the RFP. Which feature
brings added value to your solution without incurring any additional cost to the customer?
A. On demand call recording and reporting for any user
B. HTML based call accounting reports
C. Meet-me audio conferencing
D. Centralized management of wired network switches
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

37820X exam questions-q2

You have just finished your discovery conversation with a multi-location, midsize customer. What would you do to use
the generic functional UCandC architecture shown in the exhibit?
A. Create a version of this diagram for each location.
B. Add the specific product names for components in your solution.
C. Cross out functionality not requested by the customer.
D. Add In quantities for each of the components in your solution.
Correct Answer: C

In an IP Office environment, which one can be run on the Vantage device?
A. Vantage Connect Client
B. Avaya IXTM Workplace Client
C. Avaya Equinox Attendant
D. IP Office Web Client
Correct Answer: B

You have just completed a series of discovery conversations with a customer. To summarize the results of your
conversations, what would you create to show each of the customer contacts you met with?
A. A design diagram for each person
B. An architectural diagram for each person
C. A single architectural diagram
D. A single design diagram
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the Scenario: HandH Ticket.

37820X exam questions-q5

The HandH Ticket company wants to replace their DEFINITY systems with a solution for which they can easily obtain
parts and maintenance. The customer contact wants to know why they should migrate to IP Office”* and not Avaya
Aura? In addition to telling them that this solution was purpose-built to support midsize enterprises with up to 3000
users, what else would you tell them?
A. IP Office Includes built-in apps such as voicemail, audio and web collaboration, mobility, IM and Presence.
B. The IP Office can be virtualized in either a Nutanix or a VMware environment.
C. IP Office integrates with a multi-channel contact center solution that can migrate to Avaya Aura Contact Center.
D. IP Office uses many of the same components and applications such as SBCE and System Manager.
Correct Answer: D

You are speaking with a customer who has a large multi-site enterprise, and limited IT staff to support a new
communications system. They like the idea of housing the primary call control in a reliable data center, but do not have
such an environment. In their business today. Local survivability is critical as reliable communications is a core function
of their business. Based on these factors, which IP OfficeTM deployment model would meet the customer
A. Private Cloud
B. Public Cloud
C. Hybrid Cloud
D. On-Premise
Correct Answer: A

Web Traveling.com is using Outlook with an Exchange server. You have proposed that the customer use
the Outlook plug-In.
What does this plug-In do for the users at Web Travellng.com?
A. It adds Avaya IX Workplace Client functionality to the Outlook window.
B. It adds Outlook access to the Avaya IX Workplace Client for IP Office.
C. it adds Outlook access to the one-X Portal desktop.
D. it adds a subset of one-X Portal functionality to the Outlook window.
Correct Answer: C

Which agent application uses the Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) function in Avaya Contact Center Select
A. one-X Agent
B. Avaya Communicator
C. Avaya Agent Desktop
D. Agent Desktop Display
Correct Answer: B

One of the security enhancements in the Powered By IP 0ffice offer is SIP Registrar Hardening that
enables Better control to allow SIP clients to register using a whitelist and blacklist.
To which platform is this functionality relevant?
A. SCN IP500 V2
B. Expansion IP500 V2
C. Linux servers
D. CentOS servers
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the Scenario: IT-FAC.

37820X exam questions-q10

IT-FAC Is very concerned about reliability since they need the ability to always make calls and receive calls. They are
not as concerned about reliability of messaging and other forms of collaboration. Based on the above information, what
Is required in the IP Office solution to provide backup for their SIP trunks and Session Border Controller for Enterprise
A. Add an E1 or T1 line with a combo card.
B. Add a second Portwell SBCE to provide High Availability (HA).
C. Add Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and analog modules to the IP500 V2.
D. Duplicate all of the SIP trunks, add another Portwell SBCE and High Availability (HA. licenses.
Correct Answer: A

With the Avaya J100 Series IXTM IP phones, which feature requires PoE Class 2?
A. The JBM24/JEM24 button module
B. The color display
C. The J100 wireless module
D. The built-in volume boost
Correct Answer: B

You are working with a customer to migrate them to an Avaya Midsize solution with IP OfficeTM. They have nine
existing analog trunks that each cost $40 per month. You want to determine If It would be cost effective to go to digital
trunking using a T1/E1 at a cost of $400 per month. Although the analog monthly line charges are less, what else would
need to be taken Into consideration to look at the total cost difference?
A. Analog devices, such as a classic fax machine, attached to the IP Office require analog trunks.
B. Digital trunking requires an SBCE for security.
C. The cost for nine analog trunk ports versus a single digital trunk port.
D. Digital trunking needs VCM channels and analog trunks do not  Correct Answer: A

With Avaya Equinox Meetings Online, what is the maximum number of live broadcast viewers for a Pro VMR version?
A. 500 viewers
B. 50 viewers
C. 25 viewers
D. 100 viewers
Correct Answer: A

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