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Avaya Aura and Call Center Elite together help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) with centralization and
Avaya\\’s open architecture provides feature and investment options for any enterprise, and customers can choose from which two options? (Choose two.)

A. Subscription-based payments
B. Cloud Contact Center with AACC
C. Managed Private or Hybrid Networks
D. Cloud Storage Box


Avaya Survey Assist is a multi-purpose application that allows you to easily create automated voice and SMS surveys. It
supports full integration into the Avaya Experience Portal (AEP) and Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) for voice and
SMS transactions.

Which two are current deployment options for Avaya Survey Assist? (Choose two.)

A. Upgradable Single Box
B. Cluster Mode
C. Geo-redundancy
D. Single Box


Avaya enabled the automated installation of the Avaya OneCloudTM ReadyNow software. With each ready now
The solution, Avaya is delivering a pre-built golden image that includes the Avaya Virtual Machine applications or

Additionally, which program Is leveraged to automate the implementation of network, firewalls, and security containers?

A. Avaya Update Manager
B. Capacity Planner
C. Avaya Maestro
D. vCenter Manager


A client wants a solution to view live, real-time information, and see the immediate results of their adjustments.
From a migration standpoint, in addition to Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite, which additional application will preserve the
customer investment?

A. Avaya IXTM Workforce Engagement
B. Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing
C. Avaya Call Management System
D. Avaya Aura?Elite Multichannel


Avaya OneCloud IX, H Contact Center is a true, multi-tenant, complete Contact Center solution that provides a simplified cloud experience for operations and agents. A customer needs skill-based call center routing as part of their solution.

Which two IXTM Contact Center bundles offer this feature? (Choose two.)

A. Reporting Bundle
B. Basic Bundle
C. Voice Bundle
D. Advanced Bundle


Based on customer feedback, what was the top priority in 2019 for Contact Center organizations?

A. To increase first contact resolution
B. To increase agent retention
C. To increase self-service usage
D. To increase digital channel usage


An Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite customer wants an application solution with the following requirements:

1. Synchronizes with a desk phone to share the control of telephony and agent features
2. Includes capabilities of integrated video and Instant messaging
3. Increases collaboration
4. Reduces agent talk time and facilitates first call resolution

To meet these requirements, which two applications would you recommend be used in conjunction with Call Center
Elite? (Choose two.)

A. Agent Desktop Displays (ADD)
B. Avaya one-X?Agent
C. Agent Map
D. Avaya Agent for Desktop (AAfD)


Workspaces for Elite with POM Integration can Increase agent productivity by providing a unified desktop for agents to
handle all inbound and outbound voice tasks, and which three types of calls? (Choose three.)

A. Predictive
B. Progressive
C. Performance
D. Proficient
E. Preview


A customer wants to use the Avaya Aura? Media Server (AAMS) because of its advanced multimedia processing
features. Which three statements are true for the AAMS? (Choose three.)

A. AAMS provides Communication Manager IP audio functionality.
B. Pricing is differentiated, so customers will buy AAMS-enabled features unique to each adopter.
C. AAMS is shareable between different adapters.
D. AAMS provides virtualization, high channel density, and no playback announcement limits.
E. Experience Portal will use the AAMS as a media resource.


Which key Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Multichannel (EMC) component sends a signal to Avaya Enablement Services
(AES) to pass the call control and call event Information to Elite Multichannel applications, such as the EMC Desktop?

A. XML Service
B. XML Application
C. XML Server
D. XML Client


You are designing a solution for a customer with Avaya IXTM Workforce Engagement and Avaya Contact Recorder
(ACR) in their contact center.

When determining the number of DSP\\’s required for agent recording in an all IP environment using DMCC Call
Recording, what is the recommended ratio used?

A. Number of agents X 5 = DSPs
B. Number of agents X 4 = DSPs
C. Number of agents X 3 = DSPs
D. Number of agents X 2 = DSPs


A customer needs to integrate a network of call centers for better load balancing and optimal agent utilization. They also need to monitor the status of the specified resources and adjust call processing. This would enable the system to
compare the specified skills, identify the skill that provides the best service to a call, and deliver the call to an agent in the skill. If no agents are available in the skill, the call is queued.

Which Avaya Aura Call Center Elite feature would you recommend to this customer?

A. Advanced Call Vectoring
B. Expert Agent Selection
C. Best Service Routing
D. Business Advocate

Correct answer:


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What is a benefit of Session Manager?
A. It centralizes the management of remote gateways.
B. It provides SIP application interoperability across multi-vendor equipment.
C. It provides traditional analog trunking to the edge devices.
D. It de-centralizes management of phones and users enterprise-wide.
Correct Answer: A


A technician is adding 1100 users to an Avaya Aura solution. There is only bandwidth for 30kbps calls per user.
Which audio codec will provide the highest fidelity that the network will support?
A. G.722
B. H.264
C. G.711
D. G.729
Correct Answer: A


The account team is concerned about limitations associated with analog licenses that you have included in your solution
Which two characteristics of analog licenses would you share with the account team? (Choose two.)
A. It is possible to uplift an analog license to a Core suite license.
B. Analog users will get all benefits of a Core license user; the only difference Is the device.
C. Analog license users can coexist in the same Communication Manager with Mobility and Collaboration users.
D. The percentage of analog licenses, within a solution, cannot exceed 60% of the total number of licenses.
Correct Answer: AC


You are explaining to your customer that Avaya Aura Media Server (AAMS) has been adopted by the Communication
Manager, but Is not a direct replacement for media gateways.
Which two capabilities are supported by the Avaya Aura Media Server? (Choose two.)
A. TDM interfaces for digital, analog stations and trunks
B. V.150.1 (Modem-over-IP)
C. Virtualization
D. Basic media resource capabilities
Correct Answer: CD


Which change was made to EC500, to provide a CS1000 Mobile-X-like feature experience?
A. You can now put the call on hold before dialing a feature access code.
B. You can now dial a feature access code without putting the call on hold.
C. You can now enter a feature access code before receiving a call.
D. You must now enter feature access codes before you put a call on hold.
Correct Answer: A


A customer wants to ensure that their remote workers who access the Avaya core are authenticated by the Avaya
Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE).
What is the recommended location for the SBCE?
A. On the same virtual instance with Session Manager
B. In the Internet Service Provider network
C. Behind the firewall in the customer’s enterprise
D. In the customer\’s DMZ
Correct Answer: C


To support 2000 users, the customer wants an Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) with encryption for
SIP trunking. They have agreed to use one session for every five users’ sizing models.
How many licenses does this customer need?
A. 2,000 standard and 2,000 advanced licenses
B. 400 standard and 400 advanced licenses
C. 400 standard licenses
D. 2,000 standard licenses
Correct Answer: C


A customer has a branch location with the following requirements:
24 H.323 Endpoints 30 SIP Endpoints 1 DS-1 for PSTN trunking 15 Analog Ports Survivability for all endpoints in the event
of WAN fail
What is the least cost gateway solution that meets all of these requirements?
A. G450 Media Gateway with S8300
B. G450 Media Gateway
C. G430 Media Gateway
D. G430 Media Gateway with S8300
Correct Answer: C


A Sales Engineer is designing an Avaya Aura 8.x solution where 900 video users are being added. There is enough
bandwidth for all users to establish video calls at 6 Mbps.
Which video codec will provide the best video quality that the network will support?
A. H.264
B. H.263
C. H.261
D. H.262
Correct Answer: D


You have a customer who requires both SIP Trunking and Remote Workers. After examining the features needed
overall, you have determined that 700 Core Suite licenses are required. You still need to quote SBCE licenses, in
addition to the entitlements included with Core Suite licenses, to support a total of 120 PSTN SIP trunks and 330 remote
workers. The customer has agreed to a 3 remote worker users to 1 session access basis- How many additional
standard and advanced a la carte SBCE licenses are needed? (Choose two.)
A. 30 SBCE Standard Licenses
B. 20 SBCE Standard Licenses
C. 10 SBCE Advanced Licenses
D. 20 SBCE Advanced Licenses
Correct Answer: C


You are designing an addition to a customer\’s existing Avaya Aura system. The addition will include 575 IP sets, of
which 200 will also use Avaya Equinox for the Desktop, 175 will use Desktop P2P Video, and 25 of them will also need
Extension to Cellular (EC500). There are 75 other new users who will use Avaya Equinox for iOS as their only UC Client
or endpoint. The customer does not want a la carte licensing for applications not covered by Core Suite, and will
purchase other Avaya Aura Suites as required.
How many Core Suite licenses are needed for the addition?
A. 675
B. 650
C. 625
D. 575
Correct Answer: D


You are adding 1400 users to an existing Avaya Aura communication core- The customer wants the same services for
alt users, but with this expansion there Is not enough bandwidth for audio and video calls for all.
If the bandwidth parameter Is set lower than the minimum video requirement, what will happen to users Initiating audio
and video calls?
A. Audio calls will connect but video calls will not initiate.
B. Audio and video calls will connect for some users.
C. Audio and video calls will connect for all users.
D. Audio calls will connect and video calls will connect as audio calls.
Correct Answer: B


A customer is interested in deploying geo-redundant System Managers. Which two requirements would they need to
know? (Choose two.)
A. Both servers must be on the same IP subnet.
B. The two servers must have the same version of the software.
C. The two servers can reach each other on the network.
D. Both servers must have the same IP address.
Correct Answer: A

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Refer to the Scenario:
Bittersweet Coffee Company (BCC).

37820X exam questions-q1

Your initial bid response has been designed to meet only the customer\\’s stated needs from the RFP. Which feature
brings added value to your solution without incurring any additional cost to the customer?
A. On demand call recording and reporting for any user
B. HTML based call accounting reports
C. Meet-me audio conferencing
D. Centralized management of wired network switches
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

37820X exam questions-q2

You have just finished your discovery conversation with a multi-location, midsize customer. What would you do to use
the generic functional UCandC architecture shown in the exhibit?
A. Create a version of this diagram for each location.
B. Add the specific product names for components in your solution.
C. Cross out functionality not requested by the customer.
D. Add In quantities for each of the components in your solution.
Correct Answer: C

In an IP Office environment, which one can be run on the Vantage device?
A. Vantage Connect Client
B. Avaya IXTM Workplace Client
C. Avaya Equinox Attendant
D. IP Office Web Client
Correct Answer: B

You have just completed a series of discovery conversations with a customer. To summarize the results of your
conversations, what would you create to show each of the customer contacts you met with?
A. A design diagram for each person
B. An architectural diagram for each person
C. A single architectural diagram
D. A single design diagram
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the Scenario: HandH Ticket.

37820X exam questions-q5

The HandH Ticket company wants to replace their DEFINITY systems with a solution for which they can easily obtain
parts and maintenance. The customer contact wants to know why they should migrate to IP Office”* and not Avaya
Aura? In addition to telling them that this solution was purpose-built to support midsize enterprises with up to 3000
users, what else would you tell them?
A. IP Office Includes built-in apps such as voicemail, audio and web collaboration, mobility, IM and Presence.
B. The IP Office can be virtualized in either a Nutanix or a VMware environment.
C. IP Office integrates with a multi-channel contact center solution that can migrate to Avaya Aura Contact Center.
D. IP Office uses many of the same components and applications such as SBCE and System Manager.
Correct Answer: D

You are speaking with a customer who has a large multi-site enterprise, and limited IT staff to support a new
communications system. They like the idea of housing the primary call control in a reliable data center, but do not have
such an environment. In their business today. Local survivability is critical as reliable communications is a core function
of their business. Based on these factors, which IP OfficeTM deployment model would meet the customer
A. Private Cloud
B. Public Cloud
C. Hybrid Cloud
D. On-Premise
Correct Answer: A

Web is using Outlook with an Exchange server. You have proposed that the customer use
the Outlook plug-In.
What does this plug-In do for the users at Web
A. It adds Avaya IX Workplace Client functionality to the Outlook window.
B. It adds Outlook access to the Avaya IX Workplace Client for IP Office.
C. it adds Outlook access to the one-X Portal desktop.
D. it adds a subset of one-X Portal functionality to the Outlook window.
Correct Answer: C

Which agent application uses the Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) function in Avaya Contact Center Select
A. one-X Agent
B. Avaya Communicator
C. Avaya Agent Desktop
D. Agent Desktop Display
Correct Answer: B

One of the security enhancements in the Powered By IP 0ffice offer is SIP Registrar Hardening that
enables Better control to allow SIP clients to register using a whitelist and blacklist.
To which platform is this functionality relevant?
A. SCN IP500 V2
B. Expansion IP500 V2
C. Linux servers
D. CentOS servers
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the Scenario: IT-FAC.

37820X exam questions-q10

IT-FAC Is very concerned about reliability since they need the ability to always make calls and receive calls. They are
not as concerned about reliability of messaging and other forms of collaboration. Based on the above information, what
Is required in the IP Office solution to provide backup for their SIP trunks and Session Border Controller for Enterprise
A. Add an E1 or T1 line with a combo card.
B. Add a second Portwell SBCE to provide High Availability (HA).
C. Add Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and analog modules to the IP500 V2.
D. Duplicate all of the SIP trunks, add another Portwell SBCE and High Availability (HA. licenses.
Correct Answer: A

With the Avaya J100 Series IXTM IP phones, which feature requires PoE Class 2?
A. The JBM24/JEM24 button module
B. The color display
C. The J100 wireless module
D. The built-in volume boost
Correct Answer: B

You are working with a customer to migrate them to an Avaya Midsize solution with IP OfficeTM. They have nine
existing analog trunks that each cost $40 per month. You want to determine If It would be cost effective to go to digital
trunking using a T1/E1 at a cost of $400 per month. Although the analog monthly line charges are less, what else would
need to be taken Into consideration to look at the total cost difference?
A. Analog devices, such as a classic fax machine, attached to the IP Office require analog trunks.
B. Digital trunking requires an SBCE for security.
C. The cost for nine analog trunk ports versus a single digital trunk port.
D. Digital trunking needs VCM channels and analog trunks do not  Correct Answer: A

With Avaya Equinox Meetings Online, what is the maximum number of live broadcast viewers for a Pro VMR version?
A. 500 viewers
B. 50 viewers
C. 25 viewers
D. 100 viewers
Correct Answer: A

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A customer has the UCMv2 installed in their IP Office 500 V2. They are using one-X® Portal for 25 of their users.
In this scenario, what is the maximum voicemail ports supported on the Voicemail Pro?
A. 30
B. 20
C. 25
D. 40
Correct Answer: B
References: Page: 9

As of Avaya IP Office Release 10 software, which type of license can be used?
C. Windows
D. Linux
Correct Answer: B

Which two methods are voicemails to email with the Voicemail Pro? (Choose two.)
A. Outlook
Correct Answer: BD
References: Page: 57

If no Music-on-Hold source is selected, what will a caller hear when a user places them on hold?
A. a double bleep tone
B. silence
C. ringing
D. an automated voice saying “Please Hold”
Correct Answer: A

Which Application is used to upgrade IP Office Server Edition?
A. Manager
B. Web Manager
C. System Status
D. Linux command line
Correct Answer: A

A customer has two main receptionists using SoftConsole; however, when they are on a break or at lunch, there are
four back office workers that can open the SoftConsole on their PC to take calls to cover these periods.
How many licenses are required for this to work?
A. 8
B. 6
C. 2
D. 4
Correct Answer: D
References: Page: 9

A customer has requested that all users should be prevented from dialing international numbers. What is the quickest
way to apply the short code to the system\\’s short codes?
A. Apply the short code to the ARS table.
B. Apply the short code to a user right.
C. Apply the short code to all external lines.
D. Apply the short code to each user individually.
Correct Answer: A

A user at a remote IP Office site calls in to discuss a voicemail issue. You launch the Manager program to see your
multi-site IP Office network, but only your local IP Office appears.
What is causing this problem?
A. The Unit/Broadcast address is
B. No SCN users are available.
C. The remotes are doing a reboot.
D. Your login is not correct.
Correct Answer: B

Which method will avoid corruption of the data on the SD card when removing the SD card from the IP Office?
A. Dial the shutdown short code to shut down the card before removing the SD card.
B. Use the Manager application to shut down the card before removing the SD card.
C. Use System Monitor to shut down the card before removing the SD card.
D. Pull out the card. Special shutdown is not required.
Correct Answer: B

The Debug level is set to Verbose for creating log files to help with fault finding on which application?
A. Avaya Equinox Client
B. Media Manager
C. one-X® Portal Client
D. VM Pro
Correct Answer: D

When creating a Short Code that is to connect to a Start point on Modules in the Voicemail Pro, which Short Code
feature should you use?
A. Voicemail Call
B. Voicemail Off
C. Voicemail On
D. Voicemail Node
Correct Answer: D

What does “IMAP support” mean in the IP Office UMS service?
A. A user can see/listen to voicemail messages via Web browser.
B. A user can receive voicemail messages only using MS Outlook.
C. All messages are forwarded to a user e-mail account and deleted on their telephone.
D. A user can receive voicemail messages to their Outlook, Outlook Express and/or Lotus Notes programs running on
their PC.
E. A new message is sent to a user e-mail account. The user can listen to it by dialing their telephone number.
Correct Answer: B

A customer has given six employees the ability to hot-desk for when they come into the office. When they log off, their
calls will go to their voicemail boxes. Employees want to retrieve their voicemail while out of the office.
How should you set up DDI/DID to achieve this?
A. DDI/DID to their Login code
B. DDI/DID number to their Extension
C. DDI/DID to the short code feature “Voicemail Collect”
D. DDI/DID to a Voicemail module “Recording”
Correct Answer: C

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The SIP-enabled AACC Communication Control Toolkit integrates the agents and supervisors within the SIP
environment to offer features.
Which application programming interface type is used to publish the CCT functions?
A. Microsoft .NET
B. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
C. Open Computing Language (OpenGL)
D. Simple Direct Media Layer
Correct Answer: B

Media Servers are needed in a SIP-enabled AACC
Which deployment allows the co-resident installation of Voice and Multimedia Contact Center with Media Server?
A. Physical Mid-Range Server
B. Physical Entry-Level Server
C. VMware Mid-Range Server
D. VMware High-End Server
Correct Answer: A

A Contact Center manager knows that a modern agent Interface which can deliver all of the relevant customer
information, creates a better customer experience.
Which two agent interfaces are supported with AACC Release 7.1? (Choose two)
A. Avaya IXTM Workplace
B. Avaya Agent Desktop a
C. Avaya IXTM Workspaces
D. Avaya one-X Agent Desktop
Correct Answer: BC

During the discovery conversation with South Travel Stores, they said they want to leave a chat message for the experts
if they are not available.
Which component would the sales person offer South Travel Stores?
A. Co-browse Snap-In
B. Multimedia Messaging
C. Messaging (AAM)
D. Context Store Snap-In
Correct Answer: D

Which three attributes describe the right context of a customer journey experience? (Choose three.)
A. Specific Report focused
B. Single Channel driven
C. Seamless
D. Personalized
E. Intelligent
Correct Answer: A

When upgrading existing AACC Systems, which Avaya Engagement AACC package is available?
A. Agent Greeting
B. Instant Message
C. Resilience
D. Geographic Node
Correct Answer: D

Which group offers the AACC Callback Request solution that leverages AACC scripting and web services, as well\\’as
the outbound capability of AACC?
A. Avaya technical staff
B. Avaya Development team
C. Avaya Support
D. Avaya Professional Services
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

33810x exam questions-q8

AACC routes contacts based on business logic to any SIP addressable endpoint. Which statement about AACC Voice
Contact is true?
A. It Is anchored In the Media Processing Platform.
B. It Is anchored In the G450.
C. It Is anchored In the Media Server.
D. It Is anchored in the Session Manager.
Correct Answer: D

A Contact Center manager wants a fast First Call Resolution, and has requested a Skype for Business client software
on Avaya Agent Desktop.
Which statement describes what the Avaya support department needs be prepared to tell the manager?
A. Different Presence client software are supported on Avaya Agent Desktop.
B. Agent Desktop does not support co-resident Skype for Business client software.
C. Microsoft Lync Server are not supported.
D. Microsoft Skype Server are not supported.
Correct Answer: A

An IT manager wants a Callback offer leveraging AACC scripting and Web services, as well as the outbound capability
of AACC.
What Is this solution called?
A. Call Completion No Reply (CCNR)
B. Call Back Assist (CBA)
C. Call Back Request (CBR)
D. Call Completion Busy Subscriber (CCBS)
Correct Answer: C

A customer needs an application that is provided free of charge and allows them to reduce the time required to develop
and maintain scripts, workflows, and applications in the Avaya Aura Contact Center.
Which application will meet the customer\\’s requirements?
A. Avaya Control Manager
B. Avaya one-X Agent Desktop
C. Avaya Agent Desktop
D. Avaya Contact Center Orchestration Designer
Correct Answer: C

A finance director wants a solution that both answers Inbound calls during peak call times to avoid poor customer
experience, and minimizes costs for additional agents.
Which solution meets these customer requirements?
A. Avaya IX TM Workplace
B. Avaya Callback Assist
C. Avaya IX TMM Workspaces
D. Avaya Agent Desktop
Correct Answer: C

A design specialist prepares for a customer meeting, and knows that data on the customer, their Industry, and the
possible competition, will need to be collected.
Which additional information is also needed?
A. The salaries of the executives In the meeting
B. The design diagram for discussion with customer
C. The Avaya solutions and services Avaya could offer
D. The model numbers of the existing contact center equipment
Correct Answer: D

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At Maximum Processing Capacity, how many messages per minute (combined email and voice) can Avaya IXTM
Messaging successfully process without loss of data, regardless of the number of users?
A. 5000
B. 4000
C. 3000
D. 2000
Correct Answer: B

What is the Avaya IXTM message bandwidth required for inbound and for outbound traffic?
A. 64 kbps bandwidth for inbound, and another 64 kbps for outbound traffic
B. 15 kbps bandwidth for inbound, and another 15 kbps for outbound traffic
C. 10 kbps bandwidth for inbound, and another 10 kbps for outbound traffic
D. 30 kbps bandwidth for inbound, and another 30 kbps for outbound traffic
Correct Answer: B

What are three deployment configuration considerations for the installation of Avaya IXTM Messaging? (Choose three.)
A. Network or mapped drives are not supported.
B. Network or mapped drives are supported.
C. An Avaya IXTM Messaging server may be installed on the root drive.
D. The drives may be a physical drive, or a single drive with partitions.
E. An Avaya IXTM Messaging server only be installed on the root drive.
Correct Answer: ADE

While doing a backup of the Avaya IXMessaging solution, which three folders must be chosen? (Choose three.)
C. UC\Licenses
D. UC\Messages
E. UC\Prompts
Correct Answer: ABD

When the Primary server becomes unavailable, it will stop updating the time stamps on the copied license files that exist
on the Secondary server and the Consolidated server. To stop the expiration of the copied license files, within how
many days must the Primary server be recovered?
A. 30
B. 28
C. 14
D. 10
Correct Answer: C

In Avaya IXTM Messaging High Availability, VSN is designed to support up to how many SIP ports?
A. 100
B. 120
C. 150
D. 220
Correct Answer: A

Which three statements about license management in Avaya IXTM Messaging High Availability are true? (Choose
A. The other servers (Secondary Server, Consolidated server, Mobilink Server, etc.) will maintain their individual license,
which allows them to maintain full functionality.
B. The Primary voice server will hold the license, and becomes the primary holder of the license.
C. The license file will be copied to all voice servers by Mobilink.
D. The license files on other servers (Secondary Server, Consolidated server, Mobilink Server etc) are time stamped,
and expire after a certain period of time.
E. The license files on other servers (Secondary Server, Consolidated server, Mobilink Server etc) are permanent, and
do not expire.
Correct Answer: ACD

In High Availability architecture, what is the maximum number of ports that are supported on Avaya IXTM Messaging
A. 2,600
B. 2,200
C. 2,400
D. 2,800
Correct Answer: A

If SR140 fax port licenses are present, how many FAX channels are supported by Avaya IX,M Messaging?
A. 48 ports per voice server, 120 max/solution
B. 24 ports per voice server, 120 max/solution
C. 24 ports per voice server, 60 max/solution
D. 48 ports per voice server, 60 max/solution
Correct Answer: D

In Avaya IXTM Messaging, which service provides unified messaging synchronization to Google through Gmail API,
Office365 using EWS link, any IMAP4 compliant email application?
A. Message Networking
B. IIS Web Service
C. Content sync engine
D. Transcription
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements about Avaya IXTM Messaging integration with a third party PBX are true? (Choose two.)
A. The number of PBXs are limited by the license.
B. In multi-PBX/multi-node, PBX with MWI with SIP and with CTI are supported.
C. Integration of multiple PBXs is only supported if the PBXs support same type of MWI integration.
D. In multi-PBX/multi-node, all PBXs/nodes can use any trunk type for integration.
E. It is recommended that all PBXs/nodes use SIP trunks for integration.
Correct Answer: AC

How many users are supported on Avaya IXTMMessaging 10.8 SingleServer?
A. 4,200
B. 4,500
C. 4,600
D. 4,800
Correct Answer: A

Which three field settings does the consolidated server have the ability to change? (Choose three.)
A. Company
B. SIP Settings
C. Mailbox Settings
D. Feature Group
E. PBX Settings
Correct Answer: BCE

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This solution is hosted Software as a Service or SaaS-dedicated Chat solution. It provides both automated and live agent chat modes of operation with seamless escalation from automated to live. (Select one.)
A. Avaya One Touch Video
B. Avaya Automated Chat
C. Avaya Customer Connections Mobile
D. Avaya CallBack Assist

Correct Answer: B
Which three statements best describe the business challenges that Avaya Aura. Contact Center can solve? (Select three.)
A. Provide a consistent, high quality customer experience
B. Voice channel is overloaded
C. Use agents for tasks customers could do themselves
D. High agent turnover due to low job satisfaction

Correct Answer: BCD
Which Assisted Experience Management product or solution integrates seamlessly with Avaya Interaction Center? (Select one.)
A. Avaya Aura. Call Center Elite
B. Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing
C. Avaya Context Store
D. Avaya Aura. Contact Center

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following are products, applications, and solutions that reside within the Experience Layer of the CEM Framework? (Select four.)
A. Avaya Proactive Contact
B. Avaya Outbound Contact Express
C. Avaya Control Manager
D. Avaya Interaction Center
E. Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager
F. Avaya Aura. Orchestration Designer
Correct Answer: ABDE

Which are three business challenges that Avaya Proactive Contact can solve? (Select three.)
A. Keep operational cost down
B. Keep existing customers
C. Cost effective ways to grow business, increase revenue
D. Voice channel is overloaded
Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 6
Which three statements best describe the business challenges that Avaya Media Processing Server (MPS) can solve? (Select three.)
A. Increasingly demanding customers
B. Outbound system complexity and reliability
C. Increase Return on Investment (ROI)
D. Cost control

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 7
Which definition applies to Avaya Aura. Orchestration Designer? (Select one.)
A. Cloud application that listens to the relevant social networks, collects items posted, then processes those items
B. An application which provides a visual, graphical design tool for developing service
C. A real-time and historical reporting application for Contact Center Environments
D. A centralized administration solution for managing the key Avaya Contact Center and Unified Communication products in a solution

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 8
Which are Avaya Call Management System (CMS) deployment options? (Select four.)
A. Dell 620 server for the mid range capacity option
B. Dell 720 server for Enterprise capacity option
C. Virtual (OVA on VMWare) Mid or high capacity configuration
D. Dell 620 server for the low range capacity option
E. HP NB56000c-cg server for Enterprise capacity option

Correct Answer: ABCD QUESTION 9
Which Proactive product or solution must have RT_Socket installed for skill-based pacing for campaigns? (Select one.)
A. Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager
B. Avaya Proactive Contact
C. Avaya Outbound Contact Express

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 10
Which of the Avaya Media Processing Server hardware options is quoted in the Enterprise Configurator tool? (Select one.)
A. Media Processing Server 500
B. Media Processing Server 1000
C. Media Processing Server 1500

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 11
With Avaya Aura Experience Portal, the Avaya provided server offer includes which of the following applications that installs the operating system? (Select one.)
A. Experience Portal OS Wizard
B. Experience Portal Ignition Wizard
C. Enterprise Linux Installer
D. Enterprise Implementation Tool

Correct Answer: C
Which third-party components must be provided by the customer for Avaya One Touch Video? (Select four.)
A. End customer initiating the call workstation
B. Server-class host system with Siebel
C. Web firewall to separate Internet from Enterprise demilitarized zone
D. Web Server for hosting content
E. Server-class host system with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Correct Answer: ACDE
With regard to Avaya Outbound Contact Express, which of these applications must run on customer provided hardware? (Select four.)
A. Agent message queue
B. Campaign manager
C. Script manager
D. Supervisor applications
E. IP Office Administrative Apps
F. Avaya Speech Analytics Desktop Client

Correct Answer: BCDE
Avaya Control Manager provides a single administration platform for which of the following Avaya applications? (Select four.)
A. Avaya Proactive Contact
B. Avaya Operational Analyst
C. Avaya Aura. Contact Center
D. Avaya Aura. Call Center Elite
E. Avaya Aura. Communication Manager

Correct Answer: ACDE
Which Avaya Aura. Workforce Optimization packages are licensed on a per agent seat basis? (Select three.)
A. Avaya Quality Monitoring Package
B. Avaya Workforce Management Package
C. Avaya Social Media Analytics Package
D. Avaya Workforce Optimization Package
E. Avaya Coaching and eLearning Package
Correct Answer: ABD
Which are software component provided by the Avaya Contact Flow Analytics turnkey solution? (Select three.)
A. Tivoli software
B. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
C. Contact Flow Analytics software
D. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.6 Operating System
E. Advanced Interactive executive (AIX) 6.1

Correct Answer: BDE
Which two operating systems are supported on customer provided hardware for Avaya Interaction Center? (Select two.)
A. Mac OS X
B. Windows 7 Professional Edition
C. Linux OS
D. Windows Vista Enterprise Edition

Correct Answer: BD
The Experience Layer enables organization to do which of following three key activities? (Select three.)
A. Optimize the workforce
B. Connect to the Back-Office
C. Contextual Awareness
D. Best/1:1 Matching

Correct Answer: BCD
Which of the following apply to the Avaya Customer Experience Management Design layer? (Select three.)
A. Connect and Share Services
B. Trouble Isolation
C. Multi-tenancy Support
D. Workflows and Application Simulation
E. End-to-End Experience Design

Correct Answer: CDE
In addition to the Experience Layer, which two layers are part of the seven layers that make up the Avaya Customer Experience Management (CEM) Framework? (Select two.)
A. Implementation Layer
B. Design Layer
C. Collaboration Layer
D. Performance Layer

Correct Answer: BD

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What makes Avaya’s Fabric Connect fundamentally different to traditional IP networks?

A. It uses MPLS in new and more efficient ways
B. It uses OSPF to do the routing, based on the MAC address
C. It uses a new Avaya proprietary protocol to get away from IP with all its limitations
D. It enables a dynamic, agile and resilient network where Services need only be configured at the edge

Correct Answer: D
How are Avaya’s Core Ethernet Switches differentiated from other Switches in the industry? (Select the two correct options)
A. They consistently implement our differentiating capabilities regardless of the ‘size’ of the network
B. They use a unique Clustering technology
C. They are smaller and lighter
D. They support the Spanning Tree Protocol

Correct Answer: BD
We are at the beginning of an emerging market defined by which two of the following key inflection points? (Select two)
A. Consumerization of IT
B. Client-server computing
C. ATM to the desktop
D. Cloud computing and networking

Correct Answer: AD
Select the three best reasons for giving administrators their own login and only the access privileges they need for their job. (Select three)
A. Increases the amount of software that needs to be installed
B. Increases network security
C. Helps to reduce downtime due to configuration errors
D. Allows provisioning changes to be tracked by individual user

Correct Answer: BCD
Your colleague is finalizing an Avaya Aura project with a customer. He found out that some of the existing non-Avaya edge switches will also need to be replaced and asks you “What kind of savings do Avaya Edge Switches offer over the competition?” Which three of the following reasons would you offer him? (Select three)
A. Avaya Edge Switches can run on DC power, which enable up to 30% energy savings.
B. Huge time savings because there is no need provision each phone and each edge switch manually.
C. It eliminates human error in ensuring that the correct VLAN and QoS setting get assigned to each device automatically.
D. When Miercom tested the ERS 4548GT-PWR series for example, they found that on D average it was 20-25% more energy efficient than the Cisco Catalyst 3750-X solution and the HP E4500 series solution and 50% more efficient than the Juniper EX 4200.

Correct Answer: ACD
While discussing a proposition with a prospective customer, they ask what the most important value propositions are that Avaya Data Center Solutions bring to the table. (Select the four most important value propositions)
A. Cost – Minimizing and Simplifying
B. Operations – Improving Time-to-Service
C. Performance – Applications are optimized
D. Availability – of business operations
E. Scalability – Built for Seamless Growth
F. Virtualization – of server capacity

Correct Answer: CDEF
A customer asks you about the benefits of stacking Avaya’s Edge Switches. Which three of the following responses are correct? (Select three)
A. Stacks share a single Power Supply, therefore save costs
B. Stacks offer scalability. Units can be added as needed – up to eight
C. Stacks are managed as a single entity
D. Stacks protect against unit or cable failure with fail-safe stacking
Correct Answer: ACD
What makes Avaya’s Fabric Connect fundamentally different to traditional IP networks?

A. It uses OSPF to do the routing, based on the MAC address
B. It uses a new Avaya proprietary protocol to get away from IP with all its limitations
C. It uses MPLS in new and more efficient ways
D. It enables a dynamic, agile and resilient network where Services need only be configured at the edge

Correct Answer: D
Two things that help to make the IT department more cost efficient include? (Select two)
A. Automating repetitive tasks
B. Having multiple administrators share the same PC
C. Installing admin software on every admin computer
D. Reducing the learning of multiple user interfaces

Correct Answer: AC
Avaya has a distinct advantage in the market because, unlike other vendors, our Fabric solution is not exclusive to only the largest and most expensive products. Which Avaya products currently support for our Fabric Connect technology? (Select three)
A. ERS 3500 (typically used at the Branch Edge)
B. VSP 9000 and ERS 8800 (typically used in the Core)
C. ERS 4800 and VSP 4000 (typically used at the Wiring Closet Edge)
D. VSP 7000 (typically used at the Data Center Edge)
Which three of the following characteristics represents the key highlights of ERS 4800 models? (Select three)
A. Stackable Chassis compatibility
B. Support for 1/10 Gig SFP+ uplinks
C. IPv6 forwarding of data traffic
D. Avaya Fabric Connect services to the wiring closet

Correct Answer: ACD
A customer is questioning the time savings provided by Avaya’s “Auto Unit Replacement”. He says that replacing the unit is only a small part of the whole process. Configuring the new unit can take a long time. How could you respond?
A. Explain that Miercom tested Avaya’s claim back in 2011 and stated “When replacing a unit in a Stack, the new unit was able to boot up, load the configuration and become operational in two minutes and 11 seconds’.
B. Make your point by saying that a well-trained Avaya engineer can replace a unit in just over ten minutes.
C. Make sure that the customer understands that “Auto Unit Replacement” only means the physical replacement of that unit and does not include configuration.

Correct Answer: C
How does Avaya VENA Fabric Connect help to reduce time-to-service? (Select two)
A. Provisioning changes only need to be made to the edge of the network rather than to every device and link
B. It replaces multiple legacy protocols with a vastly simplified implementation, extending VLANs Fabric-wide
C. It uses industry standard CLI commands
D. It uses MPLS in its core

Correct Answer: AC
Avaya Wireless solutions address the market with which three of the following key enablers: (Select three)
A. Emergency services
B. Removing a need for wireless transmission
C. Enabling BYOD
D. Relying on a carrier’s network for wireless
E. Next generation unified WLAN

Correct Answer: ADE
Which Avaya Switch is ideally suited to deliver today’s pressing need for flexible, high-speed Ethernet connectivity in the high-performance Data Center Top-of-Rack (ToR) role?
A. V5P7000
B. ERS4800
C. VSP9000
D. ERS 5000

Correct Answer: D
You have a large enterprise customer who requires a next-generation solution for a mission- critical Data Center that supports their requirements for multi-tenancy. Select the product that meets their requirements for a future-ready platform (40/100 Gigabit Ethernet) and cost- effectively facilitates service integration.
A. ERS8600
B. VSP9000
C. ERS8800
D. ER5 8300

Correct Answer: B
The Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) standard is supported by multiple vendors. Which of the following features are added to create Avaya’s Fabric Connect technology, our extended implementation of SPB? (Select three)

A. Cloud based virtualization
B. Unicast and Multicast support
C. High-availability at the Edge
D. Layer 3 support

Correct Answer: ACD
Which two of the following are key benefits of Virtual Provisioning Services?
A. Hands-off configuration of the Avaya physical network devices based on predefined rules
B. The on-box element management tool
C. The WLAN software and the Site Model Designer

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