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InfoShpere MDM Server does not allow you to store the source contract cross reference data under both the CONTRACT and the NATIVEKEY tables at the same time with the default configuration. You are working on a project that would like to enable this feature. What should you do?
A. Build a behavior extension to handle it.
B. Properly configure the applied record in the V_ELEMENT_VAL table to ensure thatInfoSphere MDM Server will not perform the cross-field validation.
C. Properly configure the applied record in the V_GROUP_ VAL table to ensure thatInfoSphere MDM Server will not perform the cross-field validation.
D. Properly configure the applied record in the V_ELEMENTATTRIBUTE VAL table to ensure thatInfoSphere MDM Server will not perform the cross-field validation.
Answer: C

If InfoSphere MDM Server finds a suspect duplicate party, which three activities would you use the Data Stewardship UI feature to do? (Choose three.)
A. to split parties apart
B. to mark or unmark parties as suspect duplicates
C. to search and inquire for completed tasks and assign to another user
D. to update metadata fur the defined critical data elements
E. to collapse parties together
Answer: A,B,E

Click the Exhibit button.
Referring to the exhibit, the class diagram shows the InfoShpere MDM Server Request and
Response framework, with the name of one component missing.

“PassAny Exam. Any Time.” -A. DWLRequestHandler
B. DWLBaseException
C. DWLCommonServices
D. DWLControl
Answer: A

The Evergreen application can be extended (or customized) according to client logic.
Which two approaches can be used to customize the Evergreen application behavior? (Choose

A. Deploy new metadata specifications.
B. Configure a new parser and constructor.
C. Customize the external rules that callInfoShphere MDM Server transactions.
D. Customize the external rules called fromInfoShphere MDM Server transactions to customize the transation behavior.
Answer: C,D

The info Sphere MDM Server Request-Response provides a consistent entry point to info Sphere
MDM Server and is used to requests and issue responses in any format. When a transaction fails,
the responses may vary in their content. However key elements allow the developer to identify the
potential cause of the failure.
What are two ways to identify the root cause of the failure (Choose two. )

A. The response file will contain a specific error code-it identifies the reason for the message. This defined in the CFERRORESSAGETP table.
B. The response file returned the Request-Response framework will provide distinct messages to and in the resolution of the error
C. The response file will contain a reference a Component ID. Which will uniquely identity the component or subject matter or the message. This is defined in the COMPONENTTYPE table.
D. The User interface for example the Data stewardship User interface, will provide a stack foe the transaction that failed.
Answer: A,C
Which capability of Rational Software Architect must be enabled before developing extensions or additions?
A. Jave Persistence API Transformation
B. Enterprise Jave Developer
C. J2EE Developer
D. Web Service Developer
Answer: C

Which three components are part of InfoSphere MDM Server Batch Processor? (Choose three.)
A. Reader Consumer
B. Submitter Consumer
C. Receiver Consumer
D. Writer Consumer
E. Parser Consumer
Answer: A,B,D

What are three manual steps that must be completed to deploy a data extension or data addition that was developed in the InfoSphere MDM Workbench? (Choose three.)
A. Execute the generated SQL scripts for modifying the database.
B. Re-package the various merged files into the CustomerResources.jar file.
C. Merge the generated XSD files into the those in theCustomerResources project.
D. Merge the generated properties files into those in the properties.jar file.
E. Uncomment the Data Addition and Extension sections of the properties files on the server.
Answer: A,C,D

A granular composite java proxy,, is created to process (search, inquiry, persist) contractRoleLocation records in InfoSphere MDM Server Application.
A. Level 0 – – returns basic contract information, contract admin native keys, and contract alerts
B. Level 1- – returns level 0 data plus all contract spec values, contract components, contract component values, holdings, and party roles.
C. Level 2- – returns level 1 data plus all contract party role alerts, contract party role locations, contract party role situations, contract party role identifiers, and contract party role relationships.
D. Level 3 – – returns level 2 data plus all contract relationships.
Answer: C

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