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The SIP-enabled AACC Communication Control Toolkit integrates the agents and supervisors within the SIP
environment to offer features.
Which application programming interface type is used to publish the CCT functions?
A. Microsoft .NET
B. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
C. Open Computing Language (OpenGL)
D. Simple Direct Media Layer
Correct Answer: B

Media Servers are needed in a SIP-enabled AACC
Which deployment allows the co-resident installation of Voice and Multimedia Contact Center with Media Server?
A. Physical Mid-Range Server
B. Physical Entry-Level Server
C. VMware Mid-Range Server
D. VMware High-End Server
Correct Answer: A

A Contact Center manager knows that a modern agent Interface which can deliver all of the relevant customer
information, creates a better customer experience.
Which two agent interfaces are supported with AACC Release 7.1? (Choose two)
A. Avaya IXTM Workplace
B. Avaya Agent Desktop a
C. Avaya IXTM Workspaces
D. Avaya one-X Agent Desktop
Correct Answer: BC

During the discovery conversation with South Travel Stores, they said they want to leave a chat message for the experts
if they are not available.
Which component would the sales person offer South Travel Stores?
A. Co-browse Snap-In
B. Multimedia Messaging
C. Messaging (AAM)
D. Context Store Snap-In
Correct Answer: D

Which three attributes describe the right context of a customer journey experience? (Choose three.)
A. Specific Report focused
B. Single Channel driven
C. Seamless
D. Personalized
E. Intelligent
Correct Answer: A

When upgrading existing AACC Systems, which Avaya Engagement AACC package is available?
A. Agent Greeting
B. Instant Message
C. Resilience
D. Geographic Node
Correct Answer: D

Which group offers the AACC Callback Request solution that leverages AACC scripting and web services, as well\\’as
the outbound capability of AACC?
A. Avaya technical staff
B. Avaya Development team
C. Avaya Support
D. Avaya Professional Services
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

33810x exam questions-q8

AACC routes contacts based on business logic to any SIP addressable endpoint. Which statement about AACC Voice
Contact is true?
A. It Is anchored In the Media Processing Platform.
B. It Is anchored In the G450.
C. It Is anchored In the Media Server.
D. It Is anchored in the Session Manager.
Correct Answer: D

A Contact Center manager wants a fast First Call Resolution, and has requested a Skype for Business client software
on Avaya Agent Desktop.
Which statement describes what the Avaya support department needs be prepared to tell the manager?
A. Different Presence client software are supported on Avaya Agent Desktop.
B. Agent Desktop does not support co-resident Skype for Business client software.
C. Microsoft Lync Server are not supported.
D. Microsoft Skype Server are not supported.
Correct Answer: A

An IT manager wants a Callback offer leveraging AACC scripting and Web services, as well as the outbound capability
of AACC.
What Is this solution called?
A. Call Completion No Reply (CCNR)
B. Call Back Assist (CBA)
C. Call Back Request (CBR)
D. Call Completion Busy Subscriber (CCBS)
Correct Answer: C

A customer needs an application that is provided free of charge and allows them to reduce the time required to develop
and maintain scripts, workflows, and applications in the Avaya Aura Contact Center.
Which application will meet the customer\\’s requirements?
A. Avaya Control Manager
B. Avaya one-X Agent Desktop
C. Avaya Agent Desktop
D. Avaya Contact Center Orchestration Designer
Correct Answer: C

A finance director wants a solution that both answers Inbound calls during peak call times to avoid poor customer
experience, and minimizes costs for additional agents.
Which solution meets these customer requirements?
A. Avaya IX TM Workplace
B. Avaya Callback Assist
C. Avaya IX TMM Workspaces
D. Avaya Agent Desktop
Correct Answer: C

A design specialist prepares for a customer meeting, and knows that data on the customer, their Industry, and the
possible competition, will need to be collected.
Which additional information is also needed?
A. The salaries of the executives In the meeting
B. The design diagram for discussion with customer
C. The Avaya solutions and services Avaya could offer
D. The model numbers of the existing contact center equipment
Correct Answer: D

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