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Avaya Aura and Call Center Elite together help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) with centralization and
Avaya\\’s open architecture provides feature and investment options for any enterprise, and customers can choose from which two options? (Choose two.)

A. Subscription-based payments
B. Cloud Contact Center with AACC
C. Managed Private or Hybrid Networks
D. Cloud Storage Box


Avaya Survey Assist is a multi-purpose application that allows you to easily create automated voice and SMS surveys. It
supports full integration into the Avaya Experience Portal (AEP) and Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) for voice and
SMS transactions.

Which two are current deployment options for Avaya Survey Assist? (Choose two.)

A. Upgradable Single Box
B. Cluster Mode
C. Geo-redundancy
D. Single Box


Avaya enabled the automated installation of the Avaya OneCloudTM ReadyNow software. With each ready now
The solution, Avaya is delivering a pre-built golden image that includes the Avaya Virtual Machine applications or

Additionally, which program Is leveraged to automate the implementation of network, firewalls, and security containers?

A. Avaya Update Manager
B. Capacity Planner
C. Avaya Maestro
D. vCenter Manager


A client wants a solution to view live, real-time information, and see the immediate results of their adjustments.
From a migration standpoint, in addition to Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite, which additional application will preserve the
customer investment?

A. Avaya IXTM Workforce Engagement
B. Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing
C. Avaya Call Management System
D. Avaya Aura?Elite Multichannel


Avaya OneCloud IX, H Contact Center is a true, multi-tenant, complete Contact Center solution that provides a simplified cloud experience for operations and agents. A customer needs skill-based call center routing as part of their solution.

Which two IXTM Contact Center bundles offer this feature? (Choose two.)

A. Reporting Bundle
B. Basic Bundle
C. Voice Bundle
D. Advanced Bundle


Based on customer feedback, what was the top priority in 2019 for Contact Center organizations?

A. To increase first contact resolution
B. To increase agent retention
C. To increase self-service usage
D. To increase digital channel usage


An Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite customer wants an application solution with the following requirements:

1. Synchronizes with a desk phone to share the control of telephony and agent features
2. Includes capabilities of integrated video and Instant messaging
3. Increases collaboration
4. Reduces agent talk time and facilitates first call resolution

To meet these requirements, which two applications would you recommend be used in conjunction with Call Center
Elite? (Choose two.)

A. Agent Desktop Displays (ADD)
B. Avaya one-X?Agent
C. Agent Map
D. Avaya Agent for Desktop (AAfD)


Workspaces for Elite with POM Integration can Increase agent productivity by providing a unified desktop for agents to
handle all inbound and outbound voice tasks, and which three types of calls? (Choose three.)

A. Predictive
B. Progressive
C. Performance
D. Proficient
E. Preview


A customer wants to use the Avaya Aura? Media Server (AAMS) because of its advanced multimedia processing
features. Which three statements are true for the AAMS? (Choose three.)

A. AAMS provides Communication Manager IP audio functionality.
B. Pricing is differentiated, so customers will buy AAMS-enabled features unique to each adopter.
C. AAMS is shareable between different adapters.
D. AAMS provides virtualization, high channel density, and no playback announcement limits.
E. Experience Portal will use the AAMS as a media resource.


Which key Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Multichannel (EMC) component sends a signal to Avaya Enablement Services
(AES) to pass the call control and call event Information to Elite Multichannel applications, such as the EMC Desktop?

A. XML Service
B. XML Application
C. XML Server
D. XML Client


You are designing a solution for a customer with Avaya IXTM Workforce Engagement and Avaya Contact Recorder
(ACR) in their contact center.

When determining the number of DSP\\’s required for agent recording in an all IP environment using DMCC Call
Recording, what is the recommended ratio used?

A. Number of agents X 5 = DSPs
B. Number of agents X 4 = DSPs
C. Number of agents X 3 = DSPs
D. Number of agents X 2 = DSPs


A customer needs to integrate a network of call centers for better load balancing and optimal agent utilization. They also need to monitor the status of the specified resources and adjust call processing. This would enable the system to
compare the specified skills, identify the skill that provides the best service to a call, and deliver the call to an agent in the skill. If no agents are available in the skill, the call is queued.

Which Avaya Aura Call Center Elite feature would you recommend to this customer?

A. Advanced Call Vectoring
B. Expert Agent Selection
C. Best Service Routing
D. Business Advocate

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