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QUESTION: 1 It is discovered while running Playback 0 that an important but not strictly necessary sub-process was missed in the analysis. How should the program manager recommend handling the missed sub-process?
A. Redo Playback 0 and include the sub process.
B. Note the sub-process as a user story and save it for the next release.
C. Include the sub-process in Playback 1 without validating with the process owner.
D. Schedule a special iteration and playback to address the sub-process after Playback 3.
Answer: B


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QUESTION: 2 The BPM Program Manager, Process Owner, and Lead Developer are collaborating to define the theme and assign user stories for the next iteration. The team is planning the 7th of 15 iterations in the Release Plan for Release One. The Program Manager displays a Team Velocity chart showing that the Development team has shown significant growth in story points accepted from iterations 1 to 4 and has been leveling off to roughly 200 story points in iterations 5 and 6. Given there are 9 iterations remaining in the release plan, the Process Owner immediately recognizes there is room for roughly 1800 story points in the remaining time for Release One. However, the backlog contains 2400 story points marked as “high” priority and another 1200 story points marked as “medium” priority. The Process Owner asks to reduce the points assessed to the high priority user stories to bring the total points down to roughly 1800 so as to make them fit in the remaining time. The Program Manager agrees. What is wrong with this scenario?
A. This is a conversation for a Release Planning meeting and not during Iteration Planning.
B. Team Velocity is fixed and changing the method of estimating story points mid-way through a release will not increase the scope of work that can be completed.
C. Process Owner forgot to include a risk factor of 1.4 that should be applied to 1800 resulting in roughly 2500 story points (1.4 x 1800 = 2520) remaining in the Release. No action should be taken.
D. Both “high” and “medium” priority stories should be included in the Release Plan meaning all user story points should be reduced by 50% to get all high/medium priority stories to fit in 1800 points remaining (2400+1200 = 3600 : 3600/2 = 1800).
Answer: B

QUESTION: 3 The BPM program manager and process owner for a new hire onboarding process project need to ensure that the solution developed by the team will be accepted and adopted by the target users. To facilitate this, they decide to:
A. plan additional playbacks for user screens.
B. agree with users to postpone the release until every feature is correct.
C. involve champion SMEs in the discovery and implementation including playbacks.
D. insist on documentation of all user requirements before having the development team begin work.

Answer: C
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