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Which of the following statements regarding cooldown is FALSE?

A. The emphasis should be large muscle activity performed at a low to moderate intensity.
B. Increasing venous return should be a priority during cool-down.
C. The potential for improving flexibility may be improved during cool-down as compared with warm-up.
D. Between 1 and 2 minutes are recommended for an adequate cool-down.

Answer: D
QUESTION: 26 All of the following are examples of aerobic exercise modalities EXCEPT
A. Weight training.
B. Walking.
C. Bicycling.
D. Stair climbing.

Answer: A
QUESTION: 27 A target HR equivalent to 85% of HRR for a 25year-old male with a resting HR of 75 bpm would be equal to
A. 195 bpm.
B. 166 bpm.
C. 177 bpm.
D. 102 bpm.

Answer: C
QUESTION: 28 The appropriate exercise HR for an individual on f3-blocking medication would generally be

A. 75% of HRR.
B. 30 bpm above the standing resting HR.
C. 40% of HRR.
D. (220 – age) X 0.85.

Answer: A
QUESTION: 29 The recommended cardiorespiratory exercise training goal for apparently healthy individuals should be
A. 15 minutes, six times per week, at 90% of HRR.
B. 30 minutes, three times per week, at 85% of HRR.
C. 60 minutes, three times per week, at 85% of HRR.
D. 30 minutes of weight training, three times per week, at 60% of HRR.

Answer: B
QUESTION: 30 In an effort to improve flexibility, the ACSM recommends
A. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.
B. Ballistic stretching.
C. The plough and hurdler’s stretches.
D. Static stretches held for 10 to 30 seconds per repetition.

Answer: D
QUESTION: 31 An appropriate exercise for improving the strength of the low back muscles are
A. Straight leg lifts.
B. Parallel squats.
C. Spinal extension exercises.
D. Sit-ups with feet anchored.
Answer: C
Which of the following statements true regarding exercise leadership is FALSE?

A. The exercise leader should be fit enough to exercise with any of his or her participants.
B. Most people are not bored by exercise and can easily find time to participate in an exercise program.
C. The exercise leader should adjust the exercise intensity based on individual differences in fitness.
D. Periodic fitness assessment may provide evidence of improvement in fitness for some participants.

Answer: B
Which of the following statements regarding exercise for the elderly is FALSE?

A. A decrease in maximal HR is responsible for reductions in the maximal oxygen consumption as we age.
B. A loss of fat-free mass is responsible for the decrease in muscular strength as we age.
C. The ACSM recommends a cardiorespiratory training intensity of 50% to 70% of HRR for older adults.
D. Resistance exercise training is not recommended for older adults.

Answer: D
QUESTION: 34 Which of the following medications have been shown to be most effective in preventing or reversing exercise-induced asthma?
A. f3 -Agonists.
B. f3 -Blockers.
C. Diuretics.
D. Aspirin.
Answer: A
QUESTION: 35 The exercise leader or health/fitness instructor should modify exercise sessions for participants with hypertension by
A. Shortening the cool-down to less than 5 minutes.
B. Eliminating resistance training completely.
C. Prolonging the cool-down.
D. Implementing high-intensity (>85% of HRR), short-duration intervals.

Answer: C
QUESTION: 36 Normal values for fasting blood sugar are
A. Greater than 140 mg/dL.
B. Between 60 and 140 mg/dL.
C. Less than 60 mg/dL.
D. Between 200 and 400 mg/dL.

Answer: B
QUESTION: 37 The goal for the obese exercise participant should be to
A. Sweat as much as possible.
B. Exercise at 85% of HRR.
C. Perform resistance exercise three to five times per week.
D. Expend 300 to 500 calories per exercise session.

Answer: D
QUESTION: 38 Which of the following statements regarding exercise for persons with controlled cardiovascular disease is TRUE?

A. Resistance exercise training is dangerous and should be avoided.
B. A physician-supervised exercise test is not necessary to establish exercise intensity.
C. Anginal pain is normal during exercise, and participants should be pushed through the pain.
D. Exercise intensity should be set at an HR of 10 bpm less than the level at which signs/symptoms were evidenced during an exercise test.

Answer: D
QUESTION: 39 All of the following factors are important to consider when determining exercise intensity EXCEPT
A. An individual’s level of fitness.
B. The risk of cardiovascular or orthopedic injury.
C. Any previous history participating in organized sports.
D. Individual preference and exercise objectives.

Answer: C
QUESTION: 40 When determining the intensity level, the RPE is a better indicator than percentage of maximal HR for all of the following groups EXCEPT
A. Individuals on f3-blockers.
B. Aerobic classes that involve excessive arm movement.
C. Individuals older than 65 years.
D. Individuals involved in high-intensity exercise.

Answer: D

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